Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Christmas Haul!

This may be a little late but some items arrived today and yesterday that I bought with Christmas money so I thought a haul should be in order!

Some of my Christmas gifts from family members included:

Fancy black gloves from Rob's mum :3 The tag even said 'Gothic Romance' on them - she knows me so well! ;)

P1060727 P1060730 P1060731 P1060737 P1060740 P1060747
An awesome metallic nail polish set from my mum - I'll be painting my own nails more often now they're a bit longer and I love every colour! I wanna be all futuristic and cyber-y with silver nails :D

P1060750 P1060755
Anna Sui Dreams perfume & body lotion set from my mum and mama! I was really hoping for Anna Sui Dreams perfume so I'm ecstatic I got a set! I even kept the pretty box >_< The body lotion smells heavenly but I don't want to waste it so I will use it when I've used up my other body lotion and for special occasions!

P1060758 P1060762
A sweet Impulse & Barry M set :D Pear & Jasmine body spray with super sweet pink lipgloss from Barry M!

I also got such a cool little gift from my mum and mama too! It's this cute corset shaped bag but inside it has beauty essentials like nail polish remover, cotton pads, cotton buds (Q-tips), face wipes, etc! It's such a great idea and I always need those items; I've ran out of nail polish remover now actually so they will definitely get used.

Then from my awesome boyfriend I got:

Video games, fuck yeah! He always gets me video games for Christmas as I'll always play them! Last year it was Batman: Arkham Asylums, Assassin's Creed 1 and Fallout 3 (the start of an addiction). This year it's Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Fallout: New Vegas GOTY Edition (carrying on the addiction), Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, which I've heard very good things about and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron! I'm currently playing Transformers: War for Cybertron so this is the much-needed sequel.

He also got me the Ring book trilogy - these are the original books by Koji Suzuki that the Ringu horror films are made in the image of! They're translated into English but still very much Japanese fiction, which I love. ^^; I am trying to read more this year and have a couple of books to finish off before I start these.

Then, somehow I ended up with Amazon vouchers coming out of my ears... 0_0 I cashed in some survey points for a £14 Amazon voucher to spend on Christmas presents but it took them 4 weeks to send the voucher code through email... -_- So by the time I got it, Christmas had come and gone - still, when I cashed in the gift certificate, it was £15 rather than £14, hooray! Smash the system! Then I got a £5 Amazon voucher code from the same survey people as thanks for doing surveys in 2013, then I got a refund on a Christmas present I bought Rob, which I had used a gift certificate on, so that amount was refunded too! I got Rob a replacement Christmas gift (Morrissey's autobiography) and then spent the rest on goodies for myself I would normally forgo for clothes. XD

I was in much need of OPI's Nail Envy Maintenance as I've used a bottle of Nail Envy and now my nails are starting to break a bit so I fear they've become a bit too brittle by using Nail Envy for too long...so I left it off for a week or so and am now using Nail Envy Maintenance regularly. It comes out clear with a glossy finish and should hopefully maintain my newfound nail strength and length!

I've been wanting Perfume's latest album, Level 3, for a while now so I decided to get it rather than forget! It's Perfume's first album to be available on UK Amazon for a reasonable price *0* It also has an extra DVD with the music video for 1mm, Perfume Special Radio and a clip from Perfume Fes! So far I really like all the songs!

Then I had like, £2.70 left of the gift certificates so I tried to find a book around that price and decided on Koji Suzuki's 'Dark Water' to add to my Ring trilogy. It's a collection of short horror stories, of which the main one, Dark Water, was made into a Japanese horror film, which I've also seen. That Suzuki and his awesome horror mind.

Then, with Christmas money I have received from relatives, I bought shoes - lots of shoes! To be fair, they are from Everything5Pounds.com so they did only cost me £25, not including postage & packaging, in total so I'm not exactly breaking the bank! There were just so many cute styles to choose from and there were actually more pairs I wanted but they were extremely popular and sold out in just under 10 minutes. >_< No doubt to people buying 20 pairs to sell on eBay for £24.99 or something similar when all I want to do it look cute and shit... /endrant

P1070040 P1070042
Amazingly awesome short boots in black and brown! I think they have a Steampunky vibe, especially the brown ones. The black ones will be great for everyday wear, Goth, Goth Steampunk and edgy Japanese inspired fashion.

I also got these in grey; I did originally want them in black and brown instead of the short ones but they sold out so fast...the brown ones were taken out of my cart whilst I went to pay ;-; The grey ones are super nice but I'm not sure if I'll wear them...I got them just in case and they will definitely work for all black and black & grey outfits so I hope I will.

Then my latest E5P order, which arrived today after I missed the delivery, included these super snazzy black boots! So gorgeous! \(*0*)/ They're black velvet with patent trim and are amazing for Gyaru and everyday style. I swear one of my calves is fatter (or more muscly) than the other since I had a hard time doing up one boot but not the other... D:

My last pair of shoes! I got these cool looking Steampunk-esque brown buckled boots. The matte bit is a bit browner in real life, not grey. They remind me of Firefly Browncoat boots and I did buy them with Steampunky outfits in mind...now I just need everything else to go with them haha!

My friend was giving away this bag on Facebook and said whoever paid postage (£3) could have it so I snapped it up! It's so cute and perfect for Lolita! It has a detachable shoulder strap too and doesn't look like it's been worn. I'm not one to have 7 different Lolita bags, all to match different outfits, dresses and styles; I just have my black and gold everyday handbag that goes with everything but it's nice to have Lolita-specific handbags so I'm glad I was able to get this.

Now I've had to be good and reel myself in - I'm spending the remainder on trader tables and transport to trade at events as 8th Sin Creations so I need to be sensible! I also haven't bought any extra clothes as I'm waiting for my Taobao items to arrive - they're on their way now so every time I see pretty clothes, I have to slap myself and remind myself I have pretty clothes arriving soon!

Did you get any lovely presents for Christmas? What was your favourite? If you've done a haul post, I wanna see so link me in the comments!


  1. Wow, I love the corset bag and the cards bag you got almost for free! And I would never believe the shoes form E5P can look so great! And I really like the new layout of your blog. :)

    1. Thanks so much Vita! Yes, there are really some hidden gems on E5P, including J-fashion friendly clothing if you search hard and are patient enough! Thanks again! <3