Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Reviewette: Mizon Returning Starfish Cream

This is a free sample I got given from my Peach & Lily prize. I used it the other week so I'll review it now!
Brand: Mizon
Name: Returning Starfish Cream
Price: $15.23-$35
Where to buy: Peach & Lily ($28)

This cream boasts a rather impressive ingredients list, including 70% starfish extract, vitamin B5, beta-glucan, hyaluronic acid, olive oil, evening primrose oil, camellia oil, sweet almond seed oil, absinthe and much more! Does your skin really take in all those ingredients and reap the benefits or does it get over-saturated at some point?

Koreadepart says it has a 'pudding like texture'...whatever that means. XD It is a potent water retainer, refines the complexion for firmer, smoother and younger looking skin and the moisturising oils in the cream keeps skin smooth, soft and supple. It claims to have no artificial colours or parabens in it.

The packaging is bright and colourful, a little out of sorts for Mizon. This is obviously a product to appeal to the younger generation, perhaps 16-25 year olds, and part of that is due to the novelty factor.

The full sized packaging looks like this:
It has a similarly bright aesthetic, with a graphic similar in style to Nature Republic's Steam Cream packaging. It's not my type of packaging personally but it wouldn't stop me buying the product if it was good and it's certainly not boring or ugly.
Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo whilst using this product until my night time application and the photos wasn't very good so I deleted it out of principle - sorry! Because of the warm light, there was lots of colour noise and the photo wasn't very good quality.

The cream has a unique, solid jelly like texture that 'returns' if you poke it, scratch it, scoop a bit out, etc. Rather like memory foam, it just moulds back into a flat, unmarked surface, similar to the way that starfish can grow back limbs. This is what is meant by a 'pudding like texture' - when I think of pudding, I think of Angel Delight or something similar but it has a similar texture to creme caramel, pannacotta and other similar 'puddings;. It's a very novel and fun feature of the product and I can imagine this is the main selling point of the product. Because I didn't take a photo of the product, check out Green Tea Love's blog post (text is in Polish) for great photos of the exact texture and consistency!

Despite its claims to retain water/moisture in your face, it doesn't hydrate any more than my regular face creams. Perhaps if I only used this cream regularly, it wouldn't moisturise my face as much as I need it to; I get that impression with the feel of the product on my face. Once you get past the thick consistency, it's relatively easy to apply and absorbs quickly with no sticky or greasy residue. A little too quickly for my liking and dry skin.
Whilst this is a fun looking product with an interesting feature, I feel that Mizon knows this isn't a great product and decided to use the texture as its only selling point. I don't think this would be a bad cream for oily or combination skin but I need a more hydrating cream for my skin. Two stars out of five for me!

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