Monday, 26 August 2013

Goth Wishlist & Inspiration 2013~

This post is about updating my 'Gothic' fashion style and what inspires me at the moment but I've also treated it a bit like a pillow book/personal diary, rambling please, skip the rambling if you like and get to the pretty pictures. :3

Lately I've been in a bit of a slump...both mentally and style-wise. One of the reasons is that I never really dress up much...I mean, I still wear skirts and what people consider 'nice' clothes to run errands (you'd never catch me in jeans or sweatpants!) but I don't make an extra effort with my make-up, clothing, I forget to put accessories on, etc. I know it's because lately I haven't really been doing much other than running errands in town and to the post office and going to visit my mum so why bother making a extra special effort to get ready when no one will take notice? That goes against everything I believe in but again, it's not like I've totally let myself go, I just don't do much nowadays. Another reason I don't go out much or make an extra effort is because I'm saving money for Frock On, which I am beyond excited for. I can't make myself feel good by buying cute clothes at the moment because I want to buy them at Frock On instead! It's the ultimate delayed gratification, haha. Even though I just bought two brand dresses to wear for the Saturday and Sunday of Frock On, I still feel like I haven't bought anything in ages which sounds really spoiled/ungrateful. I am more than sure I won't feel this way when the dresses actually arrive!

So as I said, I've been feeling a bit in a slump and I'm trying to crawl my way out of it without *actually* spending any money because Frock On. I found Jet's (creator of VF) Goth Pinterest board full of gorgeous Goth girls tonight and have been picking up inspiration and making a wishlist of items to update my Goth wardrobe as soon as Frock On has passed! It's a way of passing the time, getting out of the slump and not spending any money all in one. >:3 So I made a Polyvore of my latest Goth wishlist and provided some of the photos taken from Jet's Pinterest board that piqued my interest, inspired me and inspired the board!

That's a lot of nuts!

Simple everyday Goth style Dark eye make-up, morbid jewellery, simple black clothes <3
I love these effortlessly Goth outfits with simple staple pieces. From the first photo of the cute girls, I want a studded choker, black underbust corset and a couple more of pairs of stompy boots. XD I love the mesh top the girl in the second photo is wearing and the bird skull necklace - I've loved bird skull stuff ever since I saw Ginger Snaps.

#Goth girl from Japan, hair inspiration!From Closet of Milk and Honey, this Hipster #Goth girl certainly has a powerful look
Super cute Goth girlLittle #Pastel-Goth, #Lollipop-Goth, Kawaii in training. Why not let her dress up and have fun?
I love to see Asian girls wearing Goth fashion as they put such a cute twist on it. I really love the first girls' hair and make-up as well as ripped sleeves. I pretty much love everything on the second girl. XD I added a pair of black rocking horse shoes, striped tights/stockings and a spike headband onto my wishlist from the third girl's cute outfit. I've wanted a pair of eyeball hair bows for a while and I love the fourth girl's pigtails and make-up!

Pin-up, retro look
I love this 'corporate Goth' look - I used to give stuff like this the name 'office goth' but I didn't realise there was already a name for it. I'd love to be able to dress like this for a smart job and still rock my style but I'd be nervous of trying too hard to look different, haha. I love the pinstriped blouse the above girl is wearing!

Old school Goth
Ah, old school traditional/80s Goth. Whilst I don't think I could rock a death-hawk, I love the layering that goes on with these outfits. I need like, a ton of ripped under tops and shrugs to wear with everything! I love the skirt, belt and tights combo the third girl has. This photo makes me want cute Goth friends to be cute and Gothy with. T_T

Gothic Gyaru Style!~
I found this awesome Gothic Gyaru photo on Jet's Pinterest board. I love the glamourous look it gives Goth. I don't wear jeans so I would pair the cute New Rock boots with a fitted skirt and tights, perhaps with a belt. I like the girl's hair because it's similar to mine so it makes me think I can achieve this look. <3

Love the skeleton dress
Whilst I'm not a fan of the Emo element in this outfit (the fishnet gloves and thick rimmed glasses) I adore the dress. I found the one on my wishlist on a fancy dress website for just £12! I found another one on a Gothic website but the fancy dress one actually has more detail and is almost half the price. XD

I love the layered look of this Lolita-inspired outfit. The layered, asymmetrical skirt, stockings and suspenders, cute hair style and arm garters are to die for. That wasn't supposed to be a cheesy Goth pun either!

Glam Rock #Goth girl
I love this Glam Rock inspired outfit, especially the skirt. I added some different styled black skirts to my wishlist as you can never have too many.

Amazing mouse headband!
Isn't this girl's mouse/rat headband amazingly cute? I love it! I definitely want to make one and some to sell when Halloween rolls around.

#Goth girl Model Jenna Kitti. I want aviator goggles!
I've wanted a pair of aviator goggles for a while, especially since they are being used in Gyaru fashion more and more too. I love the Steampunky look of them combined with the dark colours.

Cute Goth GirlSuper cute Gothy buns!
I don't think this is the same girl in both photos. I really love their hair though and have added it to my 'hair inspiration' Pinterest board! I love their simple, all black outfits too and the clumpy flatform shoes used. I really miss my Demonia Emily 302 ones, I need to get the elastic straps replaced as they have been stretched out with use. I also have a pair of Kera flatforms that the sole need gluing back to the platform. Pretty much 50% of my shoe collection is out of commission because I need to pay for them to be repaired. >_<

A great mash-up of cyber, rave, glam, great!A happy #Cybergoth girl at Wave Gotik Treffen - I have this skirt, never thought to use it in this way!
I really love Cyber Goth fashion but I only tend to wear one colour with black and it's usually pink. I love the totally wearable all-black outfit on the left. I love the spiderweb design under-top too! I've decided to rekindle my love of dreadfalls by adding some plain black ones and some black & pink ones to my wishlist. I think they'd look cute with my fringe, tied up in bunches and attached. I love the happy Cyber girl on the right and I actually have that skirt so I never thought to combine it in an outfit like this! I want a black and pink corset and dreadfalls now. I love her Demonia boots too but I think those style are quite hard to find.

I've also been really bored of not doing anything with my hair...I have it the colour, length and style I want, why can't I do anything with it?! I seriously suck at hair. >_<; So I need some super cute hair inspiration to go with my updated look!

Crimped hair
All I can do with my hair at this point is straighten it and put it into a messy ponytail. Not a 'looks good messy' ponytail, just a 'this looks like shit even though I tried really hard' one. I figure crimping hair can't be much different from straightening it (except you probably don't run your hair 'through' the crimpers, more like just press it on and remove) and you get cute, fluffy crimpy hair so this will be my starting point in 'Hair 101'! >:D

Gorgeous pinned back hair
This looks like such a cute hairstyle but it's another one of those that, when I attempt it, will look like I've got my head caught in a bush. I assume the theory of this hairstyle is to pick sections of your hair up, sort of wrap it round your head and pin? I wonder what the back looks like, though...Maybe you have to sort of roll it up before you pin so it isn't just hanging and looking straggly at the back.

Gorgeous Gothic hair! I need more hair inspirations!
I really love this Gothy take on a princessy style! I hope a style like this is achievable with my hair. This girl is just a huge inspiration in everything to me, whoever she is.


  1. I love goth style! I like all the pictures you chose. I used to dress like this all the time...I miss it :( That's ok though I am enjoying the psychobilly style

    1. Aww, thank you! It is a shame you miss it but I hope you enjoy psychobilly style, it is super cute! Could you make a Goth-Psychobilly mish-mash to satisfy your Gothic cravings? ;) Or is that horrorbilly? All the names get confusing... XD

  2. Great post! It'll be a dream to have all the items the girls are wearing *____* and the 2 pictures where you talked about Demonia shoes, the girl in the pictures are the same person :) She goes by the name Murderotic

    1. Thank you! OMG it would \*0*/ Oh, they are both Angelica/Murderotic? I thought they looked very similar but I wasn't sure! I really love her!


      If you want to know better about her

    3. Thank you! I also follow her blog so her Facebook is really useful! ^^

  3. I love goth style too, but not for all days > < I think pastel goth is better in my case.
    For the hair inspiration girl, she is Murderotic :3 and the gyaru photo is Sakurina <3

    1. Pastel Goth is really cute! I want to wear a combination of Fairy Kei and Creepy Cute mixed with Goth for casual days! I love Murderotic, she's awesome! I love Sakurina too, she is definitely one of my Gyaru inspiration but I wasn't aware it was her in the photo, thank you! I adore her edgy style <3

  4. Love this post. So many awesome ideas. *w*

  5. lovely post! I love the skeleton dress anth the gothic one below! **

    1. Yes, me too! I'm glad you like, I wonder where the second dress is from? :o

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