Thursday, 27 March 2014

Review: Avon Colour Rich Lipstick in Pout

Hi everyone! I'm a little busy with work but I recently bought a new lipstick and thought I should kick things off with a lipstick review! This should hopefully be the first of many! Lipstick reviews are as useful as any other reviews and they're easy to photograph - partly because I cropped out everywhere except my lips for this one so I didn't have to wear any other makeup on my day off! Mwahaha!

Brand: Avon
Name: Colour Rich Lipstick
Shade: Pout
Price: £3.75
Where to buy: eBay

I bought this after my friend gave me a sample. I used it a while back and thought 'Meh' but I recently used it with a black and pink Lolita outfit and thought it looked lovely as a baby pink to give a hint of sweetness and freshness. Also it's the only baby pink I've yet to find that doesn't make me ill or washed out!

I find the packaging really pretty with the simple black bullet and pretty pink swirls! The same design is on the gel pencil eyeliner I have. The lipstick came factory packaged in Avon's standard plastic wrap where you peel off a perforated white strip and the rest of the packaging peels off. It's sooo much easier than chewing off the wrap and denting the actual packaging (so can't tell I've done that before)...

However, once you remove the plastic wrap, there's no trace of the name/line of the lipstick...there's the shade 'Pout' on the bottom and Avon's company info/name but nothing mentioned whatsoever about 'Colour Rich Lipstick'. The rest of the bullet past the pink design is blank. This is pretty sucky for if I finish this two years down the line and can't remember what it's called.


I'd say the coverage of this lipstick is sheer to moderate coverage without any sort of lip concealer or product underneath. On my hand it gives a sheer, glossy finish with on swipe of the bullet and a more moderate coverage with two. The colour is creamy, moist and rich, just like the name! It's not at all drying, matte or inconsistent.
The colour is a lovely, light pink with a sliiiiiight brownish tinge to it...I think that's why it suits my lip colour more than other baby pink lipsticks; it matches and compliments my lips rather than washes me out.

The bullet is pretty much true to colour. The 'Avon' imprinted in it makes it look a little more high class!

So here are my bare lips without anything on them...

...and the lipstick applied to one half of my lips. When applying lipstick normally, I swipe the bullet back and forth maybe three or four times? Like, back, forth, back, forth, then I maybe finish with touching up the edges, corners and kind of surrounding the tip of the lipstick with my lips to make sure my lips are covered in lipstick up to the wet, shiny part where colour doesn't hold...that whole sentence sounds wrong.

Here's the lipstick applied all over, same method as above. The lipstick gives a really nice glossy shine without any lipgloss needed - however, for a more 'juicy' look, I apply a clear or similar coloured lipgloss over the top.
Without a lipliner or any lipgloss on this lipstick, I'd say the colour payoff is around 2-3 hours without eating and drinking? I might rub my lips a couple of times during this time without any lipgloss on. With a lipliner on, the colour payoff is more 3-4 hours but the lipliner I'm currently using compromises the colour a little so I don't tend to pair it with a lipliner. I'd say the colour tends to stay around 3 hours when paired with a lipgloss for me - I don't tend to lick my lips when wearing lipgloss since it keeps them moist-feeling so the colour stays a little longer than just applied on its own. After eating, I'd have to apply this lipstick all over again. It only removes a little of the product if I'm just drinking though.
This is a really lovely, natural baby pink lipstick best for skin tones that struggle to find nice baby pink lipsticks. It gives a moist, glossy finish with a creamy feel and has a relatively good colour payoff. I love this lipstick for sweeter Lolita looks, fresh and pretty makeup. It's a good all-round pink lipstick that could be paired with pretty much all makeup looks for natural wear. 4/5 stars for me, only due to the packaging not having any product information on it, which is highly unuseful! If I can find this lipstick again when I run out, I'll definitely repurchase!

Monday, 10 March 2014

My Goth Life: What Makes Someone a Goth?

Today I'm going to start a new line of posts inspired by The Everyday Goth's post '50 Goth Blog Post Prompts', which is fifty nifty (hey that rhymed) topics that are fun to write about when you're a bit stuck on what to blog, to spark discussion and show your own tastes and opinions. Today I have picked the one that makes the most sense to start on - what makes someone a Goth? Everyone has different opinions on whether or not 'Goth' is a lifestyle, just a fashion, entire community, etc. so here's my fifty cents...I feel I should say pence to keep patriotic haha. (P.S. This may get a little long and rambly and is only my opinion so I hope you are interested in hearing my opinion and discussing but if not, feel free to skip this post!)

I love her boots, tights, skirt - everything! *__*

I fully believe 100% that Goth is a way of thinking and being. I would go as far as to say a lifestyle but you don't necessarily have to do 'Gothic' things in your lifestyle to have the mindset of a Goth. I was having a hard time trying to express this until I watched the BBC's rather good 'Seven Ages of Rock'. I only watched the indie/alternative rock episode but it showcased when independent bands began to become a circuit and community, began to be recognised and eventually were signed onto well known labels and entered the mainstream music industry. It showed different genres of the independent bands and whilst it didn't show Gothic bands (probably since the real independent movement began in the 90s and Gothic music was more prominent in the 80s), it included, amongst others, grunge, punk, post hardcore and general indie (e.g. The Smiths) acts.

It got me thinking that the way you take in the world around you, how it affects you and what you do about it shows what kind of you person you are and what scene or community you most relate to.

Siouxsie Sioux

Think about the punk and/or post hardcore scene - their general outlook and response to the world is outspoken, usually angry and/or loud and the way they write and play music shows they have an opinion, want it to be heard and want to do something about the things they feel strongly about. Bands like Black Flag, Therapy?, Against Me! and Offspring all write outspoken songs about their opinions on love, betrayal, politics, the way the world works, etc.

Now I feel if someone is a true 'Goth' or even relates partly to the Gothic scene, their outlook and opinions are far more inward-pointing, calm and quiet, usually even melancholic. We just can't help ourselves. We see the world the way it truly is, have little hope for the majority of it and unless we meet people with similar views and opinions on something that needs to be changed, there's not much we feel we can do about it. The way we cope and deal with things is to take our feelings inside ourselves, work them out if we can and let them fester or lock them up if we can't and emerge the same, quiet selves we always are. There's no shouting, blaming, screaming or uprising unless we really can't cope and have one of those mini explosions everyone gets every few years or so.

Gorgeous Gothic hair! I need more hair inspirations!

Gothic music focuses more on our inner feelings and is more about writing music for ourselves rather than for anyone else. It's another way to deal with the world, our feelings, what is happening, etc. Our humour can be different too - everyone is different, obviously but I know many Goths have a dark sense of humour that can be hard to share with other 'norms'...I know I've wanted to say things at work that me and my boyfriend would find hilarious but my colleagues would just look at me weird so I've kept my mouth shut. However, that's not to say we don't find other stuff funny! For some reason silly humour, especially involving food, really gets to me and when I start giggling, I can't stop until I just can't breathe. As an example, I found How To Basic's videos hilarious when I first watched them and I still can't watch Ketchupbot + 20th Century Fox without laughing.

Generally Goths have felt misunderstood, lonely or isolated most of their life. We find catharsis in music, reading, writing, literature, films, etc. Because of this, there was a study conducted (I can't find it but I'm sure it was featured on the BBC news website around 6-7 years ago.) that showed Goths are generally more intelligent, thoughtful, artistic and introverted than the general population, which can only be a good thing. In the 80s and 90s, even in the millennium, the TV & film industry finally caught on what many teenagers felt and began to make films many of us related to, such as Lost Boys, The Breakfast Club, Ginger Snaps and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

And of course, we can't talk about being a Goth without talking about the clothing. Most Goths tend to prefer darker colours and elements such as fishnet, platform shoes, studs or eyelets, lace, etc. The clothing is usually the most thought of element of being a Goth, both by Goths and others who view them, as it is the most visual and easily identified part of a Goth. However, just because you dress in a Gothic way doesn't make you Gothic, in my eyes. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, it all depends on the person. I've met a few people in my life who, whilst weren't Gothic, dressed in an alternative way but nothing else they did was alternative - their hobbies, music taste, lifestyle, what they did on a weekend night, etc. so I'm not sure why they dressed alternatively. These people are what me and my boyfriend call 'faux alternative' as they usually revert back to 'normal' clothing after a few years. Alternatively, just because you don't dress in a Gothic way doesn't mean you aren't a Goth. If you relate to some of the viewpoints I mentioned above and generally have a darker outlook on life, you're more than likely a Goth. Many people can't dress the way they'd like to for a multitude of reasons, such as money constrictions, living with parents, even silly reasons like their partner hating the fashion and making the person feel like they can't dress the way they like for fear of losing their partner.

Super cute Gothy buns!

We all have our own hobbies, interests, tastes and things that are 100% not Goth (more on that later) and it all melds to make us the unique individuals we are but I feel 'true Goths' have a certain outlook on life that affects many things we think, feel or do; it's the same reason many of us swarm around Poundlands and decoration stores when Halloween rolls around! This has been fun to write but a little hard for me to convey...I guess that is another thing that solidifies the reasoning that generally Goths find it hard to express themselves even though they may feel something very strongly. Anyway, I've rambled enough now so I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on what makes someone a Goth! I'd love to hear your thoughts (I hope I don't have to say this but in a civil manner, please) and thanks to Mary Rose @ The Everyday Goth for the inspiration!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Review: Taobao Store Classical Puppets - Black Bell Shaped Petticoat

Hello everyone! How are you all? I have been working so much lately, sorry for not blogging more! I worked Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday but today is my day off and I also have Wednesday off. I'll be seeing my mum and mama on Wednesday, I'm looking forward to that! Hopefully I will be able to treat them to a cafe visit or something ^^ Then when I get paid this week or next, I want to take them out for a meal <3

Today I decided to start on my Taobao store reviews from my previous haul! I'm actually waiting on another order haha so I'll try to get up to speed before they arrive. >< There are many reviews of Classical Puppet's petticoats, who many consider are one of the best petticoats for the Lolita silhouette but I'll add another one to the bunch!

Shop name & URL: Classical Puppets
Type of items they sell: Lolita petticoats (both A-line & bell shaped), original Lolita clothing & accessories
Price range: ££ - low to mid range
Do they speak English?: A little
Do they ship overseas?: No
CP Petti

Item bought: Classical Puppets Bell Shaped Petticoat
Price: 179.90CNY (approx. £17.60)
Colour: Black
Size: One size

A white bell shaped petticoat is 169CNY and any other colour is an extra 10CNY...not bad if you ask me! I originally had a white bell shaped petticoat from Classical Puppets but when I was about to do this order, I sold it on to put the money towards a black one instead...what was I thinking, a white petticoat?! Me?!
I can compare the quality of this black petticoat to my previous white one and both are amazing quality. They are made of organza, which doesn't deflate like tulle and it has so many layers as you can see from the photo above. The petticoat is elasticated and can stretch from about 20" to 45" but it could be a little tight nearer the larger end of the measurements. It fits me fine at a 27" waist and 36" hips.

The lace on my white petticoat was a lovely cotton crochet lace and I'd heard the black petticoat lace could sometimes be bad quality raschel lace but it's the same lovely cotton crochet lace, just in black.

The petticoat has a cotton lining so that the organza doesn't touch your skin. The organza isn't scratchy in the slightest but the underlining gives a good shape and security. The petticoat also has a pretty embroidered 'Classical Puppets' clothing tag in the seam.

I washed my white petticoat before selling, partly to clean it (obviously hueheheheheh) and partly as an experiment to see if it would deflate or affect it at all. I put it in a pillowcase to avoid any snagging and I'm happy to announce it was just as fluffy, maybe even more so (revitalised after wearing it so much) after washing and drying. I left it to dry hanging inside out on top of an opened umbrella to dry it into the bell shape again.

The Classical Puppets petticoat gives amazing poof, the best I've ever seen. Obviously you could wear more than one for mega poof but for one petticoat, it's by far the best to me. It's a large amount of poof without making the petticoat look squashed or strained under the skirt. Obviously lots of poof is great and preferred for Sweet Lolita but I love lots of poof for Gothic and Classic Lolita as well. Here's a photo of me wearing another petticoat I got from the Taobao shop Kira Kira:

And here's a couple of my outfits wearing the Classical Puppets bell shaped petticoat:
947259_10151713249282874_231197556_n 1186160_518097873301_864822873_n
I think you can easily see the difference - the above pink tartan dress actually has a small built in petticoat as well but the Classical Puppets petticoat really ups the poof! I think more poof makes your waist look smaller as long as you have a nicely cut dress haha...the black and pink Angelic Pretty dress has a built in petticoat too so you can note the difference between them both with different petticoats. The only dress/skirt I've ever found too small to fit the petticoat underneath is the pink and black tartan one, and that's only because the length is a little shorter than average (but still 'Lolita' or modest in my eyes, screw the 'OMG YOUR KNEES ARE SHOWING!' people >_>).
When I placed this order, we actually ordered a total of 7 petticoats from Classical Puppets. XD All in either A-line or bell shaped, black or white. All of the petticoats were made to order and it took 8 days from ordering for them to be made and dispatched. I ordered on the 28th November and the petticoats were dispatched the 5th December. They took two days to arrive to the courier warehouse and arrived on the 7th December. All domestic Chinese postal services have tracking numbers so I could track the package's progress right up until it arrived at the warehouse.
I messaged Classical Puppets via Ali Wangwang just before ordering to ask if the petticoats were made to order. They responded in less than 24 hours, confirming that they were and that they'd take 5-10 days to make. I then placed the order and I think I then messaged them around the 2nd-3rd to ask when they'd be dispatched and they replied in due time again, saying they would be dispatched soon.

I can't fault Classical Puppets on their customer service; they responded quickly and politely. I had no problem translating their messages with Google Translate (obviously they didn't translate perfectly but I got the gist of what they were saying) and I don't think they had any problem understanding my Google Translate messages seeing as they responded relating to the message.
I have ordered from Classical Puppets twice now, both for petticoats and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Their petticoats are outstanding quality, are machine washable, will fit a range of sizes and are made and shipped very fast. Obviously it takes a little time to make 7 petticoats but 8 days is not bad at all; just over a day pet petticoat! I know it'd take me longer to make them...probably 8 days just for one haha...sewing organza sucks...

I would recommend Classical Puppets to anyone doing a Taobao order and in need of a petticoat. I had my white petticoat 4-5 years and after washing it was still as fluffy and poofy as ever. I'm sure that with regular washing and care, one Classical Puppets petticoat will last a Loli-lifetime!