Saturday, 1 June 2013

Review: Missha The Style Liquid Sharp Black Eyeliner

Today I'm going to review an eyeliner I've been using for about 6 months now so it's probably about to run out on me any time soon. XD It's Missha The Style Liquid Sharp Eyeliner! The Style is a line Missha has that is less expensive than their regular items and is perfect for the younger market. When I first heard that Missha was mid end prices, I was really surprised because everything I saw was really cheap - obviously I was looking at prices from low to high! So I hope Missha The Style compares in quality to their regular items!
Brand: Missha
Name: The Style Liquid Sharp Eyeliner
Shade: Black (the only shade available)
Price: $4.10
Where to buy: Koreadepart, Amazon

This eyeliner promises a watertight barrier for girls who want to wear make-up at the gym, beach, swimming pool, etc.
The packaging of the eyeliner is pretty standard and a bit boring, to be honest. I guess it's supposed to appeal to all tastes and look chic. All of Missha's products look chic. XD

You get 6g of product, which I thought was really tiny at first but it has lasted a long time and is regular eyeliner volume, I guess.
The brush is quite thin and soft. It's good for drawing precise lines, thick or thin, and tapering them is easy enough.

The eyeliner has an inky consistency and dries with a protective film over it - this must be the waterproof bit, I presume. Other reviews have complained about the look and feel of the film but I don't notice it at all when applied and it hasn't put me off. The only time I notice it is when the eyeliner gets on my eyelashes due to a tilted brush angle, and dries to the consistency and look of mascara. This makes mascara application really frustrating and clumpy as the wand has to try and cut through the filmy eyeliner. I've taken to removing the eyeliner from my eyelashes with a baby wipe or my fingers before mascara application, which is messy, annoying and time consuming. The eyeliner/film has also dried up around the opening of the tube, making the rim and brush a bit gunky and unclean. I usually have to wipe chunks of the eyeliner off the brush before application now. Another annoyance!

I also can't seem to get the amount of product right when I apply this. I start in the inner corner of my eyes and the brush has too much product on at first to get a thin, tapered line, so I wipe some on the side of the product and then the amount is inconsistent. It's fine for the first few seconds but then the colour weakens, making application look patchy. You can see it on the last line and heart I drew, especially with the thicker line to the right of the heart as I twisted the brush. I have to dip the brush back into the product a tiny bit to go over areas that are too sheer, which is inconvenient and time-consuming. >_<
The colour is very opaque and stark, which is great as you want the most pigmented black eyeliner you can find! Sheer eyeliner that you have to apply a lot of layers with just doesn't cut it. XD
Very stark and noticeable, right? No mascara was worn so the view isn't obstructed.

The first photo is after slight rubbing with a wetted finger. The eyeliner was fully dry before I attempted this. Some patches flaked and rubbed off but it was quite intact. I tried a bit harder and it almost all came off. A third attempt removed it entirely from my hand.

So this is one of those waterproof eyeliners that is waterproof, but you can't rub your eyes with it on - either wait for it to dry naturally or pat.

It stays on my eyes all day without smudging, flaking or running and comes off very easily with make-up remover or cleansers - one swipe almost takes it off completely!

If I apply false eyelashes over this eyeliner, a strip of the eyeliner comes off with the eyelash band/glue when I remove them in the evening. o_O So it looks like I have a long line of no eyeliner, then eyeliner above it, which is very weird. I can only guess the film adheres very well to the glue. At least when I take my falsies off, no one else will be seeing the result but you couldn't take off some false eyelashes during the day to touch up your make-up or transition your look from day to night, then put some more eyelashes on, for example.
The scent of this product is a bit weird - it's not pleasant, but it's not terribly off-putting either. It smells a bit like chemicals, or particularly chemically/strong scented make-up?
This eyeliner is very cheap and has good colour payoff but the colour/amount of product can become inconsistent very easily, making touch ups frustrating. The waterproof film is ingenious but gets on my eyelashes and makes mascara application tricky. The eyeliner also comes off when you remove false eyelashes, giving you a weird, blank strip at your lash line. The eyeliner has also dried up near the opening of the tube and brush, making it gunky and annoying. All these little annoyances build up to a point where I'm reluctant to apply this eyeliner anymore, and would rather reach for my Kill Brown liner instead. 2 out of 5 stars for me - I would try a more expensive black liquid eyeliner next time.

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