Thursday, 16 January 2014

My Lolita Wardrobe Post 2014

January is known for being the month of wardrobe posts in the Lolita community - I'm not exactly sure why but it's a lovely thing to be able to see your Lolita wardrobe come together, be able to admire and be insanely jealous of your friends' wardrobes and decide what direction you want to take your wardrobe in for the coming year. My wardrobe post is nowhere near the level of my friends' but I'm quite proud of my little wardrobe which has grown in the past 1-2 years and I hope to continue to make it grow and evolve to encompass my style.

First off, my petticoat of choice! Classical Puppet's black bell shaped petticoat. I had a white one for going on 3 years that served me well but it was always apparent if you could see it under my dress since I wear dark clothing so I sold it and put the money towards a black one in my most recent Taobao order.

Black satin blouse from eBay, black cotton blouse from Anna House. I also have a black chiffon high necked blouse I bought from eBay but I can't find it at the moment (probably in my wash basket) and I also can't find a photo of it even though I swear I took one for Poupee Girl. You'll just have to trust me!

White/ivory satin blouse from eBay and white cotton blouse from Momo & Jia Baby (Taobao store). The Momo & Jia blouse was my first ever blouse in Lolita fashion!

I also have a navy blue chiffon blouse with little red polka dots on from a vintage shop that I'm waiting to wear with the right dress! But other than that I'm afraid my blouse colours are very boring; I'd like more coloured blouses in my wardrobe in the future! Mainly red, purple, perhaps pink and blue. Thankfully chiffon blouses are almost always in trend so it's very easy to find chiffon Loli-able blouses in charity shops, on eBay, vintage, etc. I prefer long sleeved blouses as I'm not a fan of showing my arms but I do want to add a couple of short sleeved blouses to my wardrobe for summer - Chess Story does the cutest little blouses with chiffon sleeves that I'd love to own!

I didn't take any photos of my cutsews together so here are some separate photos ripped from my Poupee Girl!

Pink & black lace cutsew from eBay

Black gingham high neck cutsew bought on Facebook

Black & white bow cutsew from Boubou168 (Taobao store)

Black frilled high neck cutsew from Boubou168

I own a few cutsews for casual Lolita and generally feeling cute in everyday life but I don't have the skirts to pair with them haha ;-; So I usually wear them with shorter non-Lolita skirts in everyday fashion. I adore the pink and black cutsew in the first photo and have unfortunately had to cut the bow off of it as it got dirtier than the rest of the cutsew for some strange reason. Next time I have some money I will probably buy it again as I love the shirt so much!

The 'biggie' - JSKs and OPs! Except not really in my case haha...although one thing I did feel when taking wardrobe post photos is pride; even though I don't have as much disposable income as someone with a 'normal' job, I feel proud that I have dresses I love that I got for great prices.

Tartan JSK from Alice & the Pirates & Baby The Stars Shine Bright's Victorian Secret Key Ribbon Ribbon JSK, bought on Facebook and Yahoo Auctions respectively.

Pink & black tartan JSK from Red Queen's Black Legion & Angelic Pretty's Dream Magic OP, bought from Tofu Cute and Facebook respectively.

Even though my style is most definitely 'dark', if it's got black somewhere, I'll wear it! Therefore I can't say I'm 100% Gothic Lolita, even though I think so, as my favourite colour combination is black and pink and these dresses are considered Sweet I feel torn haha. XD I adore both dresses though and I'm not going to pigeonhole myself into a style as I just love black and other colours.

Black & grey damask JSK from Kira Kira (Taobao store) & black & purple JSK from H.Jelly bought from Yahoo Auctions.

The grey Kira Kira JSK was my first ever shop-bought (as opposed to handmade) dress and has a special place in my heart. It's amazing quality for what I paid (around £16-£20 brand new from the Taobao store) and every time I wear it, I get lots of compliments on it! I've worn it to conventions, casual meets, just for fun and I've won a convention Japanese fashion show in it, something I feel is particularly special because I feel Gothic Lolitas never win fashion shows when there's bright and cute fashions alongside! So it's safe to say I don't think I'll ever sell it; even if I don't wear it again, it has too many lovely memories.

Black gingham skirt from Anna House & Baby The Stars Shine Bright x Nana Kitade collaboration skirt

The Nana Kitade x BTSSB collab skirt was one of my admired pieces for a long time - I won't say it was a dream piece as I never imagines I could've bought it until I saw a girl selling it at a great price so I snapped it up! It has a super cute pink tartan piece on the back of the skirt too which was a nice surprise when I got it! It's a bit short to wear in Lolita fashion, especially because it has to sit exactly on the waist for me so I can only wear it in everyday fashion and super casual outings but I still adore it because I love Nana so much.

I don't wear skirts as often as dresses as it's hard to make them as flattering as JSKs and OPs - however, with the new bustier I've bought from Chess Story, I'm going to make more skirts this year! Another reason I don't buy skirts as often is because when I'm buying Lolita, I always think 'Why buy the skirt when I can buy the JSK or OP?' Unless the bodice of a JSK/OP is absolutely horrific, I'd always choose to buy the dress version so it's best for me to make my own skirts!

Outerwear includes anything you'd wear over your outfit other than blouses/cutsews, dresses and skirts!

Black & gold crown embroidery cardigan from Bodyline and customised New Look cardigan

Black and pink tartan bolero from H.Jelly and a super wrinkly black bolero from the super talented Fuchsia at Stocking Shock

There's a reason for the wrinkly black bolero! I had it commissioned to wear at Frock On and then put it back in my wardrobe afterwards and forgot all about it. Whilst taking wardrobe photos today I suddenly remembered I had it; it had fell off the hanger and was crumpled under some shoes in my wardrobe ;-; I'm so sorry Black Bolero, I do love you and I'm so happy I found you again! It's such gorgeous quality, I highly recommend Fuchsia for any Lolita pieces you want making!

My newest addition - the Starry Night Angel bustier from Chess Story (Taobao brand). I saw it worn with the Starry Night Angel skirt and it looks like a JSK so I'm going to make lots of cute skirts to wear with it and expand my Lolita wardrobe!

Black faux fur capelet included with the pink & black Red Queen's Black Legion JSK.

This capelet is gorgeous for all of my dresses and gives such a Gothy, wintery feel to all items as well as keeping warm. It completes the look of the RQBL JSK and is a staple piece to my other items too.

Black & white coat from Poizen Industries

Normally I don't buy Lolita items from Western 'alternative brands' as their idea of Lolita is usually far from mine, or indeed any self-respecting Lolita who knows their stuff. However, this coat is so adorable for the fashion, is great quality and so warm! It has little crown buttons and the bows are detachable. I always get complimented on it when I wear it.

Black short jacket from DreamV

This is a recent addition to my wardrobe and since we had a mild winter in the UK this year, I wore it all winter. The fur collar is detachable and has an equally pretty decorated collar underneath it so it's a great autumn, winter and possibly chilly spring coat.

I actually forgot to take a photo of my most worn Lolita shoes - a pair of black Bodyline boots with bows on (you probably know the ones, pretty much everyone has a pair) that I've worn so much that the zip has broke yet I still carry on wearing them by pulling up the zip using a flatheaded screwdriver haha... >_<;

Black Lace-up 'Ghillian' Mary Janes from T.U.K.

Aside from my black Bodyline boots, these are my go-to Lolita shoes. They go with all my items, are really comfy and are perfect for modifying for each outfit/style by changing the laces and adding shoe clips onto. I've worn them a lot since I bought them 3-4 years ago so I'd like to replace them with the exact same pair one day soon.

Black & pink T.U.K. mary janes

These were the first Lolita shoes I bought from a store in Derby. They match all black and pink dresses perfectly! The lace frill around the edge of the shoes is such a cute addition as well as the heart on the heel. Again, I'd like to replace them with the same pair one day!

Black double strap flatforms from KERA Shop, bought on Facebook

I got these for a great price as they've been loved but there's plenty of lovin' left in them (wut). Unfortunately on one of the shoes the sole has came away from the platform so I need to get them repaired at some point. They're super cute, comfy and have that adorable clumpy style I adore in Gothic and old school Gothic Lolita looks.

Black buckle booties & brown buckle booties from Everything5Pounds

I bought these two pairs of shoes recently, not intending to use them in Lolita fashion but I think they'd look quite good! I'd love to try my hand at Steampunk Lolita and feel the brown pair would look beautiful in the style, as well as Classic Lolita. The black pair would look really nice with my grey & black Kira Kira JSK.

To be honest, I don't have that many 100% Lolita accessories as I always put myself off buying them by persuading myself I can make them myself at a later date but I have to realise that I can't make everything I want myself haha! So a 'resolution', if you will, of this year will be to  buy more 'Lolita' accessories, mostly hair accessories. A lot of the jewellery I wear is from my own store but I don't make that many hair accessories.

Black & red veiled rose canotier, black & purple beaded crown and purple glittery butterfly clips, all handmade by me

Ivory & brown deer crown I won in a giveaway from TourNewSoul, check them out for amazing headgear!

Hair accessories from Stocking Shock

Blue hair bow is handmade, pink headbands are from a cute Chinese stall in my city

Jewellery from Taobao

Grimoire's Un Musee de L'Art D'Ange tights and BJD tights from Taobao

Atelier Pierrot x Disney Tinkerbell collaboration tote bag I was given for modelling for Atelier Pierrot at Austen & the Abbey; offbrand black & white card suit bag bought from a friend on Facebook

BTSSB x Nana Kitade collab headbow to match my skirt *0*

Innocent World silver & blue rose necklace, Grimoire x Tea Party Club brooch and Tea Party Club Lolita brooch, all free in the Super VIP goodie bags from Frock On *hobo Lolita*

Bronze bird skull ring from Kyra's bring & buy stall at Frock On and black corset belt from eBay

So there we go - my little growing Lolita wardrobe! I hope it doesn't look like everything is uncoordinated haha! I had fun taking these photos (well, the ones I didn't take off Poupee Girl) and seeing my wardrobe come together and I hope that next January my wardrobe will have grown and be 100% more awesome!

If you've done a wardrobe post, link me to it and I'll drool over it! What do you think of mine? ^0^


  1. Your wardrobe is lovely! I think my favourite items would have to be your tartan jsk from Aatp and your Dream Magic OP. So gorgeous! *__*

    I think we both have the same coat, only mine has a black collar, cuffs and hem where yours is white :) I really need to take it to the dry cleaners as the ribbon/lace parts get so dirty >.<

    1. Thank you so much! And yes, I believe there is an all black version of the coat I (well, we!) own! It is so pretty *0* I need to dry clean mine seasonally too, the white parts get so dirty too! Thanks again! <3

  2. I think you have some very cute items!! I'm very jealous of that KiraKira jsk! :D I liked it the first moment I saw it!!! I love your shoes and your short coat! ^^
    Also! That cameo bracelet you have! I was looking at that like a week ago thinking if I should buy it or not haha :D I think now I will ;)

    1. Thanks Valerie! Yes, you should get the cameo bracelet, it would suit you so well! ;-; I love the Kira Kira JSK, thank you! <3

  3. Esse sinto espartilho é um dos meus sonhos de consumo!
    Você tem muitas peças lindas! Seu guarda roupa está incrível.

  4. You have such a lovely collection! My favorite has to be that black and white coat *__* So pretty!

  5. I love your dresses and blouses! I like that you combine black with other colors that are more on the sweet end of the spectrum. :)