Friday, 1 February 2013

My Lolita World Part 1

Okay, so I thought I would start answering some Lolita meme-like questions in blog posts for myself and readers of this blog, to both get an insight into my personal Lolita world and to help start or continue to build their own little Lolita world. There were some questions that don't warrant an entire blog post on their own so I've combined them into a mini Q&A of sorts that you can copy and answer yourselves if you like!

Favourite item to put on my head

Mini hats! I think mini hats have all the style and coordinating ability of full sized hats with the cuteness of being miniature versions! Because being smaller makes everything cuter! I wish I had more mini hats, in all styles as they really can go with most styles of Lolita. Mini top hats, pillbox and bowler hats for Gothic Lolita, mini top hats with fruit, flowers and sweets/candy adorning them for Sweet, straw, bowler and boater hats for Classic Lolita, tricorns for Pirate, and so on and so forth! The variety of decorations you can have on them is awesome too - on the one above, it has a mini white rabbit tou, a ribbon bow, clock and rose on it! You can have ribbon bands, flowers, sweets, fruit, etc. on them. Angelic Pretty even made one that looks like a jelly pudding to go with their Jewellery Jelly print! Mini hats have an awesome status to me without the distraction of normal sized hats. Does anyone else feel they bring attention to themselves wearing normal hats?

My favourite Lolita brand

Most people say Angelic Pretty is their favourite brand and I can see why - to be honest, almost half of my dream dresses are from AP but I think my favourite brand is Alice & the Pirates. They have an amazing style, elegant and opulent with some amazing prints such as Vampire Requiem, Dance of the Black Cats and St. Mephisto's Cathedrale. I don't see too many of the awesome prints in the comm sales very often, which is a shame and just goes to show how highly coveted they are. My friend has Vampire Requiem and Dance of the Black Cats, which are both breathtakingly gorgeous dresses and I envy her very much! AatP also have the best accessories, I feel, with edgy jewellery and awesome headwear such as tricorns, top hats, corsages/canotiers and more.

Why I wear Lolita

I'm afraid my answer is a bit stereotypical of a fan of Lolita; I wear Lolita because it makes me feel special, beautiful and like a princess. My ideal is the looks of a princess or porcelain doll - flawless ivory skin, large round eyes, thick long eyelashes, full lips, rosy cheeks, beautiful long hair, the whole package. There are some girls who dislike/are afraid of dolls so they don't wish to look like dolls in Lolita, which I think is great as they have their own reasons and personal preferred ideals. I have always been different in the way I dress; not to try and stand out and be a special little snowflake but because I feel I was meant for the different alternative fashions and to dress up a little more than usual to have a brighter day than most.

Why don't I wear Lolita more often?

I don't wear Lolita more often because of monetary and wardrobe limits mostly. I'd love to have a wardrobe full of brand where I could make a different outfit for each day but sadly most of us cannot have that lifestyle. I also don't wear Lolita more often as I don't want to become tired of it, or it becomes the "norm" or boring so I like to mix it up with other fashion styles like Goth, Punk, Gyaru and occasionally Steampunk and Cyber Punk. If I had my way, I wouldn't have a wardrobe full of Lolita to wear every day, I'd have it full of various alternative fashion styles so I can dress up differently every day according to my mood!

5 keywords that describe my personal Lolita style

1. Cute
2. Elegant
3. Maiden
4. Dark princess
5. Melancholy

How I first found out about Lolita

I first found out about Lolita from anime - not by seeing characters dressed up in frilly outfits but actually from Fullmetal Alchemist! I was watching it and fell in love with the first ending theme, Kesenai Tsumi, so I researched the singer, my idol Nana Kitade and found her and her gorgeous fashion style! Again, I instantly fell in love as she had a perfect combination of cute, elegant, edgy and princess-ness to her. I wanted to be exactly like her, with her awesome wardrobe, adorable voice and beautiful doll-like face! So I found out about Lolita and gradually learned about other Japanese fashion styles too!


  1. I'm quite afraid of dolls, but I still like doll-like make up and hair. XD I have several dolls and I'm afraid to get rid of them because they might come back and haunt me (I'm obviously not fit for a scientific career XD). I think that it's pretty rare to find out about lolita through a singer (or at least it was, before every Asian singer wore it in at least one PV). I found out about it through goth fashion :) Ancd I agree, AatP has amazing prints and cuts, too bad the prices are so high T_T.

    1. Aww, I have a friend who doesn't like dolls and feels like her personal Lolita style isn't based on being a perfect porcelain doll, which is great! And yeah, most people find out about it through fashion or manga/anime, especially when Chobits was very popular. And yeah, usually AatP is more expensive than other brands but not as expensive as Moi-meme-Moitie! Thanks for your comment, as usual! <3

  2. Wow, I thought I was the only lolita who got into lolita by Fullmetal Alchemist! Surprise! Alphonse for the win!

    1. OMG, awesome! Nooo, Nana Kitade's ending for FMA was really awesome and inspired me to check her out. I love Alphonse, he's sooo cute and shares my love of cats! <3