Thursday, 30 May 2013

Review: Clio Professional Kill Brown Waterproof Brush Liner

            Hello everyone! Finally, I'm here with a review for you! I have a couple of reviews on scheduled posting so whilst I am trying to fix my laptop/raise the funds to get it repaired or buy a new one, these posts should keep you going. :) Turns out I damaged my laptop more than I thought, which is just typical of my luck. >_< Why do laptops have to be so expensive to repair that you might as well just buy a new one? Sucks!
Brand: Clio Professional 
Name: Waterproof Brush Liner
Shade: Kill Brown
Price: $27 from Peach and Lily

There is also a 'pen' liner version of this as well as a 'Kill Slim' line with a brush width of only 0.5mm! The Kill Brown liner promises a soft brush with no tugging on the eye, colourful and detailed make-up and it is easily removed with foam cleansing (or any other make-up cleanser for that matter!).
The packaging is quite nice and edgy - it reminds me of higher level drugstore brands we get over here, such as Revlon and Max Factor. I do think Clio is a higher level drugstore-type brand over in Korea.


The eyeliner is sturdily packaged with inner plastic casing holding the eyeliner. You also get a small, travel sized Clio O'Tank Mascara with the eyeliner too! I haven't tried the mascara out yet though.
The size is standard eyeliner size and should last a long time. I've been using this about 3-4 times a week for the past 2 months now so I expect at least 4 more months usage out of this! ;D
The brush is soft and quite thin, perfect for drawing lines in one go. Because the brush is soft, it bends to whichever direction you pull it whilst applying so the line is very smooth and unbroken.

I checked out a couple of other reviews of this liner and everyone had beautifully smooth lines drew with the liner - mine aren't! Contrary to these crippled monkey scrawls, you can get beautifully precise lines with ease.
I've been using this eyeliner more and more lately for everyday looks - partly because the colour goes lovely with any natural eyeshadow looks and partly because of the ease of application compared to my Missha liquid eyeliner. The colour is lovely and rich - it also doesn't change much, if at all, if you apply multiple layers to touch up parts, which is good because it's really annoying if you have to try and match the same depth of colour with one swipe. XD


Here is the eyeliner worn - I didn't apply mascara so you can see the eyeliner colour without obstruction. Lovely, isn't it? :)
This liner claims to be waterproof, sweatproof and smudge proof. As you can see on the photos above, I drew a couple of lines and a heart on my hand to show the application and test durability.

The first photo is after wetting my finger and rubbing slightly on the lines. I waited until it was fully dry. As you can see, it's started to rub away. I rubbed a bit more in the second photo and it almost disappears. A bit more rubbing and you can't even tell it was on in the first place. However, other reviews have shown that if you do get water on it but DON'T rub, simply pat dry, the eyeliner doesn't budge.

I haven't had any flaking, sliding, budging, etc. using this eyeliner so as long as you don't rub it too much, it should stand up to its waterproof claims!

This eyeliner also stays on all day but comes off easily with oil or foam based cleansers!
Clio's Kill Brown Waterproof Brush Liner is fast and easy to use, has a beautiful colour and pigmentation, is easy to remove and has okay packaging. I don't really want to try another brown liner in case it isn't as good as this one so I might stick with it! Maybe? XD I give this a full 5 our of 5 stars and recommend you try it if you can!

I won this product in a $300 shopping spree at Peach and Lily - I am reviewing it purely for information and as a help to others considering this product. I am not affiliated with Peach and Lily and all my opinions are honest and unbiased!


  1. Love ur eyebrows, what do you use?

    1. Thanks so much! I use Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Eyebrow Kit but I only really use the brown powder that comes with it :) It tends to stay on well without the waxy setting stuff. ^^

  2. I do have to say your eyebrows look lovely!! Neat review, if I'm ever looking for a brown liquid liner I'll be sure to keep this in mind :D

    1. Aha, thank you! Yes, I would highly recommend this liner! It's not too pricey from Koreadepart in my opinion, either.

  3. Glad to see this review ^_^ This eyeliner looks great~


  4. Clio changed the formula & packaging for Kill Black/Brown. Kill Black used to be my favourite eyeliner because it was very black and i love the brush pen. Then recently, I got a new Clio Black with the new formula and it sucked! I was upset :( Now i'm on the look out for a new favourite eyeliner again. sigh.

    1. Oh no, that's such a shame! I really like Y.E.T. Cat Girl Waterproof Pen Liner in Black, that is my new favourite now. I've repurchased it three times, just need to make a review now...