Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Reviewette: The Face Shop Intevia Active Original Cream

Brand: The Face Shop
Name: Intevia Active Original Cream
Price: $51.77
Where to buy: Koreadepart

This cream is formulated with placenta protein ingredients (doesn't say if it's animal, plant placenta, etc), controls skin balance and takes care of wrinkles. You get a spatula to apply the product with the full sized item.

Because this is higher-end cosmetics, the packaging is very muted and sophisticated - comparing the sample packaging to the full sized product, I realise that the sample packaging is a 2D version of the full sized jar! That's pretty cool! Even though this packaging isn't that cute, it doesn't really bother me - I don't take any notice of it; it doesn't offend me or anything, cute packaging is an added bonus rather than a right, I guess!

The back of the packaging was in Korean so, because I can't read Hangul, it didn't add anything extra for me.
Here's a really bad quality photo of the product on my finger. XD I was applying this at night to see the effects after a good night's sleep. It's quite thick and balmy so it's good for dry skin. It absorbed easily with no greasy residue or feel. I didn't go to bed straight after application, I was up for another half an hour or so.

To be honest, when I woke up and felt my skin, it just felt like my regular moisturisers. This cream is kind of in the middle of my Secret Key EGF & Snail Cream and Garnier Moisture Mtch "Goodbye Dry" cream - it's thicker than the former but not as thick as the latter so it provided a good amount of moisture for my skin. Still, it isn't worth $50+ for me, I'd rather just have one of my other moisturisers for a far less price.

This cream is slightly thick and balmy so it's good for dry skin types and makes you skin feel dewy, repaired and nourished. However, I feel you can get the same feel from other, cheaper face creams so even though this product is good and works for me, it's just not worth the price.


  1. The proteins must be "animal", I think (plants don't have a placenta or any other structure that could be called so)... But I don't think it's human, that would probably kill the product in the eyes of the customers. XD

    1. Yeah, I didn't think plants had placenta too - maybe it was vegetable? I can't remember although that counts as plant too! Never mind, it doesn't bother me but it might make other people wary. :)

  2. I really love the skin of the Korean people and I am also curious of their beauty product but as I've read this article is this really effective for you? and its quite expensive. I am currently using the lifecell cream right now and I am contented with it just like a Botox alternative cream for me.

    1. The cream is quite expensive, yes but I think you can get products that are just as effective for a much cheaper price. This cream was similar to Secret Key EGF & Snail Repairing Cream, which is $5 on en.koreadepart.com and it's also similar to Senite Polynesian Intensive Cream which is $34 so I feel you can get good results and effective Korean products no matter what your budget! :)