Sunday, 17 March 2013

Budget Beauty for Frugal Fashionistas: DIY Dry Shampoo

Hello everyone! How are you all? I've finally got a couple more Budget Beauty for Frugal Fashionistas posts under my sleeve, yay! It's hereby going to be shortened to BB4FF for ease now. ^_~ A while back I asked the awesome girls at r/beauty for all their best budget beauty tips to both save money and make our products work harder for us. This post is a tutorial based on one of the replies I had!

First of all, did you know cornstarch is one of the active ingredients in most dry shampoos? Dry shampoo is an aerosol based product you spray into your hair, leave a few minutes and then shake and brush out. It soaks up excess oils to leave your hair feeling fresher and cleaner. You can use it to get another day out of your hair before having to wash it, saving money, time and it's also a good way to stop bright hair colours fading as fast (washing hair strips the pigment from bright colours).

With that said, here's an amazingly simple DIY recipe for your own dry shampoo! It's only one step if you have light coloured hair!

This is everything you need - an empty container, corn starch (called cornflour in the UK), a teaspoon and cocoa powder (the baking kind) if you have brown or darker hair. I'm not sure why we call corn starch cornflour as cornflour is used to make tortillas and is light yellow in colour - God knows what you have to search for to get that in the UK, I had enough trouble finding corn starch!

Start off with your empty, clean, dry container. You can use a container that previously had another product in it (mine had Avon hair conditioner in) or buy new ones - you can get them from places that sell products/supplies for making homemade cosmetics or you can get them intended for taking them on aeroplanes (bottles and jars need to be clear so they can be inspected).

Fill your container about 3/4 of the way with corn starch. Mine already had plain corn starch in already. ^^ If you have grey, white, blonde or light coloured hair, you're done (you can also fill the container all the way up as you don't need to add anything else)! If you have red, brown, black or dark coloured hair, read on for the next step.

Put 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder in your corn starch and mix well. I only figured it out in the end but it's easiest just to put the lid on the container (tightly, of course!) and shake up and down lots! It mixes it up and breaks up larger lumps.

Of course, I didn't realise this so proceeded to mix it with the spoon and get it everywhere.

The colour is like this with one teaspoon of cocoa powder in. Depending on your hair colour, you might want to add another half or full teaspoon of cocoa powder in.

BB4FF Dry Shampoo #6
I added another full teaspoon of cocoa powder. This will be the colour - obviously it's not black but it'll look better in my hair than white!

To use, simply load a blusher or powder brush with the mixture, tap the excess off and blot all around your parting, hairline and fringe. Leave for a minute or two, shake your head upside down, shake it all out and brush your hair through to get any remnants out. I've been using the white corn starch dry shampoo and I can manage to get it all out of my hair and not look like I've got grey roots so don't despair if you don't have cocoa powder to add some colour to it.

That's all there is to it! Much cheaper than buying commercially available dry shampoo, less ingredients, more natural and great for any hair type. I can't use up a whole tub of cocoa powder or corn starch just with baking so it will use it up more and technically doesn't cost anything as I already had it in my cupboard. Dry shampoo costs about £2 (Superdrug own brand) or about £3 with other brands such as Batiste and one pack of corn starch and cocoa powder will set you back about £2-£3 and make many applications of this homemade dry shampoo so it's definitely a money saver!

I hope you enjoyed this BB4FF post and please stay tuned - next time I have a DIY eyshadow primer that costs almost nothing and is almost as good as Urban Decay's Primer Potion (or any other high end brand)! Thanks~! <3


  1. Wow, this is really tempting, but I'm scared I'd end up with powder all over my head. XD Once I read you can use body powder too and I looked as if I started getting white hair from the center of my head towards the ends. XD

    1. Aww, it's no problem! Technically you do end up with powder in your hair but it shakes off, no problem. You can also brush or comb your hair whilst upside down to get the last bits out. I have black hair and have used the white powder, as I said above, and I don't think I had grey roots! XD

      Hmm, body powder might work too. If you already have body powder in your house rather than corn starch, I'd suggest trying that rather than going out and buying extra ingredients.

      And if you make the powder brown, it won't show up as much, making it easier to get rid of! :)