Saturday, 23 March 2013

BB4FF: DIY Eyeshadow Primer

Hello! How are you today? I'm in a better mood today, sorry! >_< I did my job interview today but to be honest...I don't really want the job now! XD I forgot how many hours it is as I applied over a month ago (and was just applying to every single job) and it's only 8 hours a we get a uniform allowance but we have to pay 25% of it ourselves?! So a quarter of my already small wage will go on the clothes? And the dresses are mostly £100+; there is a new V&A collection that the dresses are £550+! So it's just not worth the time and be honest, it seems a bit dodgy because they said that the job is only for 8 hours a week but I will more than likely work more than that. Know why they said that? Because I'm pretty sure employees who work 8 hours or less are exempt from taxes, insurance, etc. so basically the company is wanting lots of '8 hour part-time' employees to diddle the government, save money and make us pay for our own uniform. They offered me a practical interview next week almost immediately so it seems even dodgier to me and I've decided I won't go.

Anyway! Enough chit chat! Do you find that when you buy eyeshadow, it never looks like the shade in the pan on your skin/eyelids? It sucks! Because of this, I've amassed about 6-7 different pink eyeshadows, searching for the perfect sweet pink for Lolita looks.

This is where eyeshadow primer comes in! It makes your eyeshadow colours more vibrant (pretty true to pan colour in most cases), crease less and stay put for longer. Commercially available primers tend to be quite expensive and some well known ones include Urban Decay's Primer Potion, Too Faced Shadow Insure and Benefit's Stay, Don't Stray - these are all upwards for £15 and you don't get very much in them! Cheaper brands have just started coming out with eyeshadow primers too, with brands like MUA and E.L.F having them at just £1.50. Cara from Maskcara managed to make her own with only a slight difference in quality compared to UD so I also made my own! I'm head over heels and have rekindled my love with my old eyeshadows, stopping me from buying new ones (that probably would have been the same quality) and saving me money!

I think this recipe costs even less than £1.50 to make and lasts longer than commercial products depending on how much you make and especially if you already have most of the items or know how to sniff a good bargain out so please, read on to learn how to make your own eyeshadow primer!

Okay, this is what you need! A teaspoon, corn starch, foundation, lip balm/chapstick and a small, clean, empty pot to put it in.

Please see my last BB4FF post using corn starch for the whole cornflour=corn starch thing! Also, make sure the foundation you use matches your skin tone! You can also use any base product, like tinted moisturiser, BB cream, CC cream, etc!

Okay, now you need your little pot and your lip balm! I got this little pot in a set of clear containers, the kind you use for taking on holidays/in airports or for making your own cosmetics! This one's perfect for decorating~! It's best to use original, unscented and unflavoured lip balm - I searched for ages to find one and was paranoid about which to use - nowhere had original chapstick! They had Nivea, Superdrug own brand, Carmex, lip butters, etc. so I had to go to a small market make-up stall and they had a two-pack of these lip balms with aloe vera in for just £1! That's 50p each! I thought it was unscented and unflavoured but it smells strongly of turns out that's okay though! Sensitive skin might want to watch out but thankfully this did the job for me. You can also use Vaseline/petrolatum jelly but it won't be as effective as it doesn't have the waxiness of lip balm (so don't get lip balm that only has petrolatum jelly as the sole ingredient too!) to make the eyeshadow colour brighter!

You need half a teaspoon of lip balm so I just stuck it all on my teaspoon. XD I also used the other end of the teaspoon to scrape out the bottom bit of the stick and I got another quarter out! Just goes to show how much we don't know and throw away!

Mix up the lip balm in your pot nice and evenly. I used the other end of my spoon to do this too but you can use a cotton bud/Q-tip, cuticle/orange stick, cocktail stick or lollipop stick!

Now mix in a full teaspoon of corn starch...uh, you can see my pot is a bit too small so I had to transfer it to a larger foundation tub. XD


Also mix in one to one and a half teaspoons of foundation - I found that one teaspoon was enough for me. Mix it all evenly so there are no lumps. I used my current foundation, Nature Republic Vanilla Sky Foundation.

There you have it! It should be thicker, creamier and waxier/stickier than foundation. You only need a tiny bit to cover your eyelids with so this will last so long! For about 70p worth of ingredients!

And now here's the even more fun bit! You get to test out all your old eyeshadows with the primer underneath and see them pop! I'll update this post with swatches of my own examples soon!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did and if you can (or are interested), please make your own primer and enjoy the awesomeness that is bright eyeshadows! Thanks~! /bye


  1. Ah! This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this- I'll definitely try it out.

    1. Well it certainly seems to work as well as the commercial ones, I wasn't sure just how wise is it to put these products near the eyes... So I searched and I found a study that said cornstarch doesn't support yeast infections on skin and one patent that named cornstarch as an ingredient in commercial eyeshadows. I'm not sure about the lip product... In any case, the biggest problem is the preparation at home - it's bound to be full of bacteria as you can't really work in a sterile environment. At least, I'd use a glass jar and tools that were put into boiling water and latex gloves sterilized with some antiseptic. I had a super expensive eye primer, but it came in a pump-bottle, which is the least easily contaminated type...

    2. Thank you, Laura! Haha, it seems strange calling someone else my name! ^^;

      And Vita - yes, there were some concerns about that - I think if you can eat corn starch, which you can, it should be fine to put on skin? After all, some eyeshadows contain ingredients like talc powder, which isn't great... ^^; And if lip products can be put on lips, they should be fine on eyes too? If you have an aversion to parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) or your skin gets irritated by fragrances or flavourings, you might want to avoid using lip products with those in. ^^

      And yeah, I guess it is hard to make "clean" products at home as you don't have a sterile environment! To be honest, I'm not all that bothered but I know some people may be so if it gives them peace of mind to buy commercial primers, they should do that.

    3. The composition of this eyeshadow primer is Ok I think, corn starch is fine. Well, you can work semi-sterile at home too, but it's pretty time demanding.