Saturday, 19 October 2013

Review: Skin79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream Plus

I found this review buried in my drafts and I don't know why I never finished it! I must have used this sample last year but hey ho, here's a review of it!
Brand: Skin79
Name: The Oriental Gold BB Cream Plus
Shade: Only comes in one shade!
Where to buy: Koreadepart (on sale 50% off, $19.91 for tube type, $23.42 for pump type), ($19,98), (£7.50-ish for tube type, £9-ish for pump type).

The pricing of this item is certainly a strange one - it markets and prices itself as a premium product at around $40 yet is constantly on sale and sold at lower prices, even at genuine stores like the eBay shop linked above.

This BB cream has whitening and wrinkle care, SPF 30 and contains gold extracts (hence the name), adenosine (supports healthy cellular activity and an anti-inflammatory), Oriental sue formula (whatever that is), arbutin extracts (used in whitening), Oriental tea newflex and Oriental tea blending.


The packaging is gold and dark brown, obviously playing up to the fact the product contains gold extract. I wasn't even sure what benefits gold has and a quick Google to a cosmetic ingredients dictionary shows that there is no benefit to skin when applied topically and is even a cause of dermatitis if you have sensitive skin or allergies to metal. I have an allergy to cheap metals like nickel and alloy but not gold so thankfully I was fine using this product.

So back to the packaging - it certainly has a premium look about it; obviously the sample packaging isn't quite as impressive but it's only to be used once or twice. I don't know what the full sized packaging feels like but I wouldn't mind displaying this pretty luxurious looking packaging on my shelf.

For me, the colour is a pretty good match. I think it's close to a standard shade #21 and gives my skin a warmer, more natural glow than when I use other shades of products. Sometimes I like a pale glow and sometimes I like a more natural look so it has its uses.
I applied two layers of this product for more full coverage. Nowadays I would probably only apply one layer as I'm a bit happier with my skin now.

No make-up

One later on the left, two layers on the right

This product has pretty good coverage; I wouldn't expect any less from what I hear about Skin79. With two layers it does start to look a bit cakey and fake so it's best kept to one layer and to be honest, it doesn't really need any more. It has a dewy finish that looks nice and young but I prefer a matte finish so I dust a bit of finished powder over it afterwards.
The BB cream stays on pretty much all day with minimal wear, fading or general deterioration. It doesn't become grey or orange over time, I think they hit the shade spot on. When wearing one layer of this BB cream it doesn't come off on your hand or clothes when wearing a layer of finishing powder over the top.
This is a nice BB cream I would consider purchasing if I had a little more money to spend and it was kept at the £8-£15 mark. It has good coverage, the shade is suitable for a lot of skin tones even though there is no other shades available and it stays on well. The only thing I don't like is that the fact it has gold in is clearly only for a selling point and so they can market it as a premium product even though gold has no beneficial properties to skin and can even be detrimental to some skin types. I shall give this product 4 out of 5 stars!


  1. Uuuh, so many BB creams with great reviews, it's hard to choose! I agree about the gold, plus I don't think it has such a marketing power either >.<

    1. It is a very good BB cream! It's so hard to choose one! I've also got a sample of the Oriental Pearl BB Cream Plus to try too! Yeah, I wouldn't really buy a product just because it said it had gold in it haha :')

  2. Thank you for posting! Great photos!

  3. Have you tried the Skin79 Super BB Cream? I'm not sure if I'm using it wrong or something but I just don't like it >.< After seeing your review, I think I'd like to try this one out ^^

    1. Hi there! I haven't tried any Skin79 BB Creams other than the ones I've been given samples of, I'm afraid! What is it you don't like about it? Maybe it is not suited to your skin type or undertone?