Saturday, 18 January 2014

Random Selfies and Outfit Shots

Lately I've been using my iPhone to take selfies rather than my DSLR or digital camera - it's just so easy to snap a couple of photos on the way to meeting up with friends, or together and then edit them whilst you're on the bus or after dinner! However the quality isn't great once you get onto anything bigger than a smartphone so I'll start using my DSLR to take photos again. It's one of my 'to-dos' to start taking more outfit photos and portrait for my blog so in the mean time, here's some photos of my face and some photos of outfits I've worn without my face. :P

Birmingham Lolita Calendar Meet/Photoshoot
Many photos/selfies were taken this day! Credit to Florence of The Street Style Carousel

Should've pulled my dress down in the back... ><


1380181_10151999103517160_1319281183_n 1425718_10152652633177524_1766392019_n

Blouse: Momo & Jia Baby
JSK: Alice & the Pirates (lucky pack, don't know the name)
Shoes: T.U.K. 'Ghillian'
Headbow: 8th Sin

IMG_0949 IMG_0954
Random outfit for going into town

Dress: Vintage 1920's
Corset belt: eBay
Leather jacket: Tescos (so hardcore)

1239518_10201421535114662_702002126_n 1457675_760064804022240_1834736634_n
Outfit for J-Con 2013:

Blouse: eBay
JSK: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright 'Victorian Secret Key Ribbon Ribbon'
Beaded crown: 8th Sin

IMG_1864 IMG_1865
Dolly Kei outfit for meeting with Becky

Grey waistcoat: Everything5pounds
Corset belt: eBay
Tights: Grimoire Verum 'Un Musee de L'art D'Ange'
Shoes: Everything5pounds

So, yeah...the tights cost more than everything else combined; sorry, not sorry! ;D

image image[1]
Another random town outfit

Choker: Viva Hate
Fishnet shirt: Facebook sale
Faux leather top: Everything5Pounds
Tartan skirt: Hell Bunny

IMG_1501 IMG_1577
Random town outfit #3

Cutsew: eBay
Suspender skirt: Primark
Creepers: Gift from my mama
Necklace: Avon

Outfit for a small meal with the lovely Noor for her birthday

Shirt: Necessary Evil
Suspender skirt: Primark
Tights: eBay
Shoes: Revolve

Plus a load of random selfies:
1486817_10152138491407160_2051248641_n 1503412_10152158359182160_1019060247_n

6am on the morning of Doki can tell I got up at 4am by the prominence of my eyebags! ;-;

image[2] BdPBDHhIcAAQBzK

Did you enjoy my face? It's okay if you didn't! I'll try and do proper outfit posts soon ><;


  1. ZOMG, you look so cute! Have you ever done a make-up tutorial? If not, I would be really interested in one, I love your eye make-up! And you're so right about cellphone photos, they look awesome on the mini screen, but then it's a disaster in the PC, especially if you use the rotated mirror view or how to call it...

    1. Thank you so much! I was actually considering making makeup tutorials this year...would you prefer photos or video? I hear people talk too much in video tutorials for them to be enjoyable but I'm the opposite haha, I'm very quiet XD And yeah, it sucks as it's so easy to take photos of yourself with 'front facing camera' but the quality isn't that good; especially on PC like you say! 0_0