Thursday, 31 October 2013

Review: La Roche-Posay Redermic 'R' Intensive Dermatological Anti-Aging Corrective Concentrate

I got the chance to get a free sample of La Roche-Posay's Redermic 'R' Intensive Dermatological Anti-Aging Corrective Concentrate (phew!) from What's In My Handbag and used it in place of my regular face cream for just under two weeks. I've finished it now so it's time to review! 

Brand: La Roche-Posay
Name: Redermic 'R' Intensive Dermatological Anti-Aging Corrective Concentrate
Where to buy: £35 from, $40 from

Taken from the La Roche Posay website, this intensive concentrate smooths out accentuated wrinkles, transforms your skin surface (into what?), reduced the appearance of age spots and smooths out the complexion.

When I clicked on the 'Ingredients' tab for this product, nothing came up haha - suspicious? This is a fairly potent cream that you're supposed to wear SPF 15 with, avoid the eye contours when applying (whoops - something I didn't do, more on that later) and try to limit sun exposure whilst using - when are you supposed to use this exactly and for how long? I take it you can't use it as every day use because of the precautions you have to put in place whilst it 'works its magic' but how long do you have to apply it to see the benefits of the product?
La Roche Posay Redermic 'R' Intensive Dermatological Anti-Aging Corrective Concentrate
La Roche-Posay is a 'prestige' or luxury cosmetic brand so I was excited to try their products for the first time ever. As a result, their price tag is relatively mid-market to high and their packaging has that cosme-ceutical (cosmetic + pharmaceutical) look to it that similar brands like Clinique, SK-II and luxury Korean brands use. It's not cute, pretty boring but it appeals to the right market for an anti-aging product.
La Roche Posay Redermic 'R' Intensive Dermatological Anti-Aging Corrective Concentrate Swatch

The cream is of a standard consistency and is easy to spread. It's a very light yellow in colour and has a weird smell - it's not unpleasant but it doesn't really tickle me either.

I've been using this cream for perhaps 7-12 days now, day and night so it has lasted a pretty good time considering the size. I've been using it with my Be The Skin toner but no serum as I've ran out. At first I noticed it wasn't particularly hydrating but left my skin with a powdery soft feel so I thought it was okay. However, the past couple of days my skin has suddenly had a weird meltdown consisting of small whitehead spots on my forehead, cheeks and chin and dry patches on my cheeks and the outer corners of my eyes. My skin hasn't been like this for a good year or more so it's horrible having to deal with it now. My skin feels really sore, tender and doesn't look great to boot. I've got a couple more samples of face cream to use up but I might just slather my face in my Secret Key snail cream for a bit to let it repair. After reading that you're supposed to avoid the eye contours whilst applying this product, that may have contributed to the sore outer corners of my eyes. If you're supposed to avoid the eye area and it's supposed to be an anti-aging product, where does it target? As most people want anti-aging benefits near their eyes...

As for the anti-aging benefits, I obviously can't comment as I don't have to worry about that just yet. I have a few small lines underneath my eyes though and I'd have to guess that it may have improved them the tiniest bit ever? However, that doesn't make up for the lack of hydration in this product - if I was making an anti-aging product, hydration would be one of the main features of my product after the anti-aging bit, of course - more mature skin loses elasticity, gets dry and needs to feel hydrated, plump and nourished to feel good and possibly reduce the appearance (not reduce or fix entirely) of wrinkles.
I don't like this cream unforunately - my skin is crying out for a break now and this cream is only good for more mature skin that is oily/combination and can only be applied for a short period of time - that is a very specific target audience. I should have wondered whether this cream would be good for me after reading 'anti-aging', 'intensive' and 'concentrate' but I wanted to try it and it didn't work. In the world of beauty reviews, you win some and you lose some! Unless you fit into the very specific market for this product, I don't feel the price is worthy of the product so I will only give this product one star out of five.


  1. what is the correct technique to applying it?

    1. You just apply and massage it into your face like a regular moisturising cream! It recommends you wear sun protection (sunblock, cream, etc.) afterwards too!

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