Friday, 12 April 2013

Latest Koreadepart Haul!

Hi hi everyone! The other day I received my latest Korean cosmetics order from Koreadepart for me and two friends! I'm super excited about all the products and can't wait to try them out and review them on here!

I also got two powders from W2Beauty, another Korean cosmetics website and I will definitely be ordering from there again! The girl I am speaking to currently is super nice, helpful and sent lots of lovely samples along with the products and a Holika Holika bag too! She sent me as many samples for two products as Koreadepart sent me for my whole order! But I did get some event items from Koreadepart too, which are full size so I can't really complain. ^^ I'll show you my W2Beauty items in a post soon!

In my last Koreadepart post, I couldn't show you how the package arrived as it arrived at Rob's shop and he took everything out of the box to bring home in his backpack. So, here's photos of this order!

I think Koreadepart marks your package down if you send them a message and ask but the UK is cracking down on customs stuff so they are less likely to do it now. I asked them if they could mark the package down in a memo with payment but the full $221 and $50 shipping was on the invoice - however, I didn't get any customs charges! What?! It was delivered by Parcelforce, who I thought were like FedEx in the fact that they send you customs charges in a letter a few weeks after you receive your package (which I HATE! By the way! D:<) but they don't! So I don't know how I managed it but I managed to avoid customs on like, a £200 order...


Left is the box when I first opened it; samples are in a bag on the top and some items are individually packed in bubblewrap. Right is with the samples and individually packed items removed.

An example of the individually packed items. Round items like bottles, some boxes and all the thin, cylindrical items and boxes were packaged together for space efficiency and extra protection!

Here's the event items and samples we got!

Y.E.T. Fix You Synergy Ampoule in Pore Care type for spending $30 or more on Y.E.T products. This'll be going to Adele as neither me nor Suzy have problems with our pores.


Amore Pacific Ryeo Heukyunsaenggi Shampoo for buying any item from Amore Pacific brands - this will be going to Suzy as she bought a Mis en Scene hair mist so I thought it'd be fitting to have more hair stuff from the brand! <3

Here's everything laid out, including samples - that's a lotta stuff! :o

Wanna see everything I got? For me, personally:
Missha Nail Remover Container - I'll be putting homemade toner in it, rather than nail polish remover and I'll be decorating it to make it unbelievably cute!

This is my first venture into higher end skincare, recommended to me by Airi's blog! Coreana Senite Polynesian Intensive Cream and a free Coreana Senite Pure Nokdu Mask to boot!

The Face Shop Face It Moisture Pore Balm - a smoothing primer for drier skin types so it doesn't clog pores or try to control shine and oil, like other combo/oily skin primers do.

Tony Moly Face Mix Skin Foundation in #21. This is slightly more expensive than I used to spend so I can't wait to see if it matches up or is better than my cheaper products! Actually, I went for quality over cheapness for everything in this order so I want to see results from everything!

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Make-up Fixer - I ordered a Baviphat make-up fixer with my first Koreadepart order but it was discontinued somewhere between me ordering it and my order being packaged up so I got a refund instead. T_T This looks good and is formulated for dry skin too, making your skin appear bouncy, fresh and jelly-like!

Missha The Style Pearl Eyeliner in white - these are really popular at the moment in Lolita, Gyaru and general Korean 'icon' looks for making your eyes appear big, sparkly and cuter! I got the cheapest pearl liner available, just to see how it was before I splurge and I like Missha The Style items anyway!

Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit in Flaw Coverage and Dark Circle Coverage types! I'm really into custom mixing shades for your face ever since I saw the make-up artists at Deal or No Deal use items like these. Yeah okay, they were from MAC Pro but hey, I'll start small! ;)

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base in #2 Berry Choux. I wanted pretty much everything from the new Sweet Recipe line but I reigned myself in as I don't need everything, especially when I have highlighters and brown eyeshadows already. I've heard mostly good things about this base and it's the right shade for me, unlike my The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Base (lilac) so I can't wait to try it!

Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk Lipstick in JPK003. Etude House have some funny names for their lipsticks but I saw some people recommending this shade for fair skin so it looked good! I also wanna try the tint one too, JPK001.

I got another lipstick shade I wouldn't usually go for but I saw it applied on lips in the stock photo for this and fell in love! It's It's Skin Colour Play Platinum Lipstick in Deep Wine and I must admit, I love the colour! It looks great on my skin, it's deep and rich and makes me feel sexy! XD

I also got two packs of these Y.E.T. Easy Funny Nail Stickers because they have the absolute cutest design ever! They had a selection of adorable designs and I wanted to get them all but they're a bit pricey for nail wraps/foils/stickers/whatever so I got the cutest to begin with and will get the others if I like these or they prove to be popular in my store. Yes of course I'm going to make false nails with them and sell them in my store! My customers need the cutest items possible!

So what did my friends get? Suzy got:

Mis en Scene Style Green Face & Hair Mist, which qualified for the Amore Pacific shampoo. I wonder how this is on both face and hair? Does it provide texture to hair or simply refresh/cool it?

Crema Caracol Original Snail Cream - let's see how this fairs compared to my Secret Key snail cream!

Y.E.T Pitapat Erase Gel - I think this is a make-up remover/scrub/cleanser? It promises to erase dull skin and revitalise you, anyway! Y.E.T. have really cute, unique art and packaging, second only to Too Cool for School in my opinion! TCFS had an event going on when I placed my order and I really wanted to get it but there wasn't really anything I needed at the moment... :(

Y.E.T. Dew Lit Eyes Pearl Liner in White. I want to see if this is better than my Missha one as it's more expensive - if so, I'll get this one next time!

Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Make-up Fixer - it'll be good to see how both the Oil Queen and Aqua Petit Jelly make-up fixers compare!

Holika Holika Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask in Red Wine - this packaging is so cool and awesome! I really like the look of it so I want to try one next time I place an order, perhaps one for dry skin?

This also looks super cool, it's Holika Holika Gonyak Soft Jelly Scrub! It looks similar to the Caolion Moisture Peeling Massage Gel I got from Peach and Lily but more solid and jelly-like, aka more fun! I will definitely add this to my order next time!

This is Holika Holika Hot Body Firming Cream - I feel like me and Suzy have some sort of brand rivalry going on, ha ha! Like, I am Etude House and Suzy loves Holika Holika! This cream is kind of like Icy Hot in my opinion but I don't think it is really! It supposedly burns fat away from your body - interesting, I hope it works! Wish I could apply it to my face and get a slimmer face! *gasp* Maybe I could use it on the tops of my arms? That would be awesome, I'll have to see from Suzy if it works!

And an Etude House products for Suzy too! See, I was only joking about the brand rivalry! I have just bought a powder from Holika Holika too! This is Etude House Lip Perfume in Apple but it's not really a 'lip perfume', it's a breath freshener in a yummy apple flavour! I'd probably just spray it like those sour spray sweets you got it as a kid and drink it all... XD

And Adele got...well, mostly things with faces on. XD She's a sucker for cute packaging but aren't we all?!

Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Mist in Sleek, for combination/oily skin. Isn't this packaging perfect for Easter? I'd love to put them in Easter goodie bags but different skin types would make it hard. XD I want to try the Moist one for dry skin next time!

Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar - kind of inbetween a lipstick and lipgloss, it makes me want to get the cherry one next time.

The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Mini Magic Pink Powder Mask, for controlling breakouts and excess oil on your face. I recommended this to Adele a little while back. The packaging is so adorable!

We also got lots of lovely samples, which I've divvied up between us all, hopefully according to our skin types!

Secret Key Snail & EGF Repairing Cream & Synake Ant-Wrinkle & Whitening Cream - I ordered these exact products for me and my mum in my first order! Spooky! These are for Suzy as I technically already have them. XD

Skinfood Gold Caviar Collagen Cream and Watery Berry Serum. Suzy can have the Watery Berry serum as she tried the eye cream last time and I don't think this line is enough for my dry skin.

Holika Holika Miracle Real Skin Finish and Nature Republic Ultra Steam Cream. I think the Real Skin Finish will suit Adele's skin best and I quite like the look of the Ultra Steam Cream - it has 'hot steam technology' and shea butter for severly dry skin! Not saying my skin is severly dry though, as that just makes me sound like a shrivelled old prune... XD

Innisfree Canola Honey Pack & Cream and Green Barley Clear Scrub. I'll take the cream for my dry skin and Adele can have the scrub as I think it'll be best for combination/oily skin.

And finally, Dermal Q10 Enzyme Collagen Essence Sheet Mask. Suzy can have this as collagen is great for plumping up skin and I have the snail essence type of these anyway.

All in all this was a great order as everything was done a lot quicker than last time (I caught them at Korean thanksgiving holiday last time lol), I knew what to expect and nothing was out of stock so there were no refunds! There was the Holika Holika powders that were out of stock but I ordered them from W2Beauty instead and they arrived a day later so no harm done! I'll show you W2Beauty's greatness next time! Hope this wasn't too long and boring a post for you, see you next time! <3


  1. Wow, can't wait for the reviews, some of the items look super great. BTW, could you get your friend to review the pore serum, please? I'd be really interested in that one. I always wonder - do you hvae to pay the tax when ordering from KD? Or doe sit somehow slip past the customs?

    1. I'll definitely get her take on the pore serum! Thank you!

      And yeah, usually I would have to pay import tax/customs charges but somehow it managed to slip through?! You have to pay charges when it's above £20 as a commercial item or £40 marked as a gift so I'm not quite sure how it got through but it did!

  2. Great haul! Hope to see reviews soon. :D

  3. hmm the Tony Moly Mix Foundation looks interesting

    1. Yes, I'm looking forward to trying it out! I've refused to open it until I use up my current two foundations and BB creams and I've just finished my BB cream so I'm almost there! XD