Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Reviewette: Natural Republic Ultra Steam Cream

Today it's another review as I frantically refuse to open my Snail & EGF moisturiser and instead power through my face cream samples. I have taken to squeezing out the sachet I am going to try in a 10ml air tight jar; that way I usually get at least two uses out of it so I can make a better review. I got about 4 uses of this cream so I'll do a reviewette.
Brand: Nature Republic
Name: Steam Cream
Type: Ultra Steam (for dry skin)
Price: $15-$25
Where to buy: Koreadepart ($23.42), IBuyBeauti ($24.99), ($25.99), ($15.70)

This cream contains shea butter applied to high temperature steam of 100℃ that stabilises the ingredients, making it mild for skin. It is also formulated with vitamin A and E that provides moisture. It boasts no parabens, no talc, no sulfate based surfactant, no mineral oil, no benzine alcohol and no artificial colours.

Nature Republic Ultra Steam Cream Packaging
I quite like the arty graphics on the packaging of this sample. The full sized product has the same graphics on a large white tub. The sample packaging has a matte feel so perhaps the full sized one does too? It's not particularly 'cute' but it fits well with the aesthetics of Nature Republic's brand.

Full sized product:
Nature Republic Ultra Steam Cream Swatch
The product claims it has a 'jelly like texture' but I didn't really notice any difference from other creams. It is thick and emollient and creates a barrier that traps moisture in the skin - one of the most important factors of moisturising face creams. It isn't the ingredients or the cream absorbing into our skin that hydrates us but the barrier that prevents our skin from losing moisture.

You can definitely tell the cream has shea butter in as it's very thick and creamy. It spreads the same way and feels good for dry skin. It takes a few minutes, maybe longer to absorb but I expect that of creams formulated for dry skin. It leaves my skin feeling nourished, supple and elastic but no more than my regular creams.
Whilst this cream is good for dry skin, seems to have good ingredients and provides good benefits, I expected a little more for a product that seemed on the higher end of Nature Republic's items. For $24 I could buy a potentially better cream from a higher end brand. That said, I know price isn't everything, as shown by this cream; Nature Republic usually have very good products for great prices and this is a good product, just not for the price tag. I'd rather try other creams or stick to my regular one. 3/5 stars for me.

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