Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Move Y'all Over to Bloglovin'!

Hey all! How are you? I'm a bit ill at the moment so I'm making the best of a bad situation and hunkering down in my pyjamas watching Rozen Maiden and crafting. But! I'm going to see Perfume on Friday in London, which I'm beyond excited about! I would say I would take photos to show you guys but personally I hate those people who have their phones stuck up in the air and block  my view so like always, I won't be doing that. XD

It seems Google have been doing a bit of a spring clean lately and have gotten rid of, or are going to get rid Google Friend Connect. This really sucks as it seems a lot of people have lots of followers on there, and to just delete them, after all the hard work they put into it, is really wrong. Have no fear though, for there is another super cool blog reading/connecting website called Bloglovin'. At first I wasn't really sure how to use it but I seem to have come to terms with it - one easy thing to get you going on it is to import your RSS subscriptions on Google Reader to Bloglovin'! That's a lot easier than having to re-add them all manually!

Google Reader won't allow you to import your blogs through Bloglovin' directly any more since the service is discontinued but there is another easy way to import them.

Google Takeout

First, go to Google Takeout. Log in to your Google account if you need to. You should see three options near the top of the page - 'All of your data', 'Choose services' and 'Downloads'. Click 'Choose services' unless you want to back up all your data - this may take a while so if you just want to import your blog into Bloglovin' at the moment, I'd go with 'Choose services'.

Googe Takeout Reader

You should see all your Google widgets that you use greyed out. Click the 'Reader' one and it should come up with the box saying how much data is in it and the option to 'Create archive'. Clicky click.

Download Data

It'll come up with another page and download the data relatively quickly, depending on how many blogs you follow. Download the archive.

Find Subscriptions File

Find it wherever you download items ('Downloads', 'Desktop', etc.) and unzip the file. The XML document 'subscriptions' is the one we want.

Import Blogs

Next, go to Bloglovin's import page. Log in and click 'OPML/XML'. It will come up with a file uploader that you can click, find the 'Subscriptions.XML' file and upload it. A progress bar will appear with how many blogs it is importing and how long it has left. I couldn't screenshot this part as I didn't want to upload my blogs twice!

Create New Blog Group

After that, hover over your profile thumbnail and click 'Manage blogs you follow'. You should see all the blogs you were following with Google Reader! To organise them a bit more, you can click 'Create new group'. and organise your blogs into groups or categories. Enter a name for a group and click OK.

Move Blogs into Groups

Now move the desired blogs into the right categories. I have Japanese fashion, Asian beauty, crafts, etc.


Now click 'Home' on the top left and it will bring you, uh, home. The box on the right should now display your blogs organised into neat little categories!

Blog roll
Click whichever group you'd like to read and it will display the blogs in that group. You can see previews of new posts from each blog. If you click a blog post, it will open up a new tab with the post in it. You can scroll forwards and backwards through your blog group if you wish (in the top left corner of the new tab) and read all the grouped blogs all in one go!

This is really cool and dare I even say it? Better than Google Reader as organising blogs into groups makes the lists so much more readable. I can read all about Asian beauty in one go, Japanese fashion, etc. without having to open up my bookmarks folder and select each one. I also don't know when my favourite blogs have new posts up if I don't have them on Facebook or email notifications and Bloglovin's sorts all this out for me!

I hope you have me on Google Reader and/or Bloglovin' now. If not, please add me! I've got some new posts coming up as soon as I get better, promise! Thanks for reading this, I hope it's been helpful and can help transition you from Google Reader to Bloglovin' with ease!


  1. Hi , you have a nice blog.

    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and GFC? If yes, please follow and let me know about it. I will follow back quickly.


    1. Hi there! Thanks so much, I'm following you on Bloglovin' now! I hope you do the same and can't wait to see your future posts! Laura <3