Wednesday, 5 February 2014

I'm 20 Now!

*Listening to: The Smallest Thing in the World by Lullatone*

Hi everyone! Yesterday it was my birthday! I turned 20...which means I left my teenage years behind now and am 'in my twenties' - scary! I still feel like I'm 16 but you know what they say: You're as young as you feel! For a couple of months I am now in the same age bracket as my boyfriend...that is until May when he turns 30 haha. Wow, 20 and 30 seem so mature and experienced but we're exactly the same as when we first met, back when I was 15 and he was 25. Calm down everyone, we started dating when I was 16 so no need to call the fuzz!

Anyway, Tuesdays are a pretty boring day to have a birthday on...and I'm away at Animanga Pop, a convention all the way down in Plymouth this weekend to trade as 8th Sin Creations so I couldn't do anything for my birthday then either! So yesterday was pretty much a normal day other than me throwing out 'You gotta be nice to me, it's my birthday!' every five minutes...I got up, opened my cards (no presents, only money haha...not that I'm complaining!) and made myself up to go into town. I did special 'birthday makeup' that was pink and purple eyeshadow with red lipstick...sounds like a hot mess but it wasn't, I think it looked pretty! See for yourself!


I curled my hair for a 'special treat' and headed out into town for...going to the bank (gotta cash in my birthday money!), Poundland and I treated myself to a bubble tea!

image (1)

After that I met my boyfriend at his shop and we decided what we wanted to eat for my 'special birthday tea' - I decided I wanted to make katsu curry with tonkatsu (fried breaded pork steaks) so he gave me the money (keeps me well heh heh) and I headed off to grab the ingredients.

When we got home I phoned my relatives to thank them for their cards and money, played on my laptop for a little bit before making the curry and because it's my birthday, I got to decide what we watched! >:D We watched the first half of Hellboy before we got interrupted by another relative phoning so we saved the second part for tonight.

It was a quiet, normal day but the little things mentioned above made it feel nice. Rob paid for a concert ticket for me to go see Cradle of Filth this Monday in London and my mum paid for my Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ticket for April so I did technically get some presents! And experiences make better memories, which remain forever. *vomits*

Here, have a couple more pictures of my face! I burned my neck on my curling wand so that's what the red splotch touched my neck for literally less than second (why would it ever touch for more than that?) and already took the skin off. Now it's scabbed over and I keep catching it. D: It really hurt! *battle scar*


So this weekend I will be down in Plymouth...technically Penryn as that's where my friend lives, who I'm staying with for the weekend! Then I'm off to London on Monday to stay with my friend Jessica, wear big boots and stomp around to silly uber-Goth music. What do you do for your birthday? Thanks for reading~!


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    1. Thank you! Sorry for the late reply! ><

  2. Happy B-day! You're still young (at least compared to me, haha) Your birthday look is so lovely, you should really do some make-up tutorials when you have time! And I hope you didn't burn yourself too much, once my hairdresser touched my ear with a curling iron and it hurt like hell. >.<

    1. A belated thanks to you, lovely! Thanks again, I will definitely do some makeup tutorials soon! Oh God, curling irons hurt so much, even worse than

  3. This is belated, but happy birthday! I turned 20 half a year ago and I also still feel like... between 16 and 18?? Not 20. ): My boyfriend is also a bit older (6 years) than me, and my mom is still not entirely happy with that haha. You hair and makeup are beaauutiifullll! I am glad your day was nice :)

    1. Thank you! And yes, exactly between 16-18, you don't really think about it, do you? XD My mum always said she knew something was going to happen between me and my boyfriend and has came to accept it XD And thank youuu! >< <3