Sunday, 14 April 2013

Shop for Korean Cosmetics with W2Beauty!

Today I thought I'd show you the items I got with W2Beauty after I showed you my Koreadepart haul! I know I'm posting a lot about Korean cosmetics at the moment, I'm sorry! XD It's what I'm into the most at the moment but I am also more inspired in Sweets Deco stuff too so I'll do some craft, shop and tutorial posts showing you cute fake sweets! I'll try and get some fashion stuff out too but to be honest, I don't go out of the house much at the moment... such a hermit... I might be doing a photoshoot on May 4th though so I'll show you that too!

Anyway, I first learned of W2Beauty on Facebook, I think - they are a relatively new Korean cosmetics website and what I really like about them is that shipping fees are already included in the price of their products so you don't get any nasty surprises at checkout! You can also buy a tracking number for $2.30 or something like that, which isn't a lot at all - it's a lot more expensive to get a tracking number here in the UK!

So I first ordered from them because some powders I wanted from Koreadepart were out of stock but I am definitely going to order from them a lot more in the future! The lovely owner gives you point every time you buy items and you can also write reviews about each product to earn more points, which can go towards money off your orders or free products altogether! I'm always motivated to spend more if I feel like I'm being rewarded, which is probably a bad habit lol... ^^;

Okay, so I ordered Holika Holika Strawberry Pore Magic Cover Powder with SPF50+ in for me and a friend. I really want a powder with SPF50 in so I can top the protection up during the day and this was by far the cheapest one going. ^^ It was $13 on W2Beauty's website. Checkout was straightforward and the products arrived a day after my Koreadepart order - the Koreadepart order was sent EMS and W2Beauty's was sent regular Korean airmail so it arrived very quickly! The only reason I pay for EMS shipping is cuz my packages are too heavy for standard airmail but I will definitely be using that method from now on. The items arrived in a box the perfect size for the items, very well packaged and with a personal note from W2Beauty, thanking you for your custom. It feels very personal ordering with W2Beauty and you can ask the owner anything you need, about the cosmetics or Korea in general and she will help you!

 photo 100_3272_zps016159a1.jpg
This is the powder I ordered, I ordered two of them.

As well as my items, I also got as many free samples with this two product order than I did with the Koreadepart order! Awesome! The owner even asked me which brands I like so she can put in relevant samples in future orders! That is amazingly thoughtful and I am willing to try anything so let's see what I got!

 photo 100_3275_zps029f1346.jpg
Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Starter & BB Cream - I actually ordered the Aqua Petit Jelly Make-up Fixer, as you saw in my last post so these go hand in hand with that! I can't wait to try these out! The BB Cream is discontinued now but W2Beauty probably still have stock and eBay shops will too. Just watch out for fakes!

 photo 100_3279_zps1adc2360.jpg
Missha Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam - I'm giving this to Adele as I already have cleansers and fear it might be a bit harsh for my skin. I'd prefer to buy a cleanser that I have read for my skin type!

 photo 100_3282_zps69af4dcb.jpg
Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream - I've heard really good things about this product, including people calling it their Holy Grail product! Wow! I'll give this to Suzy for her to try!

 photo 100_3285_zps8301501c.jpg
The Face Shop Chia Seed Water 100 - I think this is the toner in the Chia Seed line? Nothing else has "water" in the name and you can get two toner types - watery mist toner and pump-action toner. Obviously you can't get a mist item in a free sample so I assume this is the standard toner. I will give this to Adele!

 photo 100_3287_zps99b518b2.jpg
Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream - I've been wanting to try CC cream lately and was actually going to buy this so I'm really happy I got a free sample of it! I can't wait to try it out and see how CC creams compare to BB creams! The only thing is, I've heard CC cream have lower coverage than BB creams... ^^;

 photo 100_3289_zpsee40718c.jpg
Missha Signature Complete Real BB Cream - I have a couple of BB cream samples I need to try out so I'll give this to Suzy to try out. I think I saw someone say this is one of the most full-coverage BB creams Missha have? If so, I'd love to try it in the future.

 photo 100_3290_zps86274412.jpg
Holika Holika Canola Honey Sleeping Pack - I got this in my last Korean order a few months back so I will give it to Suzy as I've already tried it. I think it was okay, I'll probably have to buy the full sized product to see if it works over a long time period.

 photo 100_3295_zps9f844c82.jpg
The Face Shop Face It Aura Colour Control Cream - Another CC cream that I'd like to try to compare with the Tony Moly one and BB creams.

 photo 100_3298_zpsfc689e30.jpg
And finally, we got this super cute Holika Holika shopping bag with our order! So cute! I'll give it to Suzy though as I hoard nice bags like this but never do anything with them so I'll stop right there! XD

I really enjoyed ordered from W2Beauty and will do so more in the future for smaller, top-up orders in Korean cosmetics. Actually, the more items you order with W2Beauty, the better prices she can give you (because the prices also include a bit of shipping on top of them) so send her a message and see what she can do for you! I wasn't paid or sponsored to write this post or anything, I just want to help a newly started company out! I'm also doing the same with a bubble tea cafe in Derby as it's a bit quiet at the moment and I don't want it to close down! T_T

What do you think of the items I got? Anything you want me to review in particular? Thanks for reading! <3


  1. OMG! All these look amazing too! Thanks for the samples and the little bag! I cannot wait to try them all out and you know I will use the little bag! Suzy xoxo

    1. Yay, you're welcome! Thought you'd like them! <3 xx

  2. I really hope you do a comparison post between the CC creams! I keep looking for something that won't leave a pink purplish tint on my face since I'm prone to redness. ^^;;

    But aw I didn't know Petit Jelly BB had been discontinued. :( I guess I should stock up since it's my favorite.

    1. I'll definitely do a comparison post for both CC creams soon! Thanks so much! Maybe you should look for a greenish tinted CC cream? I think Etude House do one. Either that or a greenish tinted base, rather than BB cream or foundation.

      Yeah, Koreadepart has stopped selling the Petit Jelly BB cream but other stores and eBay sellers haven't, so they must have stock in! Koreadepart is ridiculously current! It should be available from other stores and eBay for a while yet. <3 Thanks for commenting!

  3. That Holika Holika powder is so cute! asdfghjklasd
    The tonymoly cc cream has a very sheer coverage while the the face shop cc cream has a good coverage and can cover dark spots. :D

    1. It is, isn't it?! I want another to pop in my handbag for touch-ups, heh heh. Thanks for your input with the CC creams, I can't wait to try them out!

      I'll add your blog to my bookmarks folder! *too old fashioned*