Thursday, 12 December 2013

I'm Not Dead!

Hello all! Just a quick update to apologise for my absence - I'm not dead, honest! I do have some posts in the works but two of them are quite intensive and involve a bit of work but I have no doubt they will be informative, useful and hopefully popular!

I did a Taobaou group order recently and we're just waiting for a few more bits to arrive at the courier warehouse so I am making an in-depth article on how to order from Taobao yourself. You could possibly even use the article to just browse Taobao and be able to work your way around the website a bit more. However, I won't post it until our items have been sent off from China so I can document the whole process for you guys. Then I'll obviously make a big haul post and show you my goodies haha!

Actually I've made a collage of all the stuff I bought so that will just be a fun post soon. I might have gone a bit overboard but is there such a thing when it comes to shopping?! XD

I'm also in the midst of making a 'Best Photograph Editing & Purikura Apps for iPhone' article which I hope will be useful. When I first got my iPhone, I downloaded a ton of photography editing, lighting effects, collage making, beauty editing and purikura apps to use and let you know which are the best and which to not bother with. I've done all the main ones I use but now I'm going through all the ones I forgot about and never use - hopefully I'll find some hidden gems I'm all the better for discovering!

I'll also do a couple of Lolita Blog Carnival and fashion questions (you know, like those 'Lolita meme questions', 'Gyaru meme questions', etc.) just for fun and whilst waiting for my Taobao items to arrive! I'm currently trying to make my life a bit more organised so I will try and have more time for blogging since it's such a good place to obsess over fashion, rant and maybe even put more personal issues on, even if people don't care haha. XD Don't worry, I'm not one of these special snowflakes who posts every little complex, dirty little secret and confession on social media - totally the opposite actually, I have a pillow book for that (more on that later) but I figured if I'm going to write a blog, I want it to be a bit more personal and you might wanna get to know me a bit better! Maybe?

I'm really excited to start up blogging again so I hope to see you soon, my lovely readers! Thank you so much for coming to my blog, reading my thoughts, commenting, following me and basically showing me people care - I have such a 'nobody cares' thing going on so it's relieving to perhaps think otherwise.

See you very soon, sweets <3

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  1. I'm really looking forward to the apps article! Glad to have you back. :)