Friday, 8 February 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: If I Had My Own Brand!

Hey all, it's time for another Lolita Blog Carnival! This one sounds super fun and is close to my heart - what would happen if I had a Lolita brand and 3 prints/dresses I'd make! I've always dreamt of adding Lolita clothing to my handmade online business, 8th Sin Creations and am starting to make clothing right now. Only for myself at the moment as I want to practice and get up to scratch before I even think about selling my wares but I want them to be high quality, luscious fabrics and trims, fully lined & serged, etc! Thankfully my new sewing machine has an overlock stitch on it so I'm slowly getting to grips with it and my next project is an outfit for going to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu live on Feb 13th!

So anyway, what would happen if I had my own brand? Well, first there's the name and I want to say I'd keep 8th Sin Creations but sometimes I have my doubts. I wonder whether it's very "Lolita-ish"...but then again, I don't want to just be 100% Lolita! My dream is to sell handmade items for all alternative and Japanese fashion styles, from good ol' Goth to Steampunk, Cyber Goth, Lolita, Gyaru, Mori Girl, Dolly Kei, etc. and I want people to mix and match my items with whatever comes to mind! And it always seems unprofessional to me to change business names as it's just confusing and seems like your heart isn't really in it. I picked 8th Sin because there are 7 deadly sins and I want my items to be the 8th! So I would definitely keep my own name, I've decided but I'd like to hear your thoughts on it! What do you think when you think of 8th Sin Creations? What brands or styles come to mind?

My items would be very elegantly and classically cut to suit most, if all body types. I don't think I'd have long versions or high waist versions of JSKs and OPs unless people specifically commissioned them as the empire waists only flatter a select amount of people (making others look frumpy or pregnant! o_o) and long JSKs/OPs are very Classic in style. I'd try to do all Lolita styles; Sweet, Classic, Gothic and would dabble in Punk, Pirate, Steampunk, Sailor and others when inspiration strikes. I'd love to have my own fabric custom printed so my dresses are one of a kind but would also use commercially available fabrics too! I think I'd also make most of my items shirred so they fit a range of styles but of course, people can ask for zipped bodices too! That's the thing, I'd want everything to be customisable so if you don't like the colour or style of lace on an item, bloody well change it! ^_~ This of course means I wouldn't be able to work on huge scales but my items would be very personal and loved.

Okay, so three print/dress ideas?! I'm not too good with making CAD or rendered images on Photoshop yet, which is something I'd obviously have to learn if I wanted to make my own prints! Either that or get an in-house artist/designer but that might be costly! ^^; Okay, so I would really love to do an alchemy/apothecary print! I know I have heard a couple of girls would like this idea too and I've even seen an original print from Oo Jia that is beyond beautiful so it's a popular idea!

The border print would probably be of a desk/table full of alchemic instruments like apothecary bottles, scales, a mortar & pestle, alchemic symbols, decanter sets, etc. I'd also throw in pocket watches, books, skulls, etc. so it'd be a very Gothic, even Steampunky print. Maybe I'd have the whole thing in woodblock style illustrations? Like it had come from an old book!

Another print idea would be a cute magician or magician's assistant!


Maybe it would be plainer fabric and more concentrating on the silhouette, with a waistcoat style bodice and a blouse underneath and an asymmetrical skirt. If it had a border print, it'd had rabbits in hats, playing cards, handkerchiefs, that kind of thing on it! Maybe I could combine the two and have the printed skirt with a waistcoat bodice, I can't imagine it'd be too busy or garish together. Maybe the waistcoat would have long tails and lapels, like a magician's coat!

My last one would be based on the Nutcracker! It'd be amazingly festive and Christmassy, no doubt available in bordeaux (dark red), dark green and navy blue.


The print would be lots of cluttered Christmas presents and toys, with a rocking horse, teddy bear, etc. and the Nutcracker soldier standing proudly amongst them! Maybe a little Christmas tree twinkling in the background too! I think it'd be very sweet and warm!

This was very fun to do and think of! I can carry on dreaming a little longer, heh heh... *_* Now I'm off to make my bloomer shorts salopette so please check out the other blogs participating in LBC! And don't steal my ideas and make millions! XD


  1. OMG YES for an alchemy print! That would be so cool! Back when I was attending a drawing school, the teacher said most people can simply learn how to draw very well without being the next Picasso, so I think you'll be able to design your own prints. :)I really like the current name too, it makes me immediatelly think either of darker styles of lolita and dolly kei or on the contrary of gyaru (because of the associated decadent lifestyle with drinking, parties, being sexy etc.). And it doesn't sound weird even in connection with softer styles like mori girl etc.

    1. I know, I love it! It's just so mysterious and magical! *_* I definitely want to improve my drawing skills and maybe even buy a graphics tablet for rendering on the computer! I'm going to make a sketchbook of inspiration, upcoming projects, etc. to practice sketching!

      And thank you so much for your feelings on 8th Sin Creations! I love the decadent Gyaru imagery! :o