Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Reviewette: Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream

I'm here with another little reviewette of a sample I used up a couple of weeks ago. There are many full reviews of this well-known and well-loved product from people who bought the full sized product but I'll give my best thoughts on this product that I used for a week or so.


Brand: Mizon
Name: All in One Snail Repair Cream
Price: $20-$40

This snail cream contains 92% snail mucin extract to help with skin repair, firmness and gives extra moisture and nutrition to skin. It has no parabens, artificial colours or scents.
Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream Packaging
The sample packaging reflects the full size product packaging. It has a brown and white colour scheme that harks of all natural goodness.
The full size product is a plastic tub that looks like amber glass. The lid is black. It reminds me of old fashioned apothecary bottles that are dark as not to let the sunlight break down the product and ruin it.

The packaging is okay, I guess. It's not cute but it has a natural look to it that appeals to a certain market. 
Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream Swatch
The cream is inbetween a gel and cream texture - it's lightweight, spreads and absorbs easily with no greasy feel or residue. However, due to the lighter texture, I didn't feel like this was enough for my dry skin and would have to use another heavier moisturiser afterwards for the extra moisture.
So many people rave about this cream but to be honest, it's a bit so-so for me. The texture and feel is too lightweight for my dry skin and it didn't have many other benefits for me either so I'd rather buy something else I'd get better use from. However, if you have combination or oily skin, this may be just what your skin needs and you can agree with the hoards of other people who love this product! But for my needs, this only gets two stars out of five for me.


  1. I thought that this was kind of like a treatment step, rather than a moisturizing step! I think you're supposed to apply it after cleansing so as to reap the benefits? I have a jar of it (the jar is glass btw!) but I haven't consistently used it... I guess I should get around to it.

    1. Yes, I read that somewhere recently too! But only after I finished the sample haha...I may see if I can get a sample again and use it as a toner, essence or lotion before moisturising and see if that is better! Thank you!