Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Review: Nature Republic Vanilla Sky Foundation in Shade #21 Vanilla Nude

Hello everyone! Today, here is my last review I did all in one go; it's for Nature Republic's Vanilla Sky Foundation SPF25 PA++ in Shade #21 Vanilla Nude. Unfortunately it has been discontinued by Nature Republic now, along with the whole Vanilla Sky range but sellers on eBay continue to sell it so they must have some left over. It's now the question of when they will run out?!
Brand: Nature Republic
Name: Vanilla Sky Foundation SPF25 PA++
Shade: #21 Vanilla Nude (Light Beige in most Korean shades)
Price: $6.44 on Koreadepart, $9.99 on eBay
Where to buy: It's discontinued on Koreadepart...but you can still get it on eBay.

This foundation has Polynesian blue lagoon water and vanilla essence in it to "express natural skin tone for that innocent feminine look".
The packaging is okay to me; a bit bland for my liking but not everyone is into super pink, girly cuteness! It's good for the image the product and brand projects, which is naturalistic ingredients and benefits. It's also very fitting because it matches with Polynesian blue lagoon water and has the image of a water lily or something similar on it. The tube is plastic that is slightly flexible with a metallic plastic cap that is harder than the tube plastic. You get 35ml in the full size product, which I first thought was a pretty crappy amount but when I saw the size, it's a decent amount that will last me a number of months before running out.
The foundation is a little thin in the bottle and you can easily squeeze out too much...or in my case, shake the tube slightly to get the foundation to sink to the bottom and it accidentally spill everywhere... XD That's why my next photo looks like this!

I don't even think the consistency is that watery, I just think the hole is a little too big for the tube! Regardless, I slapped this amount on my face along with my current foundation, Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse.

The scent is a lovely, yummy vanilla scent - to me, it isn't overpowering or sickly. I'm thankful my skin isn't sensitive to fragrance but I'm not sure if the scent is artificially added or the smell of the vanilla extract in the foundation. I can faintly smell vanilla after application for about 15 minutes afterwards but it's a good thing to me!
I have applied the Dream Matte Mousse to my left side and the Vanilla Sky foundation to my right. As you can see, the Vanilla one is slightly brighter, less white and a lot more natural for my skin tone. Compared to the Vanilla Sky one (I never noticed before), Dream Matte Mousse in 004 Light Porcelain has a slight white, unnatural cast. One thing I have always noticed, however, is that the mousse foundation is slightly drying to my skin and can exaggerate dry, flaky patches on my face, like on the sides of my nose.

With the Vanilla Sky foundation, it is much more creamy, moisturising and forgiving to my skin, it certainly makes it look and feel a lot better. As I said above, it has a brighter, more natural shade that fits perfectly to my skintone. Even though the consistency might be a little sloppy in the tube, it is a bit thicker to spread/blend, similar to a BB cream. Coverage is medium to high for me - I apply a normal amount to the whole of my face and then add a little more to my cheeks. I've read other reviews saying their coverage is sheer to medium so it depends how happy you feel with your skin, what you want covering up and the condition your skin is in terms of flaws, scars, acne, etc. It does the job just fine for me.
After this review, I obviously took off the half Dream Matte Mousse, half Vanilla Sky Foundation on my face, heh heh! But then I was going out to run some errands in town so I applied a full face of make-up using Vanilla Sky. It makes my skin look a lot more natural, bright and covers up all the flaws I want it to. I added a little concealer to my under eyes but it doesn't do that great a job; I need a new one. XD

Here is my full make-up using Vanilla Sky Foundation:
I tried highlighting my face for the first time ever here; I'm not quite brave enough to try contouring, especially without the proper shades to match my skin but it looks all dewy and glowing!

Anyway, the foundation stays on all day long and covers me up perfectly - coverage doesn't dissipate, budge or dry up my skin, exposing dry, flaky patches. It also doesn't oxidise. It also goes as far as covering up things like excessive blushing or any face colour changes brought on by heat, cold, blushing, etc. so I have no fear of looking like a lobster next time I trip over (which is surprisingly often >_<)!

I absolutely love this foundation as it has the perfect amount of coverage for me, doesn't budge once applied, is easy to remove at the end of the day, is a lot more moisturising than my Dream Matte Mousse foundation and has a brighter, more natural shade for my skin. It also has an awesome price and is a lot more high quality than my current foundation for a lower price. 5/5 stars for me, I am going to try a Tony Moly foundation in my next Korean cosmetics order but if it doesn't do better than this, I'll definitely keep to this one and repurchase until eBay sellers run out!


  1. It looks so lovely on your skin! :D I definitely prefer it to your old foundation ~

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, me too, I'm so glad I found it! I will say goodbye to mousse foundations and hello to more forgiving liquid foundations! Thanks for your comment! <3

  2. This looks so good on your skin, it seems sad it was discontinued. Is it possible Nature Republic makes a similar product?

    I just found you through reddit, now I follow you with GFC and I liked your FB page (you almost have 200 followers on fb now! grats) ^_^


    1. Yeah, it's a real shame... T_T I think lots of sellers on eBay will sell it though as they may have extra stock. And it is possible they have a similar product, I'll maybe ask Koreadepart or Nature Republic themselves what they recommend!

      Thanks so much, I can't believe it's almost 200! I'll check your blog out too! <3