Thursday, 19 September 2013

Review: Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex

Another review today! I got a free sample of Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex through my letterbox the other week and tested it for around 2 weeks so I think I can write a pretty comprehensive review about it now. I'm churning my way through my hoarded free samples before opening up a new face cream!
Brand: Olay
Name: Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex
Price: £10-£29.99
Where to buy: Superdrug (£19.99), (£29.99), Amazon UK (£10), ($13)

This cream has a rather impressive claim to 'instantly reduce the look of wrinkles better than a cream costing £600'.

Taken from Superdrug's website:
'Regenerist's wrinkle relaxing complex helps to comprehensively fight the look of fine lines and wrinkles by combining Olay moisture with advanced micro filler powders to help smooth skin's surface, instantly relaxing the appearance of fine lines while the formula, with biopeptide + B3 complex, hydrates and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles over time.'

Olay Wrinkle Relaxing Complex Packaging
The packaging is very much expected of Olay and its target market of more mature women. It has a flexible plastic silver tube with a red cap and black and red writing. It looks sophisticated and more expensive than cheaper skincare products. It's neither here nor there for me.

The full sized packaging looks like:

So basically a bigger version of the full sized product, which is what I like to see. If they made the free sample packaging really nice or pretty then the actual sized product packaging is pretty shoddy, I'd definitely feel cheated. The good ol' Bait & Switch.
Olay Wrinkle Relaxing Complex Swatch
This cream is definitely a cream but it has a weird texture and look that, whilst isn't bad at all, is kind of inbetween a gel and a cream. I guess it is all that micro filler powder as it does feel very dense whilst maintaining a light texture.

This cream feels really nice when you apply it; it almost has a velvety texture that turns a little powdery once it sinks in a little bit so I can guess that is the magical filler powder at work again. A small amount goes a long way and it has a light, spreadable texture. It takes a few minutes to sink in and makes my skin feel nice, powdery soft and supple.
Like the past Olay cream I tried, you get a more prolonged feel of the cream if you apply it regularly. The powdery soft feel stays with you all day, even if you don't wear make-up or wash your face. My skin has been pretty well moisturised since using creams formulated for my dry skin type and it didn't revert back after using the cream; I didn't get any dry patches, flakes or tightness.
The smell of this is a little weird...combined with the thick yet light powdery gel-like feel it smells like hair conditioner! Very fragranced and a little perfumy. It actually reminds me of my mum, like hugging my mum and smelling her hair. It's actually very sweet in a way and makes me think of her when I use it. She tends to use Olay products semi-regularly as well so maybe it is just the signature Olay scent and I never picked up on it?
This cream has a unique feel and softness. I don't think it was particularly formulated for dry skin so I think it could be great on all skin types. Mature skin tends to be a little sensitive so I think it is easy to use for everyone. It has a lovely velvety powdery softness that stays with you as you apply it regularly. As for the wrinkle relaxing benefit, I can't say I've seen much difference as I don't really have wrinkles! I have a few small lines under my eyes and instantly after I applied this cream they felt a little more 'filled out' but I can't say whether using this cream reduced the look of them. I can imagine you'd have to use this cream for a relatively long time period, say 6 months to a year, to see any lasting wrinkle reducing action. I give this cream 4 stars out of 5; whilst it was an effective and nice cream to use, I would like to try others, especially Korean skincare products that may give the same effects for a smaller price tag.

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  1. Thank you for reviewing!
    I have made it a point to read your reviews all the time.
    Why? because once you have decided to purchase outside of your "near-shopping area" then you want your money to be spend in the best possible way.
    I made my first Korean beauty product purchase and i am in love! and my wallet is not empty!
    Thank you for posting your reviews!!