Thursday, 27 March 2014

Review: Avon Colour Rich Lipstick in Pout

Hi everyone! I'm a little busy with work but I recently bought a new lipstick and thought I should kick things off with a lipstick review! This should hopefully be the first of many! Lipstick reviews are as useful as any other reviews and they're easy to photograph - partly because I cropped out everywhere except my lips for this one so I didn't have to wear any other makeup on my day off! Mwahaha!

Brand: Avon
Name: Colour Rich Lipstick
Shade: Pout
Price: £3.75
Where to buy: eBay

I bought this after my friend gave me a sample. I used it a while back and thought 'Meh' but I recently used it with a black and pink Lolita outfit and thought it looked lovely as a baby pink to give a hint of sweetness and freshness. Also it's the only baby pink I've yet to find that doesn't make me ill or washed out!

I find the packaging really pretty with the simple black bullet and pretty pink swirls! The same design is on the gel pencil eyeliner I have. The lipstick came factory packaged in Avon's standard plastic wrap where you peel off a perforated white strip and the rest of the packaging peels off. It's sooo much easier than chewing off the wrap and denting the actual packaging (so can't tell I've done that before)...

However, once you remove the plastic wrap, there's no trace of the name/line of the lipstick...there's the shade 'Pout' on the bottom and Avon's company info/name but nothing mentioned whatsoever about 'Colour Rich Lipstick'. The rest of the bullet past the pink design is blank. This is pretty sucky for if I finish this two years down the line and can't remember what it's called.


I'd say the coverage of this lipstick is sheer to moderate coverage without any sort of lip concealer or product underneath. On my hand it gives a sheer, glossy finish with on swipe of the bullet and a more moderate coverage with two. The colour is creamy, moist and rich, just like the name! It's not at all drying, matte or inconsistent.
The colour is a lovely, light pink with a sliiiiiight brownish tinge to it...I think that's why it suits my lip colour more than other baby pink lipsticks; it matches and compliments my lips rather than washes me out.

The bullet is pretty much true to colour. The 'Avon' imprinted in it makes it look a little more high class!

So here are my bare lips without anything on them...

...and the lipstick applied to one half of my lips. When applying lipstick normally, I swipe the bullet back and forth maybe three or four times? Like, back, forth, back, forth, then I maybe finish with touching up the edges, corners and kind of surrounding the tip of the lipstick with my lips to make sure my lips are covered in lipstick up to the wet, shiny part where colour doesn't hold...that whole sentence sounds wrong.

Here's the lipstick applied all over, same method as above. The lipstick gives a really nice glossy shine without any lipgloss needed - however, for a more 'juicy' look, I apply a clear or similar coloured lipgloss over the top.
Without a lipliner or any lipgloss on this lipstick, I'd say the colour payoff is around 2-3 hours without eating and drinking? I might rub my lips a couple of times during this time without any lipgloss on. With a lipliner on, the colour payoff is more 3-4 hours but the lipliner I'm currently using compromises the colour a little so I don't tend to pair it with a lipliner. I'd say the colour tends to stay around 3 hours when paired with a lipgloss for me - I don't tend to lick my lips when wearing lipgloss since it keeps them moist-feeling so the colour stays a little longer than just applied on its own. After eating, I'd have to apply this lipstick all over again. It only removes a little of the product if I'm just drinking though.
This is a really lovely, natural baby pink lipstick best for skin tones that struggle to find nice baby pink lipsticks. It gives a moist, glossy finish with a creamy feel and has a relatively good colour payoff. I love this lipstick for sweeter Lolita looks, fresh and pretty makeup. It's a good all-round pink lipstick that could be paired with pretty much all makeup looks for natural wear. 4/5 stars for me, only due to the packaging not having any product information on it, which is highly unuseful! If I can find this lipstick again when I run out, I'll definitely repurchase!


  1. I'm surprised it's so nice, I've never really liked Avon cosmetics an thought they're pretty crappy. Great to hear it's so nice since Avon is really affordable. I like this shade, it's really subtle but makes a difference.

    1. Me too! I was never really impressed with their face or eye makeup but I actually have a couple of lip glosses by Avon that my friend gave me (she used to be an Avon representative) and all of them are super lovely and not sticky in the slightest! I've tried a couple of their hair things too and they're okay.