Friday, 15 March 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Beverages & Lolita Outfits to Match!

Hey all! How are you doing! I recently hit 20,000 page views - wowie! I never imagined people would like my blog so much! Thank you all so much! I wanna get close to my blog readers and followers so please leave comments if you feel like it, suggest topics, articles and posts and let me get to know you! <3

Anyway, this is a Lolita Blog Carnival post which sounds super fun! Pick 3 beverages and make Lolita outfits to match/that are inspired! Such a creative and original idea!

Bubble tea

Bubble tea; the pastelly milky sweet tea with tapioca (or juice) bubbles at the bottom. For this coord, I used the traditional image of black tapioca bubbles/balls at the bottom. Ta-da! *jazz hands*

Bubble Tea Lolita Coord
Bubble Tea Lolita Coord by theheianprincess

I found the most perfect adorable little cutsew/pullover style dress from Angelic Pretty with black polka dots on it - perfect for tapioca bubbles! I paired it with super sweet confetti tights and black Bodyline wedge boots. I also added more "tapioca" polka dots with Fantastic line jewellery from AP in black. I also picked strawberries and cream blended hair/a wig from Gothic Lolita wigs to add to the sweet look and donned a black canotier style headdress to tie-in the whole theme nicely. I think this is really cute and not too "dressy" compared to other outfits, mainly due to the cutsew style dress.

Café Bombón

Okay, so truth be told I actually searched Wikipedia for a list of beverages out there as I needed a little inspiration. Most drinks were pastel or brightly coloured, like sodas, milkshakes, etc. but I found this pretty little coffee called Cafe Bombon! I screwed up my first coord using the colours as I got them in completely the wrong order (ivory, light brown, dark brown) so that coord is a little bonus after this one!

Cafe Bombon Coord #2
Cafe Bombon Coord #2 by theheianprincess

I used items from Innocent World here; only the boots are from elsewhere (Alice & the Pirates). I found the perfect dress, Puppy JSK, which has a dark brown top and ivory bottom! I also added an ivory blouse with a chocolate brown bow tie, ivory and brown OTK socks, brown boots, brown bag and Lotta Lace Headbow. I think the hair makes the light brown shade so it does keep to the proper layers! This is super cute and classy - I could see myself wearing this!

Cafe Bombon Lolita Coord #1
Cafe Bombon Lolita Coord #1 by theheianprincess

Here's my first attempt. I'm not sure which I prefer but I do like the jacket added here - you get the ivory blouse peeking out and the brown skirt underneath, making some lovely layering.

Tango Ice Blast (Lemon & Cherry)

Ahh, the super sweet, fizzy slush drink I get at cinemas but are sooo expensive... T_T Around £4 for a large. >_< They recently released a new flavour, lemon so I thought yellow lemon and pink cherry would make for a cute coord and is something a little different!

Lemon & Cherry Tango Ice Blast Lolita Coord
Lemon & Cherry Tango Ice Blast Lolita Coord by theheianprincess

Most items are from Angelic Pretty with only the dress being from Baby The Stars Shine Bright (Friendly Kumya-Chan JSK), star clip from Chocomint and shoes from Bodyline. It's a lot easier to go through Hellolace by brand, find coordinating items and upload them to my Polyvore so they're mostly by brand but eventually I dream I have enough items that I can mix and match brands. This has a super sweet yellow and pink colour scheme to it, something a little more unusual in Sweet Lolita. It uses a pink blouse under the yellow JSK (it's hard finding yellow dresses! >_<), yellow and pink jewellery, a fluffy pink star clip, Dreaming of Macaron socks and tote bag and even yellow and pink wrist cuffs! Lots of bracelets and jewellery, I fear I may have gone a bit overboard in a bid to use up all the there such a thing?!

As for hair/wig colour...well, that's up to you! What would you wear - pink or yellow/blonde hair? A blend of both? I had lots of fun making these and it was nice to use Polyvore for a change - add me as a friend and I can check out your coords too! ^^

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  1. I really love the Bubble tea one - maybe because I love bubble tea. XD

    1. Thank you! I love bubble tea too, especially when they have juice bubbles or rainbow jelly! We have a bubble tea store where I live but I fear it won't be there for long as people don't know what bubble tea is lol! >_<

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