Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Lolita Level Up Quiz 2.0

Hey everyone! Caro over at FYeahLolita has updated a quiz originally done by Parfait Doll - the Lolita Level Up Quiz, Version 2.0! It gauges your 'Lolita level' but of course, is only really for fun. I thought I'd do it and see what my score it! You should do it too! Let me know in the comments, I'd love to see your result! Caro mentions that you can interpret the questions as you please, so I'll elaborate on how I interpret the questions! I'll embolden the things I've done and put my answers, if needed, in italics so it's easier for you to see and for me to count the score!

You have a favorite brand
Baby, The Stars Shine Bright/Alice & the Pirates
You own a petticoat
My favourite, Classical Puppets!
You own multiple petticoats in different cuts and/or lengths
I own a bell-shaped Classical Puppets one and a shorter, less puffy (but not A-line) one from Kira Kira.
You own a parasol
You own an item from a brand
I own several, from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, Atelier Pierrot, etc.You own a novelty item from a brand (plates, mugs, stuffed animals, home decor, and other "non-wearables")
I own a Sophie-chan keyring and a 2013 schedule/diary, both from Baby, The Stars Shine BrightYou own an item from Bodyline
If I'm being entirely honest, I try to buy as little from Bodyline as possible but I do like their shoes. I own several pairs of Bodyline shoes.You own an item from a Taobao brand
Several - from Surface Spell, Kira Kira, etc - I love Taobao!You own an item from a Western indie brand
You own an item you bought of eBay, Amazon, or a shady website and it came out okay
You've bought brand directly from their official store
You've bought a lucky pack
You bought an item in reserve
You own a complete Lolita outfit
You've worn a complete Lolita outfit in public
You've worn a complete Lolita outfit in public and it wasn't even on Halloween or at a convention

You've bought and sold on an online Lolita communityYou've paid retail price for a rare secondhand brand
You've paid double the retail price for a rare secondhand brand
You've paid less than 20% the retail price for secondhand brand (ex: you paid $40 for a piece that originally cost $200)
You've bought from a Japanese auction
I bought my BTSSB Victorian Secret Key JSK from Yahoo! Auctions and a H.Jelly dress from MBok.You've ordered from a shopping service
I used Japonica Market and Tenso.You wear clothes you've made for yourself
Not so much nowadays, but I used to. I want to make higher quality items for myself and wear them.You wear a print you've designed yourself
You wear clothes you've had custom made for you
I've got a custom made blouse from Momo & Jia Baby from Taobao.Have had brand pieces altered to fit your size or style
You've been wearing Lolita for over a year
You've been wearing Lolita for over 5 years
You've been wearing Lolita for over a decade
You have enough Lolita outfits to wear a new one every day for a week
You have enough Lolita outfits to wear a new one every day for a month
You've converted an interested friend to Lolita
You wear brand with your "normal" wardrobeYou don't have a "normal" wardrobe because you only wear Lolita
You know how to handwash your Lolita clothes
You know how to wash a wig
You've worn a wig, circle lenses, or false eyelashes
You've worn a wig, circle lenses, and false eyelashes all at once
You own a pair of rocking horse shoes
You own a pair of tea party shoes
You own a purse shaped like something ridiculous
Um, I have a coffin shaped purse and a card suit shaped purse? 'Purse' means 'handbag' in British English, by the way.You own an old school rectangle headdress
You own a bonnet
You own Lolita roomwear or pajamas
You own a Lolita item that was released this past year
You own a Lolita item that was released over 6 years ago
You own a Lolita item that was released over 10 years ago
You own every item released in a favorite print/series

You've worn something on your head that was never intended to be worn on a head
I've worn butterflies intended for flower decorating, poker chips, insects, etc.You've worn a trendy accessory (deer horns, halos, peignoirs, eyeballs, etc)You've worn Sweet Lolita
You've worn Classic Lolita
You've worn Gothic Lolita
You've worn Old School Lolita
You've worn Boystyle
You've worn one of the lesser worn Lolita substyles such as Punk, Ero, Wa, or Guro
You know the difference between a JSK and an OP
You can name at least 5 prints
You can tell which items are from which brand just by looking at them
You can tell which items are from which brand just by looking at them, even if they're not a print
You can tell which year a brand piece came from just by looking at it
You've taken Lolita outfit snapsYou've traveled to visit a fancy looking place just to take outfit snaps
You've started a trend that others have followed

You own a Gothic & Lolita BibleYou own every single Gothic & Lolita Bible
Your picture is in a Gothic & Lolita Bible
Your picture is in a Gothic & Lolita Bible because you're a model for a brand
You own a Lolita sewing pattern book
You've made something from a Lolita sewing pattern book
I actually made a capelet for a friend very recently, and I've used headbow patterns from Gothic & Lolita Bible.You've seen Kamikaze Girls
You've read Kamikaze Girls
You've met Novala Takemoto
You've met Misako Aoki
Misako Aoki has made you an official Lolita ambassador
You've met one of your favorite Lolita designers
Ashizawa Yuko of Atelier Pierrot and Alice Kobayashi of Fairy Wish~ <3You've learned how to sew/craft just so you can make your own Lolita clothes/accessoriesYou've decorated your house/bedroom to match your Lolita wardrobe
Your Lolita wardrobe is part of your decor (ex: you display your hats on a shelf, keep a mannequin dressed up on display, etc)
You've been interviewed for a newspaper/magazine article for wearing Lolita

You've made friends through Lolita
You've made friends in foreign countries through Lolita
You've celebrated International Lolita Day
You have a separate facebook profile just for Lolita
You're known by a different name when you wear Lolita
You've twinned with someoneYou've tripleted with people
You've been part of a group of clones
You've taken purikura in Lolita before
You have a purikura app on your phone
You've had to explain what you were wearing to a stranger
You've been called a princess by small children
Old ladies have complimented you and remarked how nice it is to see young people dressed so nicelyYou've been called Bo-Peep
You've been asked if you were in a play
You've been asked what you were cosplaying as, or compared to an anime character
More embarrassingly, I was asked if I wa going to a furry meet...all because I had a white foxtail charm on my handbag...urgh...

You're a member of online Lolita communities
You're active in online Lolita communities
You mod an online Lolita community
I'm a moderator of Lolita Sales UK, a Facebook group.You mod an online community of over 1,000 members
You've attended a meetup
You've attended a tea party meetup
You've attended a brand sponsored tea party
Atelier Pierrot and Fairy Wish, though it was at a Lolita event, not separate. I really wanted to attend the BTSSB tea party that was this December but all the tickets sold out like, instantaneously.You've traveled multiple hours to attend a meetup
You've hosted a meetup
You've hosted over 6 meetups
You've hosted a meetup with over 20 attendees
You've been to a Lolita swap meet
You've attended a large scale Lolita event or conventionYou've been on staff at a large scale Lolita event or convention
You've been to a Lolita panel at a convention
You've hosted your own panel at a convention
I host a Lolita panel every year at J-Con, Derby and have also hosted two annually at Moe Moe Con.
You've seen a Lolita fashion show
You've modeled in a Lolita fashion show
You've seen a brand fashion show
You've modeled in a brand fashion show
I modelled for Atelier Pierrot twice, Lief and Cherie Cherise (indie brand).You own your own Lolita clothes/accessory line
I kind of want to embolden this one...but I don't really think I'm at that point with my brand yet ;w;You've hosted your own brand's fashion show
You have visited a Lolita shop
You've traveled to another country just to buy from Lolita shops
I will have done this time next year!You own and run your own Lolita shop
You're friends with a brand shop girl
You are a brand shop girl
You run a Lolita blog (traditional, tumblr, vlog, etc)You run a Lolita blog with over 1,000 followers
You have been called "e-famous"
In all honesty, I think it was a joke... -_-You have been called "e-infamous"
You've been featured on TV for wearing Lolita

So what was my score?

61-80 Experienced Lolita
61-80 points is the realm of an experienced Lolita! You've probably been active in the fashion for a number of years, have a fairly large and diverse wardrobe, and have attended (and hosted!) your fair share of Lolita events. You're most likely well-known within your local, and online, communities. You're probably practically an expert on the fashion and have probably introduced, or at least guided, a few friends along the right path in the fashion. Your next step is most likely to do a closet cleaning or some wardrobe organization because you probably have a few years of accumulated clothes. 

Yay! The closet cleaning part is kind of right - I'm determined now that, when I buy new dresses, they fit my style totally and I don't just buy them because they're cute or a good price. I want a fully coherent Lolita wardrobe and I hope my trip to Japan will help that majorly.

If you like, please copy and paste to find out your own Lolita score! I made sure to give Caro credit, she has done such a great job revising and updating the quiz!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Lolita Post Prompts: What's in My Lolita Make-up Bag

Today I will share with you guys what I have in my make-up bag for touch-ups throughout the day, especially for Lolita make-up! Up until a month ago, I seriously just had a billion lipsticks and lipglosses...but I figured that if I take them all out and pick one or two to wear throughout the day, I can have more important stuff like powder, eyeliner, etc. in my make-up! My make-up bag items don't much change for my Lolita make-up, except perhaps my lipstick and lipgloss depending on my outfit. I always try and buy high quality items that also have super cute packaging!

First up, this is my make-up bag:
It's from Cecil McBee; I got it free with Cutie magazine issue April 2011. You also got an extra mini little bag to go with it - I use it to store sewing tools, like a seam ripper, bobbin thread, measuring tape, etc! \(*0*)/

This is my touch-up powder in my make-up bag - It's Skin Babyface Pore Powder; I bought it as it's the perfect size for my make-up bag, has a little powder puff for on-the-go application and has super adorable packaging! Unfortunately the wings are part of the outer packaging but it still has the super cute face. It's just a basic translucent loose powder that I used to touch-up my nose and the sides of my face.

I also bought Y.E.T. Catgirl Waterproof Pen Liner recently to go in my make-up bag. I will be testing this out and if I like it, I'll make it my default liquid eyeliner and buy another one to go on my dresser! The packaging is really pretty and chic-looking.

I have Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Make-up Fixer. It's a nice setting spray that gives you a fresh look whist keeping your skin hydrated, so it's nice to keep in my make-up bag if my face feels or looks dry. However, for size I have decanted some of the full sized product into a Hello Kitty spray bottle!

I put it in the blue one to match, naturally! The atomiser isn't great though, it gives quite a thick spray as opposed to a fine mist. It's best to spray it into your hands, rub them together and gently pat it over the top of your make-up.

Next up, Skinfood Black Bean Lip Line Pencil in Pinky Red - I used to have a so called 'Nude' lipliner but it was much too orangey beige for my natural lip colour and the lipsticks I like to wear, so I replaced it with this one. It's much more natural on my lips and helps keep my lipstick stay on all day.

Another new addition is The Body Shop Lip Line Fixer - this is a clear wax lip liner that you apply over the edge of your lips; this creates a barrier to prevent any lipstick, no matter how cheap or bleedy, from bleeding! I haven't tried it yet but I absolutely can't wait to put it to the test! *godimsosad*

One thing I have in my make-up bag is Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint in Coming Up Rosy - Chubby Sticks are moisturising and this new Baby Tint type gives a subtle tint of colour that adapts to your own lips and tone, giving a personalised colour. It's great for whacking on if I've forgot my lipstick or my lips are feeling dry. The colour also stains so it lasts pretty well too.

At this point I've forgotten to take photo of some stuff in my make-up bag -_- One thing I carry is hand sanitiser, which looks exactly the same as any hand sanitiser you can find so it doesn't need a photo. Plus it's not cute haha ^_~ I also carry a chocolate and vanilla scented hand cream that smells sooooo nice that it's practically criminal that I can't eat it. ;w; Sometimes my hands feel dry so it's great them moisture? Obviously.

I also carry Avon's Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner in Black Diamond. This goes well with my liquid eyeliner and I use it to touch up my lower lash liner. It's a glittery black colour but quite subtle.

Okay, now some commonly used lipsticks I use for Lolita looks that I keep in my make-up bag.

I loooooove Etude House's Sweet Recipe Dear my Jelly Lips-talk lipsticks and own them in three colours now. One of my favourites is JPK003, a bright pink that looks great on all skintones. It gives my lips a lovely, juicy jellybean look.

This is my most recent Dear my Jelly Lips-talk lipstick, shade JPK002. It's a deeper fuchsia pink that, again, I think would look great on all skintones.

I love to pair the lipstick with Rimmel's Royal Gloss Lipgloss in 131 Jelly Baby. I got it in Poundland when the RRP is about £5.99. It tastes and smells super nice, isn't sticky, is a subtle shimmery pink and looks great combined with the above Etude House lipsticks.

This is L'Oreal Paris Glam Shine Cream Lipstick in Dream-me-Candy. It's a light, shimmery pink that looks pretty natural, aside from the shimmer. It's a perfect shade for many Lolita make-up looks and I've actually used up one tube of this lipstick already and am now on my second one. I've almost used that up but it's since been discontinued so I'll have to hunt for a similar one elsewhere. ;w;

I found my perfect baby pink lipstick in the guise of Avon's Color Rich Lipstick in Pout. The packaging is cute too but the colour is a really nice, milky baby pink that doesn't manage to wash me out or make me look sickly.

For darker Lolita looks, I carry The Saem Saemmul Flower Gloss in Rose. It's a shiny lipgloss that smells and tastes like roses, with a sheer red tint to it. It looks really natural and lovely on its own and gives a little gloss and depth of colour to lips when paired with a red lipstick.

Some red lipsticks that I sometimes carry depending on my outfit include The Saem Rouge Essential Moisture Lipstick in Blood Red and a discontinued Avon one that is split in half, into two colours down the bullet and the shade is called Beach Plum.

What do you carry in your make-up bag for Lolita looks?

Friday, 19 December 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Personal Lolita Goals for 2015

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've participated in a Lolita Blog Carnival article and now that the year is coming to an end, I thought I'd do this week's topic - My Personal Lolita Goals for 2015!

To start myself off, here are some Lolita outfits I wore in 2014:

All very black, you see ahaha~

Well that's not gonna change. ;D

It will be hard to try and improve my Lolita style next year since I have to spend as little money as possible...since I'm saving for Japan and aim to go in December-January >_< So I can't be buying a ton of clothes, accessories and new items since I'm aiming to splurge on all of that stuff in Japan~!

One thing I would like to do it make my coords more 'complex' or 'put together'...I don't know if it's just me but I always feel like my coords could be nicer or more thought out, rather than blouse + dress + shoes + hair accessories = done. Just using this as an example but a lot of the coords I admire and get lots of reblogs on Tumblr are a lot more involved and everything just seems to match. 80% of the time I carry the same plain black quilted handbag since it's my everyday handbag, yet I think a matching handbag can pull together a coord more so I will try to vary my handbags more in 2015. Other things that can make a coord seem more thought-out is better accessories, legwear and shoes, using colours wisely (like having accent colours as well as just one or two basic colours) and coordinating hair and makeup.

Another goal is to have more headbows next year...I know it sounds very strange but I actually have very few headbows haha...lots of crowns, garlands, smaller hair accessories, roses, etc. but maybe one or two headbows? For a plain black one I always borrow Jayde's BTSSB one if she isn't wearing it, since I swear it is like the most perfect staple Lolita headbow ever but I aim to get my own in 2015. I also always buy other headwear rather than headbows since I think 'Oh, I'll just make my own headbows, I don't need to buy them!'...then I never get round to it... >_> So next year I either have to sit down and make a fuckton of headbows or bite the bullet and actually buy them instead. THE CHOICE IS YOURS, FUTURE ME!

One thing I would also like to do is make a lot more of my own items! I'm finally sewing more recently, and I'm waiting for a ruffle foot and beading foot to be delivered so I want to make lots more skirts, capes, accessories, maybe even JSKs and OPs! Again, I don't have a lot of skirts since I figure I'll make them myself and never get round to it...

Another thing I would like to improve is my hairstyles...even though I have very long hair, I can't do much with it...I straighten it mostly, I can braid it, braid it when it's wet to make it wavy/crimped, put it in twintails and I've just about got the hang of my curling wand. I want to improve on updos and general nice hair to go with my Lolita outfits. Sometimes I think having very long hair is as hard as having short hair in terms of hairstyles...for example, people say victory rolls are easy - not when you have to roll your hair fifty times until it reaches your scalp! And when braiding your hair takes twenty minutes, you have to question whether it's worth it or not (it's usually a yes).

This is kind of detrimental to the whole 'saving for Japan' thing but I want to go to more meets and generally make more Lolita friends next year haha...but...Japan monies... >_< I can try to kill two birds with one stone whilst I'm travelling for business (trading at events and so forth) but there's nothing like a lovely casual tea party or get together.

Now that 2014 is wrapping up, do you have any personal Lolita goals for 2015? Any other 'New Years Resolutions' or do you not believe in them?

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Review: Avon Color Trend Lip Stix in Rosewood

I'm back with another review today! I have accumulated so many lipsticks now so I'm trying to review them, since they're easy to review and it seems reviews with lipsticks on people's actual lips are hard to come by. It also depends on the colour of your own lips compared to the reviewer's so always make sure to check that too!

Brand: Avon Color Trend
Name: Lip Stix
Shade: Rosewood
Price: £4.50 RRP
Where to buy: eBay (Link 1 and Link 2)

My friend gave me this lipstick, since she used to 'work' for Avon, bought loads of their items to try and sell then ended up giving them to me.
I think Color Trend is Avon's cheaper colour make-up sub-brand but it's all the same to me. The box is black and purple with the Color Trend logo. The Lip Stix packaging is the same colour as the actual lipstick, which is neat. The other one I owned, Brick Red, was a bright red colour. The packaging isn't great but you get what you pay for.
The application of the product is very creamy and easy to apply. The colour can be a little sheer at first but can be built up to full opacity with two or three coats. The shade is a very neutral brown with a slightly pink tone to it. It's a really easy, wearable colour and depending on your lip colour, can be a great nude lip.

Here's a photo of my bare lips. They look quite pink here but they have a slightly brown/dark undertone. I find it hard to find baby pinks or nude lipsticks that don't wash me out or look sickly.

I really love this colour, it's super easy to wear and can be worn with many make-up and outfit looks. It looks a bit darker here but it's a great nude/natural lip colour for me. It's like my lips but better. The lipstick is creamy, non-drying and the lipstick kind of sets on your lips so the colour lasts a few hours. It has a pleasant smell and taste, kind of sweet but not overly so.
The last Lip Stix I reviewed was awful but it seems that the durability and general quality varies with each colour and formula. I really like this colour, staying power and feel. It's cheap but does the job nicely. I'd give this 5 stars since there's not much wrong with it, if anything!

Review: Collection 2000 Colour Extreme Lipstick in Delight

*Listening to: Computer Guy by Savlonic*

Hello everyone! I'm here today with a relatively simple lipstick review. I still can't find my memory card for my DSLR camera, so I bought a new one, then when it arrived, it turns out it's for the wrong model - I searched 'Panasonic Lumic FZ20' and the memory card is for a Panasonic Lumic FZ200! So irritating! I'll order another one soon...I've got another camera but it's not as good so I'm trying to wait until I get another memory card...urghhhh...anyway, onto this review!

Brand: Collection 2000
Name: Colour Extreme Lipstick
Shade: Delight
Price: Discontinued but available on eBay for £1.99
Where to buy: eBay

This is a photo taken from eBay, since I can't actually find my photo of the lipstick... >_>; I bought this lipstick such a long time it was probably one of the first lipsticks I bought myself as I was getting into make-up properly at the age of...about 13-14? Maybe even younger...Jesus...since then a lipstick obsession began so I'm actually only just finishing this lipstick.

Anyway, the packaging. For a drugstore lipstick, the packaging is fine. It's a metallic red tube with silver rim, then the same red metallic cap. It has the lipstick name and shade on the bottom, but no other branding on the packaging. It would look a bit more expensive than it is, except for the fact higher end brands tend to use black, silver and gold as lipstick tube colours. It's not the ugliest packaging in the world by a long shot but it doesn't wow me.
The application is relatively creamy and doesn't feather. The staying power is a couple of hours, and the colour slightly stains the lips afterwards. The lipstick isn't drying and doesn't exaggerate or cause dry flakes. The lipstick bullet broke halfway through using the lipstick so that's a bit of extra lipstick to the left. The colour is a raspberry reddish berry pink that looks universally nice.
My lips with noting on them.

The lipstick on the right half of my lips.

Full application of the lipstick.

When I bought this lipstick, I remember I wanted a berry pink. This pretty much matches the description and it was really nice to wear and matched lots of looks. It's a pretty shade without being too much.

Halfway through using this lipstick, the lipstick bullet broke so I had to be careful with application from then on. I tried to melt it with a lighter and 'glue' it back together but it never really worked...I'm just getting to the bottom of this lipstick now but part of me wants to scrape the remnants into a pot so I can continue to use it...however, I wouldn't use the pot since I'd have to use a lipbrush with it and take it with me on the I'm kind of torn about getting rid of the lipstick... >_<
This lipstick has been with me since I pretty much started getting into make-up properly; it was a classic shade that always looked nice on, the wear time was perfectly reasonable and the price was great, probably around £5.99 retail. I'm tempted to buy the lipstick again from eBay since it's only £1.99 and I really like the colour, but I kind of wanted to upgrade my lipsticks in quality/brand so I'm really torn...I hate trying to find similar shades in different brands since they're always slightly off, but it's a chance to try something new...urgh, decisions, decisions! Anyway, this is definitely a lovely lipstick that I would recommend to anyone, it did a great job in every aspect for a budget-restricted 13 year old up to a slightly less budget-restricted 19 year old... 5/5 stars!