Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty Tag

I've been reading Dolcellita's blog lately and she found this super cute 'tagging' post where a friend or fellow blogger tags you to complete this little meme. She tagged herself and now I am too! To pass the bug along, I will tag some people at the end of the post!

Greed - What is your most expensive beauty item?

It is Coreana Senite's Polynesian Intensive Cream. I really wanted to try it out after reading a review of it from Airi's Blog so it was my first mid-end cosmetics splurge and I treated myself to it at $40. Unfortunately I am now pretty steamed that it is on Koreadepart's Cosmetic Outlet at just $15! I have been waiting to run out of my current face cream to try it but now I am going to try it, see if I like it and if I do, stock up on it! Grr!

Wrath - What beauty item do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Missha The Style Liquid Sharp Eyeliner. It has really good staying power, pigmentation and easy removal but it has this waterproof film barrier that gets stuck on my eyelashes, clumps up my mascara and looks like eyelash glue when removed. It's really annoying when applying this eyeliner and makes me dread putting it on because I have to remove the chunky, filmy bits on my eyelashes before applying my mascara.

Gluttony - What brand makes up the largest chunk of your make-up collection?

Etude House! Their super cute packaging and amazing prices gets me every time. I own their Baby Choux base and Dear My Jelly Lips Talk lipstick from their Sweet Recipe line, Surprise Concealer Kit in both shades, Wonder Pore brush and a few other things. I don't own a whole lot from them but more than other brands. I don't really feel I am favourable to one particular brand, I like to try them all!

Sloth - What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?

My homemade eyeshadow primer, unfortunately. It's not that I have another, commercially made or better eyeshadow primer, it's just that in my day to day make-up, I ask myself 'Do I really need eyeshadow primer today? Is anyone going to notice?' and the answer is usually no to both questions. I do wear it for anything else other than casual errand running, including Lolita meets, conventions, days out, etc.

Pride - Which beauty product gives you the most confidence?

It's a tough decision between foundation or mascara but I will choose mascara. My eyes just feel and look tiny without it! Saying that, they feel/look tiny without eyeliner on too, wah! But I feel mascara really opens up my eyes and makes you look more awake.

Lust - Which item is at the top of your wishlist?

Etude House's Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips in PPK001! It's a super sugary baby pink shade I've been longing to try out for Gyaru style make-up and the packaging is to die for. The Etoinette series is a little more expensive than Etude House is normally, which is why I haven't bought this yet. I'd also love to try one of the blushes or powders from the Etoinette series in their cute little plastic box but they're around $20 and mediocre quality for the price, or so I've heard.

I'd also really like to try the Candy Doll lipsticks and lipglosses - the lipglosses seem unbelievably pigmented and they are what Japanese Gyaru use so I wanna try! *makes grabby hands*

Envy - What make-up product looks great on others but not on yourself?

Nude lips, unfortunately. >_< I know a lot of Gyaru use them if they don't have light pink lips but I feel nude lipstick shades make me look washed out and sickly. Slightly browner or brownish pinks look fine but it's the proper beige or fleshy pink lipsticks that just don't do it for me. Other girls look amazing with it and it's lovely for natural make-up styles but I need a bit of a 'pop' to my lips.

This was really fun to do! I hope you can do it on your own blog too! I'll tag some people now, la la la~ Airi, Cominica, Ada, Halainn, Eva and Tiffany!


  1. I really hope I'll be able to lay my hands on Etude House in the Korea Town in Tokyo! It's too cute to resist and I hope it will be cheaper than ordering online... And I'm incapable of doing nude lips as well, since mine are naturally too dark >.<

    1. Oh, I hope you do too! I hope to see what you find! <3 Yeah, my lips are quite dark which is a good thing in other styles, because they are a nice colour naturally but it makes it hard to suit paler colours. XD