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Lolita Blog Carnival: What My Family Think About Lolita Fashion

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Hello everyone! It's time for a Lolita Blog Carnival topic! This week's winner was 'What My Family Thinks About Lolita Fashion' so read on for my personal view!

I became aware of Lolita fashion when I was around 14-15 through finding Nana Kitade after watching Fullmetal Alchemist. I began learning about all the different styles, rules/guidelines, where to buy the clothes and what made a good Lolita. I showed my mum and mama (grandmother) the style and clothes I liked, Gothic Lolita, and asked if I could have some for Christmas. I have been into Goth fashion since I was about 11 so in terms of adjusting, showing my family Gothic Lolita was much easier to accept than if I were to do a 180 and declare I want to be a Sweet Lolita.

My mum was still believing that my Goth fashion was a phase so she thought this 'Gothic Lolita' fashion, or as she called it, 'Andy Pandy frilly froo-froo nonsense' was just another phase. Because she thought it was a phase, she just let me know that she thought it was a bit creepy and childish, like I wanted to dress up like a little Victorian girl or porcelain doll, which was the exact thing I wanted to do. XD Like my Goth fashion, she refused to buy me the clothes for Christmas and birthdays.

My mama was a little more forgiving and although she thought it was a little weird and 'little girl-ish', we met up with a seamstress friend of ours who owned a market stall, I showed her a dress, petticoat and skirt I liked and my mama agreed to let me have them as Christmas gifts. I wore the dress to my first Lolita meet in Nottingham and thus began my love of Lolita!


Fast forward a few years and my family gradually learned that both Gothic and Gothic Lolita fashions were not a phase in my life. I wanted everything to be pretty, cute and dark in my life! As I got better at the fashion, they realised my individual style and that Gothic Lolita is a lot more mature than I first suggested at the tender age of 14.

Now my family view Lolita as a part of me - they know I love weird and wonderful fashion styles like Goth, Lolita, Steampunk, Cyber and more recently, Dolly Kei and Gyaru. Whenever someone compliments me on my fashion style or outfit, either my mum or mama proudly exclaim 'Ooh, she's a Lolita, she buys all her clothes from Japan and China or makes them herself' whether or not I'm actually in Lolita or whether my clothes are from Japan, China or handmade. XD I think it's really sweet as they must see me as being a Lolita even when I'm not dressed to the nines and that it is something to be proud of, being an individual. People usually stare at me no matter what I'm wearing and since I was about 16, my mama has always said 'Yeah, what are you staring at? Go on, take a photo! You're just jealous!', much to my chagrin haha. I always tell her it doesn't bother me and that I'm used to it but it's sweet she feels like she has to protect me.

Since the beginnings of my alternative fashion loves, my mum and mama have slowly learned the sub-style names, names of Lolita brands, even Nana Kitade, the friends I regularly meet at meet ups and now they're even remembering the names of other Japanese fashion styles I'm starting to dress in, such as Dolly Kei. Again, it's super sweet that it has sort of stuck in their head through the years - either that or so annoying that I must mention it so often! Now they ask me when my next meet or social occasion is, what I'll wear and who I'll see there. They remember who is who, sort of, and know who my best friends in the fashion are. I'm really glad they have accepted it as a part of me and I hope it will continue for many more years to come!

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  1. Aww I remember crushing on nana kitade and her adorable but dark Lolita fashion, then I got to watch my forever idol Kyoko fukada in one of my fav movies dressed as sweet Lolita and since then Lolita is like my obsession haha though I'm more into gyaru style now cause it's more wearable (I still get many people stare though) where I live but I really wish I can be a full time Lolita one day lol anyway your mama is so sweet, reminds me of my mom she does it too sometimes defending me and my uncommon fashion outfits here xD

    Anyway I finally found your blog and can comment so yay ^^

    1. Ohh, I'll check Kyoko Fukada out! I love Gyaru fashion and want to be able to wear it more daily and wear Lolita when I feel like it heh heh - you look super cute in everything you wear though!

      Thank you so much for commenting! I read your blog whenever you make a new post on Bloglovin' :)