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Review: Be The Skin Botanical Nutrition Power Toner, Serum & Moisturiser

For the past 6 months or even longer, I've been using the Be The Skin skincare set I chose as part of my $300 shopping spree I won from Peach & Lily. I still can't believe I won that. It makes me feel a bit better considering the bad luck I've been having lately. I'm almost to the end of the face cream so I thought I'd better review it now before I can't take a photo of the cream! This review may be a little long and photo heavy as it's essentially three reviews in one.
Brand: Be The Skin
Name: Botanical Nutrition Power Toner, Serum & Cream
Price: $29 for the toner, $39 for the serum and $39 for the cream
Where to buy: Toner, serum & cream, all from Peach and Lily

The Botanical Nutrition Power line is formulated for dry skin types. It's the first time I've tried the toner, serum and cream from one line. All the products promise to revitalise skin from the inside out, transform dull and dry skin, hydrate and firm skin and provide long lasting moisture.

All the products are infused with royal jelly, fresh herbs, phytogreen 266 (calms skin), hyaluronic acid (hydrates skin, we naturally product it), FEG 60 (firms skin) and Butterfly Bush (anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties). I also have reason to believe it contains Vitamin C too.

Each bottle is made of glass so it definitely feels high quality and sturdy. It also doesn't feel like it would break easily if I dropped it, thankfully; the glass feels super thick. Each one has a yellow to orange gradient on the bottle which stops light getting into the products and breaking down the ingredients, making the items less effective. They have a matte finish which adds to the high quality feel but they're not easy to get dirty, unlike some matte packaging.

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Each box is white with 'Be The Skin' in dark green and the line & product name gilded in gold. It has the brand concept/motto in dark green underneath it, which is 'Be The Skin believes the real beauty comes from a skin with natural balance and will lead you to a blessed world everyday'. A pretty good theory! Each box also has an inner lid and feels more high quality than cheaper boxes that may just be a thin cardboard box with a shiny finish. Are matte finishes more expensive to produce? It seems to be the case as only higher quality brands have matte card packaging. Anyway, I digress. Both packagings of the product feel high quality, sturdy and give a good impression of the brand.

Here are the items in my hand to give you a better sense of their size.

You get 150ml of the toner, the bottle is quite big, as you can see. The toner comes out of a hole in the top of the bottle. It's pretty much a perfect sized hole - it's not too small and not too big. The toner doesn't spill out too much or come out really slowly. Considering you only need a few drops of toner, this will last you forever. I'm only just halfway through it and I've almost finished the cream so I will be using this throughout my next cream and maybe even the one afterwards!

You get 50ml of the serum, which is pretty good. Most only come in 30ml ampoules and I have never bought one because I'd feel kind of ripped off for paying $30 for 30ml of product. That's $1 per millilitre! The serum bottle is the pump dispenser type, keeping things nice and clean. It even has a little cap that goes on top of the pump to prevent it being pushed down whilst in your bag, by accident, etc.

You get 50ml of the face cream, standard volume. On all of the products, the back is in Hangul. The cream comes in a tub, obviously but it comes with a spatula to scoop cream out so you don't need to put any potentially dirty fingers in there and muck it all up!
All the products smell the same, or very very similar. They smell amazing, very citrusy, like oranges or kumquats (specific much? Not as sour or bitter as lemon or grapefruit though). A natural citrus scent, not an artificial, cloying one. It's very refreshing and awakening to smell whilst applying. I really love this scent and wish more products would have citrusy scents instead of floral ones. My skin isn't really sensitive to scents (except weird 'planty' ones like in Avon's Botanical Sensitive Cream) and I haven't had any reaction from these scents.
Toner: The toner is a little thicker than water but quite fluid and light. I only need 3-4 drops of toner and it spreads really easily on skin, even whilst dry. It only takes a few seconds to absorb into my skin and makes my skin feel matte and velvety.

Serum: The serum is thicker than other serums or essences; they're usually similar in viscosity to toners which is why they try and only give you 30ml of product, because it spreads easily supposedly. The serum is quite thick and has a jelly-like feel rather than a creamy one. I only need one pump for my whole face (this is one pump) and I usually split it in half and apply to both my cheeks, then rub in. Again, it's very easy to spread, especially when prepped with the toner. It has a silky feel when applied, not sticky or greasy.

Cream: The cream is, well, creamy. Not as thick as Nivea's cold cream or Garnier's Goodbye Dry cream. I use a 10p sized amount for my face and along with the toner and serum, it glides on. It doesn't leave a sticky or greasy residue although it takes a few minutes to absorb. It makes my skin feel hydrated, soft, smooth and plumped up.
I apply this cream in the morning and at night time. When I first started using this line of skincare, I had dry patches around my nose and cheeks. Within a few days of using the toner, serum and cream, those patches had all but gone. With continued application, my skin feels plump, soft and hydrated all the time. I no longer have to apply foundation within seconds of applying my face cream in the hope of concealing dry patches, it's better for me to leave the cream to absorb for a few minutes before applying make-up. I can even wear matte-finish foundations without it clinging to dry patches and flakes, because I have none! I wonder what using Dream Matte Mousse would be like now?

I think these products contain Vitamin C because of the citrus scent and because I've also noticed my skin tone evening out. I used to have a little redness on my cheeks but that's almost totally gone now. I can't believe how good my skin has been since using this. I love the toner more than my homemade ones as it provides more moisture rather than astringent properties and doesn't turn rancid after a week or so. I've never tried serums before but now they're an essential part of my skincare to keep my dry skin happy and flake free.

The only time I had a dip in my skin was during and after I came home from Austen & the Abbey, because I was so worn out and sad, I just couldn't be bothered to keep up with a good skincare routine. I took my make-up off using baby wipes as opposed to olive oil & baby wipes and didn't apply my toner, serum and moisturiser. The moisturiser claims to give 72 hour hydration and to be honest, I didn't really see much change in my skin until about 3-4 days after slacking in my skincare routine. None of the dry patches showed up again, my skin just felt a bit rougher and drier than usual.
I absolutely love this skincare line. It has rebalanced my skin and given me one less thing to worry about. The packaging is nice and gives a high quality feel, the scent is amazing and by using all three products together, my skin has just lapped it up and chilled out. I now know why brands recommend you use items from one line as opposed to different ones from different ones and I'll try and stick to that now. It's much harder, in my opinion, to find different products with different ingredients and benefits that work together and don't clash. The only thing is, I'm running out of this cream more than the other items so I'll try and use up some samples then switch to my Secret Key Snail & EGF Cream or Senite Polynesian Intensive Cream (although I really wanna try the serum and toner of that line too!) but I can't imagine I will have many problems switching. If I do, I'll let you know. That is probably one of the only downsides of this line - the volume of products don't really match up; I have 2/3 of the toner left, about 1/3 of the serum left and I'm down to my last 3-4 applications of the cream so you can never really run out and restock at the same time.

The price for all these products is over $100, which is quite pricey to me. I would like to repurchase but I am in hope I can get the same results by using the same items in only one line from a different brand, such as Etude House's Collagen Moistfull line. I won't repurchase but these products have definitely made serums an essential to me and shown me only to use the same products from one line.

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