Friday, 2 August 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: My Favourite Brand

Today I'm here with a Lolita Blog Carnival post, yay! I think I'm getting my blogging mojo back! I've been browsing Yahoo Auctions Japan and MBok recently looking for dresses to wear for Frock On and now I've seen some gorgeous things, all by different brands I wouldn't expect, it's soooo hard to choose this topic now!

I think my favourite brand is Baby The Stars Shine Bright/Alice & the Pirates. It's such a toss up between Baby and Atelier Pierrot!

First let's talk about the basics. Baby's (henceforth I am referring to both BTSSB and AatP when I say 'Baby') dresses tend to be more forgiving in sizing compared to Angelic Pretty. They have more shirring and their skirts are a lot longer - I've seen lots of Lolita Secrets about Angelic Pretty being way too short on lots of people but hardly ever Baby.

Secondly the prints are absolutely amazeballs. There was a Lolita comic a while back saying that Angelic Pretty prints look good in the photo and 'meh' in real life whilst the opposite is true for Baby. Baby prints have amazing detail and depth - Dance of the Black Cats, for example. People complain it doesn't have a cat on it but it has little paw prints all over the piano! Clearly it had some fun and danced, then danced off in the dead of the night rather than have its secret discovered. Not only does the print have a piano with paw prints on it, it's full of other instruments such as a flute, violin, trumpet and French horn, it has little music notes all over the dress, roses and ornate swirls. Most of all, the print looks great in any of the colourways available. Some other brands (I'm not bashing AP all throughout this post as they do some awesome stuff too that I wouldn't expect from AP) pair their pastel prints with pastel colourways so the print is very hard to distinguish and tell apart.

Baby also have a special place in the 'old school' Lolita fashion. I always think of Baby when I think of old school Lolita. Their tartan dresses with white lace, plain baby pink and baby blue babydoll dresses decked out in frills, thick lace around the skirt, it's all so nostalgic! Momoko in Kamikaze Girls wears Baby throughout the whole movie too.

It's not just all about prints, though. To be honest, I think prints limit a dress because they are so recognisable and make an impression whenever you wear them. It makes it a lot harder to make the outfit look very different by changing the blouse, hair accessories, colour, etc. That's why I love Atelier Pierrot so much too - they focus on the beautiful shape, cut and all-over pattern of a dress rather than make exclusive prints. Baby does this equally as well, which bumped them above Atelier Pierrot in my eyes as they can also tackle prints. Just check out the gorgeous dress above! Not only does the dress look great for winter because of the thick fabric used, it has a unique skirt shape I don't see very often. By gathering the bottom of the skirt with bows, it's given it a kind of 'ballooned' effect and even though the method is similar to bustle style skirts, it doesn't look the same. The straps have a separate ruffled piece down them too, giving it even more attention to detail.

Even though Angelic Pretty and Baby are in constant competition with each other, moreso nowadays, I think Baby has a lot more diversity for Lolita fashion and depending on your personal Lolita tastes, can be used a lot more. If you are the type of Lolita who loves switching up her style, buying dresses to wear once or twice then selling or trading them for new ones, the constant turnover of Angelic Pretty, both in second-hand sales communities and their stores directly, is perfect for you. If you want Lolita pieces to keep, wear more often by changing up the elements worn in the outfit and aren't really bothered if you don't get that coveted print, brands like Baby and Atelier Pierrot are right for you. I like prints but as I said above, I can't really afford to be changing them all the time so I'd rather invest my money in items from Baby and Atelier Pierrot. My latest piece that should be arriving soon is Baby's Annalise JSK, a bordeaux rose printed dress for Frock On! I'll be sure to share it when it arrives!

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  1. I agree with the print limiting the coordinate slightly. I love prints, but you can only do so much compared to a solid color. I really like your choice of illustrations as well!

    1. I'm glad you feel the same way! Yes, prints are a lot more memorable compared to plainer patterns and solid colours so they're good for when you want to stand out/have a really nice outfit but for more laid back outfits or when you don't have money to buy a new dress, plainer dresses are lovely. It also challenges you to make new and exciting coords with other items from other brands!

      Thanks so much! <3