Saturday, 23 February 2013

Review: The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Make-up Base in #2 Lavender

I have finally kicked my butt into action and did a bunch of reviews (well, the photos for reviews!) in one day, one after another - they kind of related though and I used every product for each review so it was only a matter of taking the product off and applying it again...if you know what I mean. XD Anyway, this was the first one I did, an item I bought on my spree from Koreadepart - The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Makeup Base in #02, Violet/Lavender. I have been wanting to try a base/primer for my make-up for a while now so I picked this one up because it was so cheap and The Face Shop is a good brand!

Koreadepart has two categories for base make-up, one is "Base" and one is "Primer" - at first I thought they were both the same thing and was confused but now it turns out that a base creates a barrier between your skin and primer/BB cream/foundation, setting it up for the next base make-up steps. It usually nourishes your skin too, which is why it creates a barrier, so you don't clog your pores or anything with make-up - although I'm not sure if this is a good thing for make-up with nourishing properties already added into it. A base also usually corrects your skin tone ready for applying BB cream or foundation on it. 

A primer primes your skin, covering up any pores, scars, acne and creating a smooth canvas to apply BB cream/foundation. Anyway, read on to see what I thought of my first base experience!

WARNING: You are about to see my butt-naked bare face with no make-up on is truly a frightening experience and I do feel a little self-conscious but hey, it's all for the sake of a great review! For science! I also need to pluck my eyebrows too so please ignore that too! T_T
Brand: The Face Shop
Name: Lovely Me:ex Makeup Base
Shade: #02, Violet/Lavender
Price: $4.10
Where to buy: Koreadepart

A violet base is for dull, yellowish skin, especially suited to Asian skintones. I'm not actually sure if I should have got this one now, heh heh... XD
The packaging is pretty cute without being over the top, perfect for anyone that isn't particularly a fan of the super sweet, pink, adorable packaging the likes of Etude House and Tony Moly do. The tube is silver, thin, bendable metal with a lollipop and a couple of hearts on - cute enough!

This is how big the container is relative to my hand - the volume is 40ml which is a pretty standard size for things like base and foundation. You only need a squirt or two to cover your face so it will last a pretty long time. Not like it's not cheap enough to buy again, anyway?! XD
The base is very much so a violet/lilac/lavender colour. At first I was worried it would show up lilac on my skin, like most people with their first base make-up. It doesn't but I do have a slight white cast when I apply it - moreso if I apply a bit too much but even if I apply a small amount, it's still noticeable.
It has a light, floral scent that is likeable and pretty inoffensive. My skin isn't sensitive to fragrance so it's a pleasant little touch to the product. I'd rather it smell nice and take it for granted than it smell horrible and dread using it each time!
Okay, here's the nitty gritty heavy stuff! The base is a little thin and is easy to squirt out of the bottle; it's also easy to squirt a bit too much out too. Even though it's quite thin and watery, it spreads quite thick on my face or perhaps that's just my skin type? I have read a couple of reviews that state this base is better for oily skin types. Because of this, it's easy to think that the base won't spread far enough and add a bit too much, thinking it is enough.

Welp, here I am, hair scraped back and no make-up on! I look so plain and boring, my eyes are so small...anyway! I'm unsure whether I should have gotten either the lavender or green shades...other bases do a peach shade that is for pale/fair skin types and is meant to make them more glowy and bright so if there had been that option, I should've picked that looking back now. I don't feel like I need either the lavender or green base; I think I mistook 'dull, yellowish skin' for 'pale skin'.

Here's my face with the base applied to half of my face, the right side. As you can see - quite a white cast! I'm pretty pale anyway but this certainly adds to it. I'm not really complaining but it is a little scary and more noticeable when you compare it like this. However, you can notice that my cheek is slightly less red with the base on than without, dark circles are brightened and my overall skintone is more even.

Here I kept the base on and applied foundation and powder over the top of it - so the left half of my face is no base + foundation & powder and the right is base + foundation & powder. I used my regular Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in 004 Light Porcelain and you can see it makes me a bit paler than usual anyway so the white cast the base gives me isn't that shocking any more.

The base gives my foundation more even coverage and a nicer finish. The white cast isn't actually that apparent in real life and it tones down a little after around 5-10 minutes or so.

I've wore this a couple of times before this review and the base stays on all day without any sliding, shininess or problems whatsoever. It also has SPF25 PA++ in it too so it has added protection against the sun. Perhaps with constant use of this product you won't notice a white cast at all! XD
This base gives your skin more even coverage, surface and slightly corrects redness, dark circles, etc. ready for you to apply your base make-up on top of it. You would pick this violet shade over green if you have a slightly dull, yellowish tone as the white brightens your complexion and isn't actually that white on the right skintone. I think I don't really need this base for that benefit and would rather try other base products as well before staying with one. The price is amazing and you certainly get your moneys worth but I'm curious as to what a slightly more expensive product can do. 3/5 stars for me!

Have you experienced base make-up before? What did you think of it? I'm more curious to try primers rather than bases as I like the idea of a flawless canvas that covers up pores, pock marks, redness, etc.

EDIT: I forgot to say that after this review, I took it all off and tried applying the base to select areas of my face instead, like my foreheard, cheeks, etc. for a little colour correction and evening out. When foundation was applied on top it looked a lot better so I will continue using it this way for myself. ^^


  1. Don't worry,I freak out whenever I need to post my bare face on the net too, I feel like the ugliest thing on Earth without any make-up on. This looks pretty interesting! I might try it out (in green I guess, my skin color is pink-peach like) after I run out of my current bases, which are some super cheap drugstore ones, but they're really good (muuuch better than the L'Oreal one, that was expensive and useless). One is like glittery peach-y color and really brightens up the face, the other is just almost see-through pink. I quite like also the Shills one, it's probably something between primer and base, as it covers up pores, and it's like 6 USD on sasa and it's great. I tried a bunch of primers too, mostly for the eyes though. The only face primer I tried were the Benefit and Too Faced ones and they were nice, just the coverage was enough even without make-up :/ TBH, I think that BB cream is better applied wihtout any base first, because as you said, it's half facial cream, and second I also found out that on me, BB cream doesn't stay well on top of a base, so I only do base before regular foundation.

    1. And please please please, could you disable the "write an unreadable code before you can post your comment" window? I always spend more time trying to read the numbers and letters than writing the actual comment TT____TT

    2. I'm so sorry about the captcha thing, I don't think I can disable it as it is a default setting used so I don't get spam comments from bots... T_T Thanks so much for commenting! Yeah, I think I would try a peach/skin coloured base next time for myself as I'm not particularly red or dull so I'd just like the base to make my skin all flawless!

      And yes, a lot of people have said that applying BB cream after applying base makes it streaky, uneven, etc. so I think it's definitely better for foundations and even powder pacts. :)

    3. Oh come, on, I don't have it and I get like one spam comment per day and blogger knows it's spam so it's not even posted on the page, I just get a notification... Or some people disable anonymous comments in order not to receive spam. But it's not like I'll stop commenting because of this. :)

    4. I didn't realise you could turn it off, heh heh! I think I've done it now, it said "Comment word verification" and I clicked off! <3

  2. so it left a white cast? ;-; so not suitable for darker skinned people right? :O
    PINKIVORYS- click for korean beauty and kpop~ ^^

    1. Yes, I don't think it will be suitable for darker skinned people unfortunately ;-; This shade is used to give dull, yellowish skin a brighter appearance so it is not for dark skin, sorry! I have not seen many bases for darker skin tones but good luck in your search!