Sunday, 24 February 2013

Review: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in 044 Light Porcelain

After I finished taking photos for my last review, The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Makeup Base, I did a quick review on my current foundation, Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in 004 Light Porcelain. I've almost run out of it and I used to buy it again if I ran out but now I'm on the search for a better foundation for my dry, pale skin. ^^
Brand: Maybelline
Name: Dream Matte Mousse
Shade: 004 Light Porcelain (formerly Champagne)
Price: It used to be £5.99 and I was happy to pay that but now it's £7.99!
Where to buy: Any drugstore or make-up store that sells Maybelline. There are also many dupes of it from brands like Technic and Wet n' Wild.

I remember when this foundation came out; I was around 13 and just starting to experiment with make-up. It was revolutionary, being an air-whipped mousse and all, I was like "OMG, I need that!!! I want flawless, airbrushed skin!". I have been buying it ever since, heh heh.
DMM Packaging
The packaging is pretty boring to me, but maybe that's because I have too high standard with adorable Korean and Japanese packaging?! In comparison with other drugstore make-up brands it's pretty standard. Obviously the packaging is a beige colour to replicate skintone and it just has the name of the product on top. It is a glass tub with a plastic lid and is 18g in volume. One tub lasts me around 4-6 months depending on how much I use. Lately I've been using more with each application to use it up quicker... XD
As the name suggests, this foundation has a soft, spongy feeling that feels powdery soft and light when you apply it to your face. However, due to this it shows up dry patches of skin very easily. >_< I have to apply moisturiser beforehand, which is nothing special but then I have to apply the foundation immediately afterwards in order to have enough moisture to keep dry patches at bay. Even then dry patches start to show up a couple of hours after application.
I struggle to find foundation shades pale enough for my pale skin and 004 is a relatively new shade for Dream Matte Mousse. I used to use 005, Porcelain or a similar name and it just wasn't pale enough for me. When my friend told me they had released a new shade I jumped at buying it and thankfully it was quite pale enough for me.

Colour charts/swatches on Maybelline's website and store websites like Boots and Superdrug portray 004 as pretty much white but that is not so, as you can see above! It does apply paler on the skin though.

Half DMM, half bare
DMM applied Bare skin
Dream Matte Mousse on the left, bare skin on the right

It's a pretty close match for my skin and provides reasonable coverage - red cheeks are slightly more evened out and it just smooths out the skintone in general. However, you can see a dry patch just above my eyebrow that is accentuated by the dry formula. I never realised but compared to other foundation shades, this foundation has a slightly unnatural white case but it isn't noticeable unless compared with other foundations and shades.
The foundation gives good coverage for most of the day but dry patches are accentuated and this only worsens as the day goes on and the foundation wears off the dry patches; it doesn't cling to dry patches and flakes off relatively quickly. It doesn't oxidise or turn orange and feels very light, therefore it doesn't clog pores. It is also very easy to remove in the evenings and has pretty much no scent to me.
I have been using this foundation for years but slowly have gained the realisation that the formula isn't right for me. I also think, using Korean cosmetics, I have higher expectations for make-up now and know that paying a little more is usually worth it for better features/benefits. This product was worth £5.99 in terms of quality, cover, shades available, etc. but it's not worth £7.99, I could get a better quality foundation for that.

It gives medium coverage, has a weightless feel, doesn't clog pores and offers a wide range of shades available for a good price, especially for darker skinned girl. However, the mousse formula is too drying for me and I don't need a wide range of shades, just pale ones! XD Therefore I give this foundation 3 stars out of 5 as it is too drying for my skin and gives off a white cast.

This will be my last tub of Dream Matte Mousse foundation and I will be moving onto silkier liquid foundations that are probably Korean. I already have Nature Republic's Vanilla Sky Foundation so that will be my next review in comparison with this one! Stay tuned!


  1. Hi there! I also wrote a review of this product on my own website:

    I find that the makeup kind of bunches up together. Check out the pic. Please tell me if your own Dream Matte Mousse does this? Just wondering if it's just me or something that I am doing :)

    By the by, I am a man. hah.

    1. Hi there! I don't think mine did that, no. It might depend on the temperature where you live? Like, if it is really hot and dry, it may dry the mousse foundation up as you use it. It sounds like it really works great for your skin, I'm really glad! It's definitely suited to oilier skin and now I want to try the Dream Smooth Mousse foundation for drier skin types!