Thursday, 14 February 2013

Common Japanese Hair Shade Names

Just a short but informative post for today! I came back from seeing Kyary Pamyu Pamyu yesterday in London and OMG, it just blew me away! Me and my friends were queuing from 4pm and she didn't come on until 8pm (originally 7pm >:D) but it was just so worth it! I actually got a bit emotional when she first came on because of how long we'd be waiting and the fact we were actually getting to see her in the flesh! She is just as perfect and cute looking in real life which is so not fair! She's also sooo skinny and peppy! I made some friends with girls next to me in the queue and they took amazeball photos of her so I'll post them soon! >_<

But today I was just Tumblring away and found this really cool and useful image of common Japanese names for hair shades - or common Japanese hair shades depending on how you think! They have such cute names and are originally from a Rakuten wig shop. I'm not sure just how commonly used they are in real life and whether you'll be able to walk up to a hairdresser, say the name and get the exact shade so don't quote me!

Whereas our hair shades are like "brown", "browner brown" and "even more brown brown", they have really cute names like Ichigo Macaroon, Mix Orange, Dolly Ivory and Sakura Caramel! I think this is very useful to print out the shade you want and take into any hairdresser's, Japanese or not, as it's really hard to describe a pinkish blonde or ash-grey blonde without it coming out horrifically! I bet it will definitely save a head or two!


  1. Awww, how cute! I love all the shades, too bas the only one that suits me is my natural one TT___TT. But when trying to buy a wig, I found out that I had to get either black or off black, because their dark brown is too light for me, and these pictures are the same - whereas in Europe, black means raven black, this picture's black seems more very dark brown to me. (My Japanese teacher has raven black hair, but she might be dying them as she's kinda elderly.)

    1. I know! They have a lot more variation than us too, it's normally just blonde, brown, red and black! ;) But yes, the black does look like a very very dark brown here! My hair is jet black too but I dye it, ha ha! I wouldn't be impressed if my hair was a very dark brown rather than black!