Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Taobao Haul 2014 [Photo Heavy]

Hi everyone! The day has arrived - my Taobao items are finally here! They arrived yesterday at around 3.30pm so I hauled ass to get the mahoosive box upstairs to take photos but by the time I had taken the 'unboxing' photos, it had gotten dark so I had to torture myself to resist opening my items until this morning, when I could take photos. I was taking photos and organising stuff from 10am to 4pm today haha!

So without further ado, here are unboxing photos!


The entire box of everyone's orders, and my hand in comparison! The volumetric weight was a whopping 40kg, with the actual weight being about 20kg-25kg.

The first layer of items! Separately packaged clothing items mostly, nice and easy to just lay on top of everything.
The second layer! Big bags of stuff!


The big grey bag in the middle was full of Classical Puppets petticoats - 7 to be exact!

The pink bag was a really pretty Chess Story bag but contained my hair extension pieces so it must have been packed again by the courier. The flowery white bag was full of plushes for my boyfriend.

The third layer of items, including a bag, wig, blouse, tights and jewellery!

The fourth and final layer! Mostly stationary and more jewellery!

I took photos of the hauls from each store and then took separate photos of each item for reviews later on. If there's any specific item or shop you'd like a review on, let me know!

Chess Story bustier, technically from the 'Starry Night Angel' collection

Two cutsews from Boubou168

Black bell shaped petticoat from Classical Puppets!

Squishy kitty paw phone cases and earphones from D-Mshuma - the two longer cases are for my friend Jayde and her iPhone 5; I got the reddish purple case on the left for my iPhone 4 and the earphones for travelling. I have headphones for regular use but for long train and coach journeys, they press on my scaffold piercing and hurt after a couple of hours so I hope these are better >_<

Plain tights order from Shop70815287

Small tights order from Mugua Mugua

Printed tights order from Daruma

Small order mainly for the nude vein tights from Kanako109

Plain black hair order from Shop71713741

Coloured hair order from Shop105976838

Jewellery order from Meimei6968

Tons of jewellery and accessories from Pyf1314

Stationary order from Shop66650

Stationary order from Shop100731414

Also from Shop100731414 but I forgot to take a photo of it with the haul photo as I was trying to flatten it out under something heavy >_<

Last stationary order from Shop8280! The Kiki & Lala folder is Jayde's <3

All in all the order was actually a great experience. I was a little nervous as I was in charge of other peoples' money and items but very little went wrong - it took a little longer than expected for everything to arrive as one of the items weren't dispatched until a week or so after they were bought and my friend Lizzie actually got two black cutsews instead of a black and white one but I suppose out of all the problems I could have possibly had, they were the best ones to have!

Each shop was absolutely lovely to deal with and dispatched items out quickly - the only items out of stock were a couple of pairs of my tights and a cutsew and the sellers were kind enough to send me photos of every other pair of tights that were in stock and each cutsew that was in stock for me to choose! One store spoke English and stayed up messaging me until 3am China time! I was a little nervous about so many shops/sellers but they are really no different to Chinese eBay sellers and it is not in their best interest to diddle you as the payments are kept in escrow by Alipay and bad feedback ruins their reputation. Thanks to the awesome Flying Trans Logistics for a stress-free courier service! Even though our Taobao order has only just arrived, me and Jayde are looking to do another order in a month or so's time haha! I'll be showing what I got from each store shortly!

Have you ever bought from Taobao? Did you like the items I bought? What would you buy if you could?


  1. Ahhh so much cute stationery! I'm feeling envious~

    1. Thanks Paulina! No need to feel envious heh heh <3

  2. They're all so cool! looking forward to your reviews~ <3

  3. OMG, so amazing! I still haven't quite figured taobao out, smalltao has lots of items unavailable, so I guess I will have to check your tutorials more thoroughly. :)

  4. Thank you! <3 Yuss, venture into the world of Taobao! I'll be making more indepth tutorials on how to conquer Taobao so keep your eyes peeled!

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  6. Hi! Your pictures can't be viewed.

    1. Hi there! Yes, the bandwidth on my Photobucket account had been exceeded for this month but I'm slowly transferring all images over to Flickr; you should be able to view the photos for this post now! Thanks for letting me know!

  7. Replies
    1. Hahahaha...in total it all cost around £150...but my grandmother gave me some money towards it for Christmas so I didn't spend it all myself XD

  8. What a great collection! You really did manage to find some great things. I'm gutted I didn't get involved but next time you set up a taobao order, I would like to get in on the action. I'd love some more cute stationary for my penpals and a Classical Puppets petticoat (been after one for too long!).

  9. hi laura, you have a great blog, i like your blog on korean brand list and looking forward for the Japan skincare brand list.

    However, can you guide me how to make order from taobao and shipped to other country? i am from Asian country.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I would love to write an indepth tutorial on how to order from Taobao! I shall do it very soon! It shall be broken up into parts - for example, first how to make an account on Taobao yourself. Then, how to search for items and refine your search terms/criteria. Then how to order and have it sent to your address or a logistics company. And so on and so forth! I hope the articles will be very popular!