Monday, 16 December 2013

December 2013 Taobao Order Collage

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Hello! Since I recently did a Taobao order early December that should be with me late December-early January, I made a collage of all the items I bought to keep my excitement topped up! I also realised I might have slightly gone overboard when it comes to stationary...more specifically notebooks...but is there really such a thing?! I don't think so and they were all so cheap anyway so whatever! Plus I think...well, hope that I got the 'OMG CHINA IS SO CHEAP I MUST BUY EVERYTHING REGARDLESS OF WHETHER I NEED IT OR NOT' is all out of my system so that when I come to place another Taobao order, I don't go out of control and/or can buy items I need or would like. It's been a long time since I bought much that isn't from a charity shop, plus my mama gave me some money to buy some items for Christmas so it really isn't that much...mweheheheheheh...


There is a lot going on in there! XD I apologise for not making it look prettier, it was quite hard work making it look the way it does now haha! I didn't buy too many clothing items this time; more fashion staples I'd like for many fashion styles, like hair pieces, jewellery and accessories. Plus a shit load of stationary, as you can see.

When buying more than a few items at a time, I concentrate on the fashion styles I'd like to buy for at that moment in time rather than try and buy everything I want that I see. I had some creepy cute items I wanted to get but decided to buy them at a later date and have a big creepy cute haul. The fashion styles I really want to dress in/add to are Dolly Kei, Goshikku and Rokku Gyaru and general Gothic everyday style.

I'm in need of cute tops so I bought a few cute cutsews from Boubou21, a waistcoat/bustier for Lolita from Chess Story, a black bell shaped petticoat from Classical Puppets (I sold my white one to buy this one as even though my white one has served me well these past few years, I rarely ever wear light colours.) and a black lace tube top for layering under other items of clothing from a small random Taobao store called Sexy House. I only bought from there as they had the nude vein tights (top right) in stock whereas a store I'd previously ordered from didn't, so I added a couple more items to the order to make it worth it, including a cute black standable rose mirror for travel and the aforementioned tube top.

Like I mentioned before, I am in desperate need of tights so I bought 9-10 pairs of tights for everyday use, including various designs such as the fake over-the-knee sock style, vertical stripes, polka dots and rose lace. I wasn't going to put every single pair on the collage though haha!

There's quite a cool little Taobao shop called Daruma which carries alternative and Japanese fashion items and cosplay items. They carry lots of printed tights and socks including the fake thigh high sock style with Kumamon, cats and Totoro on, creepy cute and general fashion jewellery and accessories, false eyelashes and generic cosplay items such as gloves, seifuku items and glasses. You can get a few of the printed tights cheaper elsewhere, such as the tattoo style ones, fake thigh high sock ones and others.

The items I bought from Daruma:

Apparently the false eyelashes are for a cosplay of Alice Phil from Fate/Zero but I got them just because I think they're cool for Gothic fashion, a la Adora Batbrat. XD The aviator goggles are for Gyaru and Steampunk and I got the scarab ring in antique bronze for Dolly Kei as well as general fashion. It seems the muscle tights are unique to them as I searched on Taobao and only leggings came up. I've seen the muscle leggings on eBay and other places as well as but I much prefer tights. I like that the BJD tights have the ankle joints too, plus they're printed on 80 denier fabric so I hopefully won't rip them on the second wear. (I have awful luck with tights ;-;) They carry Grimoire replicas but I would never buy them - I highly doubt the quality will be as good and I always try and support authentic brands as best to my knowledge. As far as I'm aware, the muscle and BJD tights aren't replicas of any brand; I know Lockshop did BJD tights but they didn't have the ankle joints and were flesh and black/shadow coloured rather than white and purple. Plus there were Japanese brands that produced BJD tights before Lockshop too as well as Ophanim so it's not a copyrighted concept to me.

I've been wanting to do more things to my hair but I don't always have the time to curl it and my bun abilities are pretty awful. XD Therefore I wanted to get some hair pieces that I can just throw my hair into a ponytail/crap bun and stick the hair pieces on top for instant adorable hair. I got the cutest black curly hair pieces with pink and red flashes for ponytail and twintail looks:

 photo hair_zpsa248cc4f.jpg photo hair2_zps82a90843.jpg

I wanted lilac for creepy cute and Fairy Kei fashion too but since I'm not buying for those styles right now, I left them for another time! I think the red ones will look so cute with Rokku Gyaru. I got two buns for, well, bun hair styles, a braided headband and straight clip-in pink and red hair extensions for pretending I have red and pink flashes when my hair is down too XD I got these items from Caterpillar's Accessories - not because they are the cheapest but because it worked out cheaper to buy a few hair pieces I wanted from there rather than separate, cheaper stores as the postage for each item didn't work out cheaper in the end. I also got the other few items I wanted (buns, plain black curly hair pieces) from Taomei Everyday - both stores have good prices and all items arrived at the courier warehouse in China in a timely fashion - I'll comment on the quality when I get the items!

I got tons of jewellery and accessories from two very cheap stores with a great selection - Meimei6968 and Let's Smile.

Items I got for Dolly Kei/general Gothic fashion include:

Antique stag deer earrings, necklace and brooch
Antique bronze cameo bracelet
Doll eye ring and bracelet
Claw ring in silver and gold
Large statement bronze necklace

Items I got for Goshikku Gyaru/Rokku Gyaru and general everyday fashion include:

Bronze and leopard print heart ring and earrings
Bat stud earrings in bronze and silver
Skeleton hand stud earrings in gold and silver
Black cross bracelet
Silver cross bracelet (I thought it was a necklace, check your translations/pictures folks!)
Tiara ring in gold and silver
Spike necklace and bracelet in gold
Black and gold spike hoop earrings
Gold bone bracelet
Gold wrap-around snake bracelet and ring
Red and pink devil horn hair clips
Red and black studded headbands
Claw ear cuff in silver and gold

And then...onto the stationary...XD I ordered from three stores - 66650 for higher quality, hardback notebooks/journals/planners and a cute stationary organiser, Shop 100731414 for pens, general stationary (erasers, glue sticks, stapler set, etc.) and a few thinner notebooks and 8280 for stamp sets, ink pads and a couple more notebooks for good measure. I did want some stickers but I figured if I get stamp sets, I can have that stamp forever whereas once you use a sticker, it's gone. Stamps are like the economical version of stickers. XD Shop 100731414 were also selling 2.5m rolls of decorative tape (not sure if it's washi tape since it's not made of paper/masking tape in style) for just 4p I bought 100. XD They are all random designs and I'm still dubious as to whether they will be actually rolls of tape for 4 pence each but even if they aren't, I've only wasted £4 and I'll use them somehow.

Some of the adorable notebooks I bought:

I got the top left in pink - the top right says 'Magic Spells Journal', how precious is that?! ;-; The bottom left are vocabulary books so I bought one in light pink for Japanese! The bottom right is a 'Simplanner' - along with a couple more planners I bought, I got this in red and will jazz it up with some of the stamps I bought!

So right now I am just waiting for a few other orders for my friends to arrive at the warehouse, then our items will be shipped off to me and I can swim in all the loveliness...if you'd like a review of any of the items or shops, as well as links, let me know!


  1. Hope to see you modeling your hair pieces, and your thighs!
    Congrats on all your shopping!

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