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Event: Frock On London 2013

Today I decided to do the Frock On follow up before it's too late! I had a really nice weekend with my friends! I can't really be bothered to split the event into two posts for both days and besides, I might forget to post the second one so this post will be very photo heavy! I can't remember who I got some of the photos off so if anyone wants credit, feel free to let me know! Thanks in advance!

For anyone in the dark, Frock On was a UK Lolita event in London, filled with brands trading from all around the world, fashion shows, panels, workshops and more! It was a chance to buy as much as possible to save on postage and customs charges, participate in fashion shows and panels and make new friends from all around the world! It was in London and was primarily for the anniversary of The Tea Party Club, the UK's biggest Lolita club/community. They usually put on a show-stopping event each year and this was by far the biggest!

So me and my friend Emily went together on the Friday. We got up at 5.30am to get the coach to London from Derby... ;-; But it was only £10 return each, £5 each way! Sooooo cheap, we couldn't resist! Besides, we could sleep on the coach! We arrived in London at 9am so there was still a full day for sight-seeing! We first stopped off at our hotel to drop off our luggage. Actually it wasn't a hotel, it was student accommodation they hire out in the summer whilst the students are away! It was in a great location, only 4 minutes away on the underground to Embankment, Frock On's venue for Saturday. We got a bus and was dropped off right near Westminster Abbey!

This was about two or three streets away from our accommodation so we were right in the centre of London! I could hear Big Ben chiming away in the morning as I awoke!

After we dropped our luggage off we were supposed to meet my friends Valerie and Saltje from Belgium who had arrived in London around the same time but we took longer than expected to get to Lambeth (where our accommodation was), find our hotel and we were really hungry so we wanted to get some food first. This actually turned into not meeting Valerie and Saltje at all that day, which is really disappointing! T_T I'm sorry!

After food we went to Camden, Piccadilly Circus and Chinatown before going back to our accommodation to check in and go for a nap. XD After we woke up, we freshened up and headed to Camden for some food before our dress rehearsal for the Frock On fashion show at 7pm, in which time we met another model, Rebecca, on the tube and got food with her!

The dress rehearsal was pretty fun! Let's get started by saying I'm pretty shy...okay, very shy with people I don't know. I wanted to meet so many new people and make friends during this frilly weekend but my nerves got the best of me and I only really conversed with people I know. >_< So whilst the dress rehearsal was fun, I wish I had taken the chance to speak to more people! I did, however, meet a few new lovely people - Mia, who was modelling for Cloudberry Lady and Atelier Pierrot and the creators/designers, Betty and Ricardo of Cherie Cerise, one of the brands I was modelling! They were so lovely and sweet!

After the dress rehearsal we just went back to our accommodation as we were tired and needed to get up early! Noor and Lily, two of my other friends who were staying with us, were due to arrive on Saturday morning to drop off their luggage and head to Frock On with us. After this point we took loads of lovely and silly photos and the fun-ness (I just made that) of the weekend tripled!

Okay, so let's start with what I wore on the Saturday!
For some reason all photos of my outfit came out really blurry. T_T It's probably because I was dresses really darkly compared to everyone else. :( This was the best one available and I sharpened the shit out of it so whilst it's not great, it's the best I have!

Dress: H.Honey (H.Naoto sub brand)
Underbust corset belt: eBay
Shoes: T.U.K.
Beaded crown, choker and butterfly hair clips: 8th Sin Creations

I found the gorgeous H.Honey dress on MBok and went with a Gothic butterfly princess look, complete with super princessy wig!

We picked up our Super VIP goodie bags at 10am, when the Super VIPs were let in (we were in from 9am for the model rehearsal). I take it you wanna see what we got?! All of these photos were taken to put on Poupee Girl (by me) so there are a few things I didn't take photos of as you can't put them on Poupee!

First off, the bag the goodie bag was in was an actual fabric usable bag! Too cool! It also saves our planet as you shouldn't throw it away! Super VIP bags were red and gold whilst VIP bags were black and silver.

P1050088 P1050091
We got an amazing gift from Innocent World! Either an antique silver necklace or hair comb! I actually got the hair comb and Emily got the necklace but she said she doesn't wear necklaces much and I don't wear hair combs much (they're hard to wear unless you have very styled/teased hair) so we swapped! You got a cute black velvet Innocent World pouch with it too! What a great start to the goodie bag!

This is a handy mirror with gorgeous artwork on it! There were various designs, all by different talented artists!

We got a pair of these cute wooden antique-style brooches in the goodie bags too. They are the same girl that is on the mirror above and it says 'Frock On!' on her dress! They are really lovely and great for Classic Lolita, Dolly Kei, Cult Party Kei, Mori Girl and more!

We also got two Japanese Kit Kats in our goodie bag, which I ate on the day so no photos. XD We also got a pack of postcards designed by the beautiful and talented Minori, Juliette et Justine's A/W mini catalogue and a few pretty flyers that I am definitely keeping!

We also got a mini goodie bag on the Sunday tea party so I might as well show what we got there too!

Another super cute handy mirror - I'm glad I got two different designs!

I actually think this is a Tea Party Club x Grimoire collaboration item as I'm sure it says Grimoire on the bottom. It's another antique-style wooden brooch with a beautiful frame design. So gorgeous, I love these!

Along with the two above gifts we got more Minor postcards, a sticker from varying artists/brands (mine was from Roxie Sweetheart) and a few more flyers from Another Girl's Treasure and some of the artists who supplied artwork for items.

Shortly after we got our Super VIP goodie bags I had to get ready for the first fashion show, modelling Lief's new Matryoshka print skirt in ivory with a matching bonnet! I don't wear light colours in my personal fashion but it's really fun to try things I don't normally wear! All of the models were beyond gorgeous, I felt really dumpy and plain next to them! It was nothing the models did, of course, just my own inferiority and shyness! I had also picked to wear barely-there heels and short socks so I didn't exactly look taller than my 5' 3" frame.

The outfit was really cute, I wish I had smiled more, haha! I was so busy concentrating at looking above the crowd so it looks like I'm staring off into the distance.

Here are some more photos of the first fashion show!
The lovely Jo in the blue OP version of the Matryoshka print!

1231461_10151859624620993_237421856_n 1238839_10151683664249620_2042925896_n
Antonia for Haenuli & Marby for Mille Fleurs

1014222_10151683663574620_639888283_n 10020_10151859629140993_421261331_n
Lucy for The Snowfield & Lyci for Juliette et Justine

Shortly after the first fashion show ended I had to get ready for the second fashion show! I got to wear an absolutely adorable Creepy Cute outfit from Cherie Cerise this time! I really wanna buy the cutsew and skirt when I can!

Super stumpy legs due to short socks and flat shoes ;-;
100_3675 1235407_10151859630835993_1090574405_n

Scarlett & Mila modelling for Cherie Cerise! All their items were absolutely gorgeous, varied styles and the models were so beautiful! ;-;

100_3672 545242_10151859633125993_204588974_n
Lyci for 4 O'Clock & Crystal for Angelic Pretty on behalf of Dreamy Bows


All of the Cherie Cerise models together! We used jewellery and accessories from Roxie Sweetheart so we took some photos showing off the jewellery!

After both fashion shows we got something to eat and it was Emily's time to be part of Michaela's Fashion Fix - Brand vs Offbrand! It was a fun panel and it was actually a tie in the end! Both brand and offbrand can look equally fabulous!

Some more photos:

The beyond beautiful Linda Friesen, creator and designer of 4 O'Clock. Her dress is absolutely beautiful and glittered with every tiny movement as it had tons of hand-applied rhinestones on it! The cage skirt is also amazingly cute, I really want one!

The dreamy shopping experience of Frock On, chock full of brands!

 Pink Hime's super cute stall! I wish I could've bought something but I didn't have much money on me, less than I planned - London is expensive! D:<

We got to do some shopping around 3pm finally, haha! As we were watching the modelling panel lead by Nina/Coco of Lockshop I met Hitomi Nomura of Grimoire! She was sooo cute and lovely! Funny, too <3 I actually wanted to buy some BJD tights from Lockshop but after meeting Hitomi I splurged on some Grimoire tights! I couldn't decide between the Grimoire perfume or the tights but in the end chose tights; I'll get the perfume and Lockshop's BJD tights soon, I promise!

During the day I bought:

Grimoire Verum tights (Un Musee de L'Art D'Ange)

Silver dangly heart clip from Stocking Shock

Antique gold bird skull ring from Kyra's bring & buy stall bit

I miiiiight have also bought the Grimoire tights because you get a super cute bag with any purchase!

Too cute! I can't wait to use it again at some point!

We also got our snapshots taken at a photo booth there nearer the end of the day!

I totally ruined the first one by looking at the screen rather than the camera XD Then we all ruined the second one as we desperately tried to take the hats off quickly for the second shot!

Before we knew it it was time for the designer's panel and closing ceremony! It was really interesting seeing all the faces of the brands there, why they created their brand, what inspires them and other interesting questions. I feel more inspired and slightly disappointed in myself for my own brand. XD I want to make it better and more professional and I'm a little disappointed in myself for trudging along these few years when most of the brands at Frock On have only been active a year or so and have already achieved so much.

Just as we were about to go an amazing thing happened! I bumped into Valerie, who we managed to miss the entire day! Actually she saw me in the dressing room for the models and wanted to say hi but wasn't allowed to come in T_T We were planning to go for food and so was Valerie and Saltje so we decided to go together! So happy we found them as a whole night of fun ensued! First off we had our photo taken by the lovely Florrie of Intrinsically Florrie!

Saltje is on the left and Valerie is on the left with me in the middle! They're both so cute and well dressed! I'm glad I had some more darkly inclined friends with me amongst all the pastel lovers, haha!

We were going to go to Nando's for food, especially since Saltje and Valerie had not heard of Nando's but when we got there it was an hour and a half wait. T_T As to be expected on a Saturday evening. >_< So then we tried TGI Friday's but that was half an hour wait. Next we found Pizza Hut who said we could come in straight away if the 7 of us squeezed onto a 6 person table (another friend, Gina, joined us too) and we happily obliged!

We walked around for a while after food and ended up on a bridge near the Thames and the London Eye...I don't know which one it was, there were a lot of them! We stopped for photo opportunities a lot:


After we walked across this bridge Saltje and Valerie needed to go back to the underground so they didn't miss their last train home. We had a really fun time, us bumping into them at the end of Frock On was meant to be! There is going to be another event in April and we've already said we will go together, get the same hotel and have an even more amazing time! We also wanna go see Wicked together!

Now that it was just me, Emily, Noor and Lily, we found this weird kind of bar set up that was themed on old style circuses and freakshows. It wasn't really a bar, it was more of an event as during the day they had shows; one of them was an old-style magician sawing a lady in half, one was a woman walking on broken glass, one was a strong man, etc. There were also fair rides and food available. We stayed there for ages and people kept coming up to talk to us about our fashion. XD We got thrown out about 1.30am as they were closing. We should've gotten a subway home around 12am but we were really near the bridge where I took the photo of Westminster Abbey so we argued that we could walk it in a short time! So we had more time to party. >:D We didn't get home until around 2am and I stayed in Emily, Noor and Lily's room until 3am having an old fashioned gossipy sleepover! I retired to my room and the rest of the girls didn't go to bed until 4am!

Next morning we all got ready for the Sunday tea party together! The tea party wasn't until 1.30pm so we had time for a lie-in. We also wanted to sight see a little more but something happened and we didn't have enough time. XD We really don't know what happened, time just seemed to fly by! Stupidly we got breakfast at Costa's around 12.30pm, just an hour before the tea party so we were a little full when we got there!

The tea party had lots of yummy sandwiches and a spectacular array of cakes! From clockwise starting from the macaron we had: lemon macaron, chocolate mousse, chocolate & raspberry cupcake, 'British flag' sponge cake, blueberry tart and banoffee slice! Super yummy! After countless sandwiches, cakes and tea we took some photos:

My outfit for the Saturday:

Dress: Angelic Pretty (Dream Magic OP)
Shoes: T.U.K.
Hair accessories: 8th Sin Creations

If you're thinking my hair looks a little weird...that's because it's a wig! I was just so tired and couldn't be bothered to wash my hair on the Saturday night so I borrowed Emily's wig... XD It's a nice wig but not as nice as my real hair, haha!

The beautiful Noor in Innocent World's Violet inside Mansions dress.

At the tea party, Emily behind. (Photo by Saoirse Photography)

Me, Betty and Ricardo! They were sooo lovely, I hope to meet them again and buy their items!

At the end we all hung out for a little bit and laughed at a man inconspicuously taking photos of us on his IPAD. I mean, really? Like we weren't going to notice?! We took photos together:


And I also asked for another photo with Hitomi! I got one on the Saturday but it was inside and the flash went off so I was hoping this one would be better light and it was! She's wearing the tights I bought! Obviously not the same pair (I wish *creepy gusta*)!

Me and Emily were going to go to the after party but we were really tired afterwards so we said goodbye to Noor and Lily, who were going to the after party then heading straight home to Nottingham afterwards and had a girly night in with snacks, leftover Pizza Hut pizza and Lovefilm (Bad Teacher, to be exact).

The whole event was so lovely! We had so much fun with Noor, Lily, Valerie and Saltje! It was so great seeing all the beautiful fashions, buying awesome items (as well as adding to my wishlist a million times over) and just having an awesome time. As I said, I wish I had mingled more, I really need to get over that. >_< I'll try not to be so shy at the next event! I did get to meet Oh Tralala, EGL mod and get a photo with her though! She's so super cute and lovely!

Did you get to go to Frock On? Will you come to the next event in April? Thanks for reading~! <3               


  1. Loved reading your account of the weekend (^^) I'm so glad I was able to stay with you and the others overnight, because we truly had a great weekend. Bring on April's event! ♥

    1. Thanks so much Noor! Yes, it was definitely amazing, I haven't had that much fun in a long time! I can't wait for April's event!