Friday, 19 July 2013

Hello and Blargh! Also Austen & the Abbey Follow-Up

Hello! The reason for my post title is because I haven't blogged in a short while, mostly because 'blargh' is how I've been feeling. Life update anyone?

I've recently been stuck with what to do with my life at the moment. I don't know whether to keep at my business (not that I would ever close it down, I mean make it my full time devotion and income), get a job to supplement my income whilst doing my business on the side, etc. Getting a job seems optimistic and gives me the pleasure of having solid money each month but it is just so hard in this economy in the UK. I get so demotivated each time I don't hear back from a job application. I used to make custom headers for each CV I sent in, depending on what the job was, their brand colours, etc. and got some good feedback when I initially handed in my CVs but then they just never got back to me. It's hard to continue doing that when you've made and sent 20+ custom CVs yet I like to think it sets me apart from the rest of the job-seeking world, or at least shows I have some creativity and drive. The option of 'getting a job' definitely isn't as easy as that. Another way I can go is put more of my time into my business and handmade jewellery, accessories and start to do more clothing. I have ideas to supply local independent stores with my items, have a stall at more conventions/events and generally just try harder. The only thing is, you need money to do that at first, buying stalls, paying for transport and accommodation, etc. and then there's the risk of not making the money back selling at the event and you're back to square one again, unable to do it a second, third or fourth time at a different event. So that's really something I have to keep thinking about and make a decision on soon.

I don't have much planned in terms of meets, events or conventions except Frock On at the end of August then J-Con in September which I have a stall at.

I've just returned from Austen & the Abbey, a dedicated Lolita event held in Warwickshire. I shared a stall with my good friend Joanne who owns Rocking Horse Designs. The event was the first that the organisers had done and there were a few hiccups, as there normally is with many new events and even with events that have been running for years. Unfortunately I had a box of my stock and my purse stolen towards the end of the Saturday event, which had my train tickets home in as well as my railcard, bank card, National Insurance card as well as sentimental purikura photos of me and my friend and numerous store loyalty cards. Thankfully it had no money in it, as I had put my money in my cash box to use as change for my store. I cannot begin to imagine what would have happened if the cash box had been stolen too but thankfully my friend and assistant for my stall had it with her. Despite the hiccups, I met some amazing people including lovely Lolitas I hope to see at future events and even Lolita 'celebrities' and icons! I also think I didn't look too bad despite the ridiculous heat the UK is suffering at the moment! So this post isn't too pessimistic, I'll show you some photos of the event!

My outfit for the first day! I'm impressed my hair sort of stayed in curls.

Chiffon blouse: Random Chinese brand from eBay
Dress: Alice & the Pirates (lucky pack release)
Shoes: T.U.K.
Rose hair corsage: 8th Sin Creations

My outfit for the Sunday event, held at Stoneleigh Abbey. I was feeling pretty crap after what happened on Saturday night and I didn't want to go but I'm glad I did and that my feelings didn't reflect on how I looked.

Blouse: Anna House
Skirt: Anna House
Boots: Bodyline
Hair ribbon: Stocking Shock

Me and Joanne at our stall - polar opposites!

One of Joanne's most popular dresses for the day - isn't it beautiful? It goes with the whole aesthetic of the event and venue so wonderfully! Also one of the hair corsages I made, a large purple & black rose corsage with pearl chain and a silver cross

Joanne also sold handmade rose headbands that were very popular too. I heard a few people saying they were going to commission them in custom colour schemes once they got home.

On the Saturday I got to do some awesome things, including modelling for Atelier Pierrot (both days), meeting Coco of Die Milch and giving her the hair accessories I made her and Jasmine and modelling in the Mori Girl fashion show as Dark Mori Girl.

My Dark Mori entry for the Mori Girl fashion show. The skirt is high waisted with salopette straps attached with buttons, I made it! I was sewing the buttons on in the hotel room the night before!

I got to meet Sapphira Van Doorn of Elegant Poupee! Here she is modelling Fairy Wish and looking absolutely beautiful doing so. I've read her blog for a long time and was nervous meeting her but she is so nice and down to earth! She's also so elegant, tall and thin, I'm jealous! *0* She looks amazing in those tights! I wish I had bought some in black now. >3>

Here is me and Coco of Die Milch! Her music is amazing, very neoclassical inspired with a Gothic Lolita feel to it. I made her a rose hair corsage that is the same as mine and a blue rose hair comb to take home to Jasmine. She was so nice, beautiful and happy. She comforted me and held my hands when I heard the news my stall had been stolen from, then gave me a hug and said she was pleased she met me when we went home on the Sunday.

She sang live just before the fashion show so I missed it as I was rehearsing for Atelier Pierrot. T_T I'm really sad I didn't get to see her perform but there is a video on YouTube and I'm sure there will be more occasions to see her! I'm a dedicated fan now!

Waiting for the Atelier Pierrot clothes we were going to wear, I was invited to the Fairy Wish tea party going on on the Saturday. We got to ask Alice Kobayashi (brand owner/designer) any questions we liked with the help of a translator and there were some yummy cakes and drinks too. She said her main concept for her brand is cute and comfy Lolita clothes that can even be machine washed with ease! She has a really cute car with flower hubcaps and enjoys gardening. *trivia time*

Here she is at her stall, Fairy Wish. The tights on the cabinet behind her were so beautiful and weren't even sold in Japan yet (they are now). I really want the black floral ones with birds on but I didn't buy them on the day. >_< Thinking back, it's a good job I didn't spend all my money as I had to pay for taxis on the Sunday and new train tickets home.

A beautiful dress from Fairy Wish, it looks very comfy and easy to wear for Lolita! I love the floral panels as opposed to just having the dress totally floral.

Coco played the piano beautifully and we even got an unscheduled taster whilst we were setting up on the Friday! She played classical music later on for the evening ball.

Here's what I got to wear for the Atelier Pierrot fashion show on the Saturday. Yuko Ashizawa, director of Atelier Pierrot, was wearing the same dress that day. She looked much more beautiful and cool in it than me, haha. I think it looks nice, I'm really flattered I got to wear Atelier Pierrot clothes for the fashion show!

We were supposed to attend the Atelier Pierrot butler banquet in the evening whilst the venue was changing for the evening ball/disco and karaoke but we had to go to the police station and missed it. :( There was an evening meal that looked nice and some yummy sparkling elderflower water we got to drink before rushing off, haha.


Here is the beautiful director of Atelier Pierrot, Yuko Ashizawa and Coco together. They look like amazing dolls. I'm really jealous how cool and edgy Yuko looks. A lot of Lolitas try to be all cutesy and demure but Yuko was super cool, acting the way she wanted. She was ill and had a cough/cold unfortunately but even her coughing and sniffling was cute and made her look super cool/not caring. Coco was wearing all Atelier Pierrot for the Saturday event.

The Sunday event was held at Stoneleigh Abbey, a beautiful stately home that inspired Jane Austen to base some of her novels in similar surroundings. I made it my goal to get my photo taken with Yuko-san and Alice-san as I was so busy on the Saturday.

Check one! Yuko looking super beautiful. I even got to watch her stall for a short period of time although I didn't sell anything. XD I love the choker she is wearing and would've liked it in red or black but I dithered too much and it was sold out the next time I went back. T_T

And checklist complete! Me and Jayde with Alice Kobayashi! She is soooo cute and tiny, we feel like Godzilla next to her, haha. She also took photos of us together on her iPad, they may be going on her website or Facebook page soon.

Because we missed the Atelier Pierrot butler banquet on the Sunday, Keren, one of the organisers, amazingly let us attend the Atelier Pierrot tea party on the Sunday. I actually preferred this set up - there were less people so it was more intimate, the surroundings were absolutely beautiful, it was in the fresh air so it wasn't too hot and we got to talk to Yuko-san more. She has been the director of Atelier Pierrot for 3-4 years and was a designer 6-7 years previous to that so she's been working for Atelier Pierrot for over 10 years now! So lucky! I was saying some music I liked and when I said Amuro Namie she shouted 'Daisuki! (I love her!)'! I'm so happy we have something in common! She also likes Visual Kei like Buck Tick and Ali Project.

I also got to model for Atelier Pierrot on the Sunday - we were actually the finale of the big fashion show so it was nerve-wracking! I got to wear a different outfit to the one on Saturday; a cream blouse with a black and cream bustier style JSK, I'm fifth from the left. I love the outfit and would love to buy it! We practiced specific poses but because we didn't know the layout of the room, I screwed up which way to walk. T_T We were supposed to stop to the left of that small table in the foreground, pose, then walk behind it, around it towards a door on the right and twirl as we walked out. I walked around the front of the table, remembered I screwed up, stopped, walked behind it and twirled as I walked out the right door. XD I bet Yuko-san doesn't want us (or just me) to model for her again, haha!

As you can see, apart from the unfortunate situation with my stall on the Saturday and missing our train on the Sunday, I met some amazing people and did some amazing things. The photos make the event look so good! Next up will be Frock On in August, in which I'm modelling for Lief and Cherie Cherise! I will try and resume more regular posting now I have had a chance to recover from Austen & the Abbey and bring out more fashion posts, reviews and other stuff. Is there anything in particular you'd like to see? Thanks for reading this long and picture-heavy post, I hope you enjoyed it!


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    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much! Haha, you made my day! <3

  2. Awww, I heard Die Milch when they came to Prague, but I don't have any picture with them, I just took one of the two girls and my boyfriend. =D It's really sad there are some girls like that that would steal at a convention. TT___TT But the rest of the event seems really wonderful, especially modeling for such a famous lolita brand! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your job search.

    1. Wow, that's really lucky you got to see them in Prague!

      Unfortunately it wasn't even a Lolita who stole from my store - the event was open to the public from 12pm and my friend said she saw a guy hanging around looking suspicious for about half an hour before my stuff got stolen but security did nothing. T_T I think you have more safety when the event is only for paying attendees because they are trusted to come when they go to the trouble of buying a ticket. I would understand if an item or two got snatched from my table during the day but a whole box of stock...when you open up to the public, you open the event up to people who are only there to steal, opportunistic thieves and they aren't interested in the event.

      But I did have a really nice time, met some awesome people and got to model for Atelier Pierrot so I'm happy for that! Thank you so much! <3

  3. I am so sorry to hear you had things stolen from your stall! That really says a lot about some people. I believe a friend of mine also got some of her stuff stolen too, so clearly there was a thief in the midst that day :/ I can only imagine how I would feel if that happened to me (I've just started setting up my own hair accessory shop and I put a lot of hard work into making my stuff!). I really hope whoever did it gets found out.

    I'm glad to see you can look back on the event with positivity. You make a lovely model and your coordinates are so stunning. I wish you the best of luck in the future with whatever you decide to do concerning your income <3

    1. Wow, thank you so much for your kind words, they really make me feel a lot better! As I said in the comment above, it wasn't a person from the event who stole from me, just a member of the public/opportunistic thief so it's such a shame. That is the thing I felt when I first heard - part of it is the value of the stock, the money you paid for supplies and the principle of stealing itself but another part of it is the time you spent making those items out of love for your business, for potential customers and even for yourself to strive to do something a bit different. I said to my friend when it happened that the thief will be really disappointed when he opens the box up to find almost worthless (to him) jewellery and a purse with no money in it. We searched around the area where we were in case he threw the stuff away but we didn't find anything.

      Thank you again so much, I feel that the positive things are the things we should remember of the event. It could have been a lot worse so I'm just thankful it wasn't. Thank you, I hope I can sort out my life soon, haha! <3