Monday, 16 September 2013

Review: Dermal Snail Collagen Essence Face Mask

Hello everyone! I have a few reviews lined up to post so I will get started on them quick-sharpish. Today's review is from my first Koreadepart order (I'm making myself finish my first Koreadepart reviews before starting on my second ones >_<), Dermal Snail Collagen Essence Mask.
Brand: Dermal
Name: Snail Collage Essence Mask
Where to buy: Koreadepart ($5.27 for 10pc), Amazon UK (a whopping £22.69 for 10pc!), ($13.50 for 15pc) or ($46.50 for 31pc).

The masks are formulated with snail mucus, collagen and Vitamin E. It relaxes skin to create elastic and healthy skin according to Koreadepart.
Dermal Snail Collagen Essense Mask
It seems Dermal have changed the colour of the packaging for the Snail Collagen Essence type; the packaging is now brown instead of green. I take it is because snails are brown but to be honest, this is kind of offputting...I'd rather the packaging be green and imply nature, freshness, etc.

The new packaging - what makes me laugh is that the Amazon UK seller uses exactly the same image with Koreadepart's watermark on it - so people can just find the Koreadepart website instead! Stupid scalpers. >_> I also like that Dermal photoshopped the model's hair to be darker and more in line with the packaging. XD I still prefer the old green packaging however but they're both neither here nor there in terms of cuteness or sophistication. They look like you can probably find them in a lot of Korean drug and beauty stores.
Dermal Mask
Here is what the mask looks like opened up. They saved the eye patches so you can have extra essence underneath your eyes! The mask is made of a softish fabric, probably cotton and is saturated with the essence. It's not dripping wet but very saturated and thick (which is good!). The mask is white, as you can see and the essence is clear. As for the fit of the mask, it seems everyone has problems with sheet masks. XD The mask is actually spot on for the width of my face as I have a big round moon face - it covers all the sides of my cheeks perfectly well. The mask is a little long for my face; in order to get my lips to be in the cutout for them I have to lift the mask up. If I don't, the serum can sting my lips a little due to cleansing before. The mask slides down a little if you wear it whilst sitting up so I have to keep pulling it up a little (I usually wear it for the duration of my bath).

You wear the mask for around 15-20 minutes but to be honest, you can leave it on for however long you want. I usually wear it for around 25-30 minutes as that's about how long my bath takes. Afterwards you take the mask off and pat the remaining essence into your face until it is fully absorbed. After using the mask my skin feels soft, supple and nourished. There still seems to be an awful lot of essence left on the mask after using so I have actually folded it back up and put it back in the foil packaging to reuse for my next bath a couple of times. I think I did it for the first 3 of these masks that I used but then I wondered about germs or bacteria so now instead, I squeeze out some of the serum into my hand and apply it all over my face, fan it to absorb quicker and repeat until I'm almost out of serum. This gives a really luxurious, deep nourishment I do every so often; I can definitely feel the difference afterwards and the morning after.
The mask has a nice scent; it's definitely artificial though so if you're not a fan or sensitive to artificial fragrances you might want to consider this when purchasing. It's not overpowering but it's definitely there. It's sort of a generic fresh, slightly floral or planty scent that is popular in skincare products. I haven't had a reaction to the fragrance used since using these masks. I think I've used around 5-6 of them.
Aside from the mask fitting issues that aren't too dominant, this is a nice little mask. It's very cheap which is why I picked it in the first place but it doesn't seem like it doesn't do anything at all. It softens, nourishes and makes my skin feel bouncy and supple so it's nice for a once a week treat or just before a special occasion. I would definitely recommend this mask if you don't have any predominant skin issues that you'd prefer to be treated specifically (such as acne prone skin, sensitive skin, uneven skin tone, etc.) or you're just starting out in the world of face masks or Korean skincare. I would rebuy this as a skincare staple to use semi-frequently but I'd like to try out other masks and see if you get what you pay for. 4/5 stars for me!


  1. Wow, it looks cool and reasonably priced! I loved the comments about the packaging, it's true that snail mucus is not really something you would like to put on your face normally, so it's weird to make the packaging more snail-like =D

    1. Yeah, they were definitely a hit rather than a miss when I bought them! But yeah, brown packaging...why?! ;-; I don't mind using snail mucus as I don't really think about it but it's weird to bring it to your attention, as you said! XD