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Die Milch 'Mama' Lyrics - Kanji, Romaji & English Translation

Today I'm going to do something a bit new! I really love the Gothic Lolita musical unit Die Milch and had the fortune to meet the amazingly lovely Coco (lead singer & pianist) at Austen & the Abbey. Unfortunately I missed out on their live debut at Milk Tea Day UK in London late in 2013 but I really hope they can come again!

Anyhoo, I always want to sing along to songs I love and there are no lyrics in romaji on the Internet for easy reading so I took the time to transcribe the kanji, turn it into romaji, translate it into English and stick it on here for anyone to see! I have Die Milch's single 'Mama' and album 'Metronom', both of which have the kanji lyrics of each song so slowly I will translate each song for research. It's also a great way to learn new kanji and put my Japanese to the test! If you have a better translation, please let me know in the comments below! Mine won't be perfect, far from. ^^; I got some help from /r/translator on Reddit for a couple of bits I couldn't quite get. To go straight to whichever version you want, press Ctrl + F and search for either 'kanji', 'romaji' or 'English translation'.

Couple of translation notes:
Japanese mothers often refer to themselves as 'mama' and the dialogue (quoted bits under each verse/stanza) are from the mother's point of view.

Die Milch 'Mama'
Lyrics & music: Coco
Arrangement & programming: Masahiro




Mama ママの夢は私の夢
Mama あなたを喜ばせたくて
Mama 私はいつも無理をした
Mama, mama, mama おぼれそうなの
Mama 本当はもう踊りたくない
Mama でも嫌われたくないのよ
Mama 一度でいいの私をほめてきゅっとただ抱きしめて


Mama ママの為に頑張るよ
Mama 喜ぶ顔が見たいから
Mama きょうねプロデューサーに声かけられたの
Mama ママも知ってる人みたいだけど
Mama ママの言う通りにしていれば私はもっと愛されるの?

Mama mama mama



Mukashi mama wa yumemita
Ako ga re no BAREE DANSAA
Demo ashi o kegashita mama wa
Musume no watashi ni takushita
「Anata wa mama no takaramono yo
Kagayakeru PURIMADONNA ni naru no yo」

Soto de tabete wa dame yo
Karada no RAIN ga kuzureru wa
Hora RESSUN ni okureru deshou
Karada o hiyasu fuku wa no yo
「Anata wa mama no ikiutsushi yo
Demo madamada wakai koro no watashi ni wa oitsukenai」

Mama, mama no yume wa watashi no yume
Mama, anata o yorokeba setakute
Mama, watashi wa itsumo muri o shita
Mama, mama, mama oboresou na no
Mama, hontou wa mou odoritakunai
Mama, demo kirawaretakunai no yo
Mama, ichido de ii no watashi o homete kyutto tada dakishimete

Soto ni wa mama mitai na mamatachi ga ippai miteru wa
O keshou to egao no ura ni wa shitto no nioi ga shite kuru wa
「Mama wa ne AIDORU ni naritakatta no.
Demo papa to ne deatte anata ga umarete yume yabureta no.」

Mama, mama no tame ni ganbaru you
Mama, yorokobu kao ga mitaikara
Mama, kyou ne PURODYUSSA ni koe kakerareta no
Kondo futari yukkuri hanashi youtte
Hitori de itte daijoubu?
Mama, mama no shitteru hito mitai dakedo
Mama, mam no iu toori ni shite ireba watashi wa motto aisareru no?

Mama, mama, mama


English translation:

Once upon a time my mother dreamed,
She longed to be a ballet dancer.
But she injured her foot
So it was entrusted to me, her daughter
"You are your mother's precious treasure.
You're going to shine like a primadonna."

Eating out is no good for you
Your bodyline will be ruined
You see, you'll be late to your lesson
You'll become cold, wear more clothes!
"You're the spitting image of me,
But you don't match up to me in my early years."

Mama, my mother's dream is my dream
Mama, I wanted to please you
Mama, I always did the impossible
Mama, mama, mama, I'm drowning...
Mama, I really do not want to dance any more
Mama, but I don't want to be hated
Mama, I want you to hug me tightly and praise me just once...

Outside I see many mothers like you
I fully look like you now
You can sense the jealousy behind the makeup and smiles
"Your mother wanted to be an idol.
But when I met your father and you were born, my dreams were shattered."

Mama, I'll work hard for mother
Mama, I want to see your delighted face
Mama, I applied to a producer today about my voice
He slowly took me aside and wanted to have a private talk with me later
Is it alright to go alone?
Mama, he looks like someone you might have known
Mama, if I do as you say, will I be loved more?

Mama, mama, mama


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