Monday, 3 March 2014

Review: Taobao Store Classical Puppets - Black Bell Shaped Petticoat

Hello everyone! How are you all? I have been working so much lately, sorry for not blogging more! I worked Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday but today is my day off and I also have Wednesday off. I'll be seeing my mum and mama on Wednesday, I'm looking forward to that! Hopefully I will be able to treat them to a cafe visit or something ^^ Then when I get paid this week or next, I want to take them out for a meal <3

Today I decided to start on my Taobao store reviews from my previous haul! I'm actually waiting on another order haha so I'll try to get up to speed before they arrive. >< There are many reviews of Classical Puppet's petticoats, who many consider are one of the best petticoats for the Lolita silhouette but I'll add another one to the bunch!

Shop name & URL: Classical Puppets
Type of items they sell: Lolita petticoats (both A-line & bell shaped), original Lolita clothing & accessories
Price range: ££ - low to mid range
Do they speak English?: A little
Do they ship overseas?: No
CP Petti

Item bought: Classical Puppets Bell Shaped Petticoat
Price: 179.90CNY (approx. £17.60)
Colour: Black
Size: One size

A white bell shaped petticoat is 169CNY and any other colour is an extra 10CNY...not bad if you ask me! I originally had a white bell shaped petticoat from Classical Puppets but when I was about to do this order, I sold it on to put the money towards a black one instead...what was I thinking, a white petticoat?! Me?!
I can compare the quality of this black petticoat to my previous white one and both are amazing quality. They are made of organza, which doesn't deflate like tulle and it has so many layers as you can see from the photo above. The petticoat is elasticated and can stretch from about 20" to 45" but it could be a little tight nearer the larger end of the measurements. It fits me fine at a 27" waist and 36" hips.

The lace on my white petticoat was a lovely cotton crochet lace and I'd heard the black petticoat lace could sometimes be bad quality raschel lace but it's the same lovely cotton crochet lace, just in black.

The petticoat has a cotton lining so that the organza doesn't touch your skin. The organza isn't scratchy in the slightest but the underlining gives a good shape and security. The petticoat also has a pretty embroidered 'Classical Puppets' clothing tag in the seam.

I washed my white petticoat before selling, partly to clean it (obviously hueheheheheh) and partly as an experiment to see if it would deflate or affect it at all. I put it in a pillowcase to avoid any snagging and I'm happy to announce it was just as fluffy, maybe even more so (revitalised after wearing it so much) after washing and drying. I left it to dry hanging inside out on top of an opened umbrella to dry it into the bell shape again.

The Classical Puppets petticoat gives amazing poof, the best I've ever seen. Obviously you could wear more than one for mega poof but for one petticoat, it's by far the best to me. It's a large amount of poof without making the petticoat look squashed or strained under the skirt. Obviously lots of poof is great and preferred for Sweet Lolita but I love lots of poof for Gothic and Classic Lolita as well. Here's a photo of me wearing another petticoat I got from the Taobao shop Kira Kira:

And here's a couple of my outfits wearing the Classical Puppets bell shaped petticoat:
947259_10151713249282874_231197556_n 1186160_518097873301_864822873_n
I think you can easily see the difference - the above pink tartan dress actually has a small built in petticoat as well but the Classical Puppets petticoat really ups the poof! I think more poof makes your waist look smaller as long as you have a nicely cut dress haha...the black and pink Angelic Pretty dress has a built in petticoat too so you can note the difference between them both with different petticoats. The only dress/skirt I've ever found too small to fit the petticoat underneath is the pink and black tartan one, and that's only because the length is a little shorter than average (but still 'Lolita' or modest in my eyes, screw the 'OMG YOUR KNEES ARE SHOWING!' people >_>).
When I placed this order, we actually ordered a total of 7 petticoats from Classical Puppets. XD All in either A-line or bell shaped, black or white. All of the petticoats were made to order and it took 8 days from ordering for them to be made and dispatched. I ordered on the 28th November and the petticoats were dispatched the 5th December. They took two days to arrive to the courier warehouse and arrived on the 7th December. All domestic Chinese postal services have tracking numbers so I could track the package's progress right up until it arrived at the warehouse.
I messaged Classical Puppets via Ali Wangwang just before ordering to ask if the petticoats were made to order. They responded in less than 24 hours, confirming that they were and that they'd take 5-10 days to make. I then placed the order and I think I then messaged them around the 2nd-3rd to ask when they'd be dispatched and they replied in due time again, saying they would be dispatched soon.

I can't fault Classical Puppets on their customer service; they responded quickly and politely. I had no problem translating their messages with Google Translate (obviously they didn't translate perfectly but I got the gist of what they were saying) and I don't think they had any problem understanding my Google Translate messages seeing as they responded relating to the message.
I have ordered from Classical Puppets twice now, both for petticoats and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Their petticoats are outstanding quality, are machine washable, will fit a range of sizes and are made and shipped very fast. Obviously it takes a little time to make 7 petticoats but 8 days is not bad at all; just over a day pet petticoat! I know it'd take me longer to make them...probably 8 days just for one haha...sewing organza sucks...

I would recommend Classical Puppets to anyone doing a Taobao order and in need of a petticoat. I had my white petticoat 4-5 years and after washing it was still as fluffy and poofy as ever. I'm sure that with regular washing and care, one Classical Puppets petticoat will last a Loli-lifetime!


  1. Thank you for the review! (^∇^)I probably won't use Taobao services, but I certainly would like to see more photos featuring this pannier!

    1. Thank you! Most, if not all of my Lolita outfits use this pannier! <3