Thursday, 28 March 2013

Follow The White Rabbit Giveaway Items

Along with the Peach and Lily competition I won, I was also amazingly lucky to win Follow The White Rabbit's 1000 follower giveaway on Facebook! It's quite strange, normally if I win stuff, I can't use it! Like Persona 4 Gold for PSVita, but I don't have a PSVita. I also won a £50 voucher to a Japanese denim brand in London from Hyper Japan about a year ago but all their items were more expensive than £50 and you had to go to their shop IRL to buy the items! So that ended up not being used... XD

But! I got a lot of adorable Lolita and Fairy Kei items from this giveaway, all handmade by the amazingly talented Bunny Kawaii at Follow The White Rabbit, based in France! They'll be great for black and pastel coords and are a great starter for me for Fairy Kei! This is kind of a review of Follow The White Rabbit's service and items - there's no point making reviews for each separate item so there are notes on quality and aesthetic throughout!

The items came in a big box, all carefully packaged and wrapped - Bunny noted that the box was used but I honestly didn't notice and would never have known if she hadn't said! She also included a cute little note on a flyer. This is all a prelude to her thoughtfulness and care for detail!

I love these mint and lavender candy hair clips! I think they'll look adorable on pigtails, especially for Fairy Kei! These are stuffed with wadding or stuffing but they're very firm and plush, not at all saggy or deflated - they will keep their shape for as long as you use them. They're on silver snap clips, carefully sewn on for stability so they definitely won't budge in hair!

This bracelets is very beautiful - I think the resin heart is made by hand as she has a lot of resin items, customised with stickers, glitter, rhinestones, etc. The pearls are glass and are really heavy and high quality! I love the purple bracelet and feel I will get a lot of wear out of it!

Two fluffy star charms in mint green and white - every single bow on these items are really high quality, soft and have a gorgeous shape! I'm jealous! XD These also have hair clips and brooch pins on the back of them, so you can wear them on your phone or bag, hair or as a brooch! So versatile! /blur

A super cute necklace in pink and white! It has a huge resin heart filled with glitter, cute stickers, rhinestones and pearls, so adorable! It also has a smaller heart, as if it wasn't cute enough?! The necklace has ball bearing chain in a matching colour!

The white and pink polka dot bows are shoe clips and the lilac and cream ones are hair clips. The shoe clips have a rhinestone on each corner and a heart rhinestone in the middle! The lilac ones have a gorgeous sweeter Classic, vintage style to them.

A cute fluffy blue hair bow and pink ribbon hair barette. I love the fluffy fleece style material Bunny uses for the blue hair clips and star clips, it's so soft, like a blanky! The pink hair bow has a silver barrette clip on the back and reminds me of a rosette. It'll really pretty up a ponytail or bun!

I absolutely love this necklace! The chain is so heavy with high quality glass pearls in really cute colours - it's unusual to see anything more than white or pink pearls. The ribbon bow is also really adorable and is made from high quality satin ribbon. There's also a yellow glittery resin heart jewel - this necklace is so cute and will look perfect with a lot of Sweet Angelic Pretty dresses! There was also some lovely pink and blue wristcuffs with adorable satin ribbon bows too!

These two cute charms/straps are a yellow ice cream and star - most of these accessories have a lovely 6% Dokidoki or Chocomint feel to them but they're handmade, which is even better! I love the ice cream strap, it's so cute and I love a pom pom as the ice cream scoop! The yellow star charm has glittery yellow ribbon for the strap but the glitter is kind of embroidered into the ribbon so there's no messy imprint or residue when you touch it! The ice cream charm has a brooch pin on the back and the star charm has a hair clip and brooch pin on the back!

I got these three lovely resin rings with puff 3D stickers, Rilakkuma stickers, glitter, etc. and they're so cute! I love rings and feel I don't have many for sweeter outfits so these will be really lovely.

These rings are so yummy and cute looking! A pink heart with a perfect looking chocolate sauce drizzle and rhinestone and a big star ring that is half pink on top and half white - it looks like jelly or creme caramel, so yummy! I wanna take a bite out of them! These items inspire me to finally get the resin that I have and make things from it but I'm scared! XD

This is a headband that was a bit hard to picture with just one angle. It has a small teddy bear with rhinestones on it on the left side, similar to the toys used in Hime and decoden items, a big puffy blue candy and a blue satin ribbon bow. This is a really cute headband and everything feels very stable and secure so there's no worry of bobbing your head a bit and something falling off!

These are two Follow the White Rabbit themed items that I love! The first is a badge; I think lots of cute badges look adorable in Fairy Kei and Decora style, plus it's quite hard to find cutesy, J-fashion inpired badges or you have to buy them vintage, from Etsy, etc. so it's nice to have this one to add to my collection! I also got a big Boston-style bag with Follow the White Rabbit's signature design on it - the bag is absolutely amazing! A lot of handmade brand merchandise, like t-shirts, badges, bags, etc. are quite...not very good quality, I have to admit. Bags are usually thin canvas tote bags with a black design printed on it but this has chocolate brown straps and base with the cute pink design on the front and back. The bag is really thick, plush yet soft so it's amazingly high quality and will last a long time - you could easily pay £30-£40 for this kind of bag, especially with a handmade bag! I love it a lot and will wear it a lot with Lolita and Fairy Kei styles!

Here's everything together - that's a lot of stuff! :o As I said, I'd like to get into Fairy Kei, mixing pastel colours with black so these accessories will be so great for cute outfits with black hair, pastel accessories, etc! I'm really happy I won something I will get use out of, I can't get over how cute everything is! They were all individually packaged up with White Rabbit tags, as you can see - such detail, it really looks professional!

Even though I won the giveaway purely by random chance, I wasn't approached for this post, sponsored, paid, etc! I just couldn't wait to show off my goodies and I hope you liked this post! Hopefully you'll see all these accessories being worn in future outfit posts!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Hello hello! Wow, I've had so many people enter my giveaway already, I'm really glad! I want as many people to enter it as possible! I think some people have shared the photo on Facebook and not come onto here to count the entries using the Rafflecopter widget! I've told people but I don't think they listen, heh heh, they just see the "Like and share" bit! XD

Anyway, thanks to my giveaway, I've been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award! Wowie! I'm really happy as I don't just want to be one theme or topic, I want to write about whatever inspires me as well as more personal things so people get to know me! Maybe I should change my Google username to Laura? I think it's weird to have my blog name as my name...

Anyway, here's the award know-how!

The rules are -
<3 Thank the person who gave you the award.
<3 Include a link to their blog.
<3 Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow reguarly.
<3 Nominate them for The Versatile Blogger Award.
<3 Tell the person who nominated you, and all your readers, 7 facts about yourself!

So thank you very much, Laura <3 over at Kitten Cuddler, thanks so much! So here's 7 facts about me! I'll have to try and not put same ones as the ones I did for my Liebster Blogging Award!

1. My hair is dark brown naturally, but I dye it black. ^^
2. At the moment my favourite bands are ALI PROJECT, Therapy? and Tommy February 6. Oh, and Abney Park! I'm in love with the song "A Letter Between a Little Boy and Himself as an Adult".
3. My favourite films are Dogma, Leon, The Fifth Element and Battle Royale.
4. My piercings are: 3 lobe piercings in each ear, scaffold/industrial and navel. Shockingly, I got my belly button pierced when I was 11! :o
5. I can't drive. >_< I'd like to but I wouldn't be able to afford the regular costs of a car, let alone the driving lessons to start with!
6. The video games I currently want are The Walking Dead, Tomb Raider and BioShock Infinite!
7. I think my favourite smell at the moment is sesame oil!

...I was really scraping the barrel at the end, ha ha!

Okay, now blogs I nominate for The Versatile Blogger Award who I have recently discovered!

Yay, I hope they make posts! I'll make another post soon showing you all the cute stuff I won in Follow The White Rabbit's giveaway!

Speaking of giveaways, have you joined my $80+ Korean make-up giveaway? You should, it's super easy to do and you never know!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Peach & Lily $300 Shopping Spree + A Giveaway!

Hi everyone! Do you remember how I won that $300 shopping spree from Peach and Lily the other week? Well, I chose my items and they arrived today! OMG! I have been beyond excited and they couldn't have arrived quicker, heh heh! I spent a good hour and a half opening everything up, taking photos, looking at it and generally having a Korean cosmetics fangasm.

Wanna see everything I got? Get to the bottom of the post and there's a special surprise for you too, my lovely reader~! <3 

I'm gonna move the Rafflecopter widget to the top of this post for ease! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Caolion No Scratch! It's Real Water Moisture Peeling Massage Gel

Be The Skin Botanical Nutrition Power Toner, Serum & Cream

Caolion Multi Soothing Booster

Clio Eye Guard Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in black

Clio Professional Kill Brown Waterproof Brush Liner & Mascara Set

To be honest, that was all the products I really wanted from Peach and Lily at the moment so I thought "Hmm, what else could I get?" I mean, I might as well get the full $300 worth, it'd be a shame not to! So do you know what I did? I asked you guys over on my Facebook page if you'd prefer to win skincare or make-up items and you chose make-up! So I got you some make-up to win! I hope you like it, I tried to pick varied products that would suit most people so here's what you can win~! <3

Sua Young Mineral Complete BB Cream - it only comes in one shade but oxidises to your skin tone (or a near match).

Clio Professional Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner & Mascara Set - same as mine except in black! As I thought black is more universal than brown ^^;

Clio Friday Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Sheer Beige - not only can you use this as a normal eyeshadow and blend it with other powder and cream eyeshadows (but not other liquid ones), you can also use this as a primer for other eyeshadows as it has a good skin tone shade and texture!

These three (technically four with the mascara) products are worth over $80 combined so I hope you like the prize! I was also going to give you my Clio Professional mascara from my Waterproof Brush Liner if it was brown, so you had both a brown and black mascara, but it's black so there's no point in having two. ^^

To enter this giveaway, please use the super easy Rafflecopter widget below! This giveaway will be open for two weeks (closes 9th April 2013), then I'll select a winner at random and ship out the prizes! The giveaway is open internationally too, don't worry!

Even though I won these products in a giveaway by Peach and Lily, I'm not affiliated with them in any way and they didn't ask me to do this giveaway either! I'll also be doing reviews for each of my personal items and a review for the general service of Peach and Lily, going more in-depth with photos, product info, etc. so please stay tuned for that!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

BB4FF: DIY Eyeshadow Primer

Hello! How are you today? I'm in a better mood today, sorry! >_< I did my job interview today but to be honest...I don't really want the job now! XD I forgot how many hours it is as I applied over a month ago (and was just applying to every single job) and it's only 8 hours a we get a uniform allowance but we have to pay 25% of it ourselves?! So a quarter of my already small wage will go on the clothes? And the dresses are mostly £100+; there is a new V&A collection that the dresses are £550+! So it's just not worth the time and be honest, it seems a bit dodgy because they said that the job is only for 8 hours a week but I will more than likely work more than that. Know why they said that? Because I'm pretty sure employees who work 8 hours or less are exempt from taxes, insurance, etc. so basically the company is wanting lots of '8 hour part-time' employees to diddle the government, save money and make us pay for our own uniform. They offered me a practical interview next week almost immediately so it seems even dodgier to me and I've decided I won't go.

Anyway! Enough chit chat! Do you find that when you buy eyeshadow, it never looks like the shade in the pan on your skin/eyelids? It sucks! Because of this, I've amassed about 6-7 different pink eyeshadows, searching for the perfect sweet pink for Lolita looks.

This is where eyeshadow primer comes in! It makes your eyeshadow colours more vibrant (pretty true to pan colour in most cases), crease less and stay put for longer. Commercially available primers tend to be quite expensive and some well known ones include Urban Decay's Primer Potion, Too Faced Shadow Insure and Benefit's Stay, Don't Stray - these are all upwards for £15 and you don't get very much in them! Cheaper brands have just started coming out with eyeshadow primers too, with brands like MUA and E.L.F having them at just £1.50. Cara from Maskcara managed to make her own with only a slight difference in quality compared to UD so I also made my own! I'm head over heels and have rekindled my love with my old eyeshadows, stopping me from buying new ones (that probably would have been the same quality) and saving me money!

I think this recipe costs even less than £1.50 to make and lasts longer than commercial products depending on how much you make and especially if you already have most of the items or know how to sniff a good bargain out so please, read on to learn how to make your own eyeshadow primer!

Okay, this is what you need! A teaspoon, corn starch, foundation, lip balm/chapstick and a small, clean, empty pot to put it in.

Please see my last BB4FF post using corn starch for the whole cornflour=corn starch thing! Also, make sure the foundation you use matches your skin tone! You can also use any base product, like tinted moisturiser, BB cream, CC cream, etc!

Okay, now you need your little pot and your lip balm! I got this little pot in a set of clear containers, the kind you use for taking on holidays/in airports or for making your own cosmetics! This one's perfect for decorating~! It's best to use original, unscented and unflavoured lip balm - I searched for ages to find one and was paranoid about which to use - nowhere had original chapstick! They had Nivea, Superdrug own brand, Carmex, lip butters, etc. so I had to go to a small market make-up stall and they had a two-pack of these lip balms with aloe vera in for just £1! That's 50p each! I thought it was unscented and unflavoured but it smells strongly of turns out that's okay though! Sensitive skin might want to watch out but thankfully this did the job for me. You can also use Vaseline/petrolatum jelly but it won't be as effective as it doesn't have the waxiness of lip balm (so don't get lip balm that only has petrolatum jelly as the sole ingredient too!) to make the eyeshadow colour brighter!

You need half a teaspoon of lip balm so I just stuck it all on my teaspoon. XD I also used the other end of the teaspoon to scrape out the bottom bit of the stick and I got another quarter out! Just goes to show how much we don't know and throw away!

Mix up the lip balm in your pot nice and evenly. I used the other end of my spoon to do this too but you can use a cotton bud/Q-tip, cuticle/orange stick, cocktail stick or lollipop stick!

Now mix in a full teaspoon of corn starch...uh, you can see my pot is a bit too small so I had to transfer it to a larger foundation tub. XD


Also mix in one to one and a half teaspoons of foundation - I found that one teaspoon was enough for me. Mix it all evenly so there are no lumps. I used my current foundation, Nature Republic Vanilla Sky Foundation.

There you have it! It should be thicker, creamier and waxier/stickier than foundation. You only need a tiny bit to cover your eyelids with so this will last so long! For about 70p worth of ingredients!

And now here's the even more fun bit! You get to test out all your old eyeshadows with the primer underneath and see them pop! I'll update this post with swatches of my own examples soon!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did and if you can (or are interested), please make your own primer and enjoy the awesomeness that is bright eyeshadows! Thanks~! /bye

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Budget Beauty for Frugal Fashionistas: DIY Dry Shampoo

Hello everyone! How are you all? I've finally got a couple more Budget Beauty for Frugal Fashionistas posts under my sleeve, yay! It's hereby going to be shortened to BB4FF for ease now. ^_~ A while back I asked the awesome girls at r/beauty for all their best budget beauty tips to both save money and make our products work harder for us. This post is a tutorial based on one of the replies I had!

First of all, did you know cornstarch is one of the active ingredients in most dry shampoos? Dry shampoo is an aerosol based product you spray into your hair, leave a few minutes and then shake and brush out. It soaks up excess oils to leave your hair feeling fresher and cleaner. You can use it to get another day out of your hair before having to wash it, saving money, time and it's also a good way to stop bright hair colours fading as fast (washing hair strips the pigment from bright colours).

With that said, here's an amazingly simple DIY recipe for your own dry shampoo! It's only one step if you have light coloured hair!

This is everything you need - an empty container, corn starch (called cornflour in the UK), a teaspoon and cocoa powder (the baking kind) if you have brown or darker hair. I'm not sure why we call corn starch cornflour as cornflour is used to make tortillas and is light yellow in colour - God knows what you have to search for to get that in the UK, I had enough trouble finding corn starch!

Start off with your empty, clean, dry container. You can use a container that previously had another product in it (mine had Avon hair conditioner in) or buy new ones - you can get them from places that sell products/supplies for making homemade cosmetics or you can get them intended for taking them on aeroplanes (bottles and jars need to be clear so they can be inspected).

Fill your container about 3/4 of the way with corn starch. Mine already had plain corn starch in already. ^^ If you have grey, white, blonde or light coloured hair, you're done (you can also fill the container all the way up as you don't need to add anything else)! If you have red, brown, black or dark coloured hair, read on for the next step.

Put 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder in your corn starch and mix well. I only figured it out in the end but it's easiest just to put the lid on the container (tightly, of course!) and shake up and down lots! It mixes it up and breaks up larger lumps.

Of course, I didn't realise this so proceeded to mix it with the spoon and get it everywhere.

The colour is like this with one teaspoon of cocoa powder in. Depending on your hair colour, you might want to add another half or full teaspoon of cocoa powder in.

BB4FF Dry Shampoo #6
I added another full teaspoon of cocoa powder. This will be the colour - obviously it's not black but it'll look better in my hair than white!

To use, simply load a blusher or powder brush with the mixture, tap the excess off and blot all around your parting, hairline and fringe. Leave for a minute or two, shake your head upside down, shake it all out and brush your hair through to get any remnants out. I've been using the white corn starch dry shampoo and I can manage to get it all out of my hair and not look like I've got grey roots so don't despair if you don't have cocoa powder to add some colour to it.

That's all there is to it! Much cheaper than buying commercially available dry shampoo, less ingredients, more natural and great for any hair type. I can't use up a whole tub of cocoa powder or corn starch just with baking so it will use it up more and technically doesn't cost anything as I already had it in my cupboard. Dry shampoo costs about £2 (Superdrug own brand) or about £3 with other brands such as Batiste and one pack of corn starch and cocoa powder will set you back about £2-£3 and make many applications of this homemade dry shampoo so it's definitely a money saver!

I hope you enjoyed this BB4FF post and please stay tuned - next time I have a DIY eyshadow primer that costs almost nothing and is almost as good as Urban Decay's Primer Potion (or any other high end brand)! Thanks~! <3