Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Using Different Fabrics in Coordinates: Chiffon

Here I am again with another different fabric to use in your coordinates, whether it be Lolita, Gyaru, Mori Girl, Cult Party Kei, etc! As mentioned in my last post, using different fabrics rather than the standard cottons, jerseys and poplins can create extra depth and interest to an outfit, as well as break up and differentiate items and colours. I used silks and satins as my first example so now I'm moving onto the floaty wonders of chiffon!

Well, one of the easiest ways to get chiffon into Lolita is to change a cotton blouse to a chiffon one! It creates a wonderful, pretty look and is much lighter for hot weather! You can find them in all the colours you can find standard blouses; black, white, pink, even lavender - Florrie over at Intrinsically Florrie has an amazingly beautiful vintage lavender chiffon blouse that makes her look like a fairy whenever she wears it!

 photo 100_1694_zps2f466dc3.jpg photo 100_1900_zps04831f11.jpg

I have a couple, including a deep raspberry shade one I found in a charity shop (originally from Marks & Spencers) and a navy blue one with little red polka dots all over it from a vintage shop. I also bought a beautiful high collared one with ruffles down the front but I haven't taken a picture of it; it's similar to this one though and was bought from the same place:

Some you can wear as is (meaning you don't have to add or alter anything) and some could do with an extra buttonhole/button to make it more modest. These are wonderful additions to any Gothic Lolita outfit and don't need anything changing to be worn immediately!

You can also find dresses either made entirely from chiffon or with chiffon elements in them. Angelic Pretty do some which look wonderfully soft, fluffy and fairy-like!

The top two are Candy Fairy OP and JSK in sax blue and blackxpink - I think the name sums them up perfectly, Candy Fairy! Here are some other examples of Lolita using chiffon:

Sweet Lolita in Sugar Hearts and a Hime Lolita with chiffon ruffles going all the way down the dress - amazingly luxurious and princess looking!

Here's well known Lolita model and icon, Pixie_late in a Juliette et Justine dress with a light chiffon cardigan/shrug over it. It looks absolutely beautiful, ethereal and classic, showing that chiffon can be used in all styles of Lolita!

Chiffon in Fairy Kei is almost always used in the super cute and fluffy petticoats/skirts worn by a lot of Fairy Kei girls. They are sometimes called petticoats but a couple need to be layered for the right amount of poof for Lolita and they are so brightly coloured and pretty they can be worn on their own with no problem!

You can buy them handmade, commissioned, from indie Fairy Kei brands or they are very accessible from Bodyline - the one pictured on the left is just $17! They are comfy, soft and very sweet looking, perfect for Fairy Kei!

Chiffon can also be used in Gyaru and is most commonly found/looks right in Hime Gyaru. Just like the Hime Lolita dress with chiffon ruffle detailing above, chiffon can look wonderfully luxurious and soft, perfect for princessy looks!

Sui Princess is wearing a chiffon babydoll which, other than regular Hime dresses bought from brands like La Parfait and Jesus Diamante, can be found more commercially and can even be from lingerie brands and just worn as standard clothing! Victoria's Secret and La Senza do some lovely ones I would really like to wear with a plain vest top underneath for modesty.

This Hime Gyaru (the photo looks like La Parfait) has a chiffon design bag with cute, fluffy layers of chiffon and lots of bows, rhinestones and lace! There's also a standard Gyaru look here utilizing a pink chiffon blouse - I love the entire look and it's something I wouldn't hesitate to wear! *drools*

Cult Party Kei is another Japanese fashion style that loves different fabrics and especially layering them! As different fabrics can break up outfits, especially ones where the colours/shades are very similar, chiffon is perfect for Cult Party Kei!

The girl on the left is wearing a super cute white chiffon skirt and the Lolita inspired outfit on the right also uses a "tutu" style skirt made up of lots of layers. You can also wear long, draping chiffon cardigans or shrugs in CPK and chiffon accessories such as corsages and flowers for other touches of chiffon!

Dolly Kei loves different fabrics too and I actually bought the navy & red polka dot blouse for use in Dolly Kei rather than Lolita! It will look great in the right navy or red coordinate in Lolita but the patterns and fabric are just as at home in Dolly Kei too. A lot of Dolly Kei outfits love blouses so there's no reason many Lolita-orientated blouses can't be used for Dolly Kei too!

A vintage dress featuring chiffon sleeves from Grimoire, and Miyoshi (Grimoire shop staff) with a chiffon blouse underneath a satin/velvet looking dress.

Meruco and Miyoshi, both Grimoire shop staff; Meruco with a chiffon blouse and Miyoshi with a chiffon layered skirt.

Mori Girl - again, another fashion that loves mixing it up with different fabrics, appliques, patterns, etc. so chiffon is perfect here too!

Aoi Yu of Honey & Clovers in a chiffon patterned dress and a wonderful girl with pink hair and piercings in a chiffon-ish long cardigan - even if it isn't chiffon, it would look perfect as chiffon anyway!

However, please remember that chiffon is transparent so please wear chiffon blouses either under dresses or with a vest top underneath and make sure skirts have either an opaque underskirt or you wear one underneath it! We don't want people streaking! So that's about all I have for chiffon - the key points are chiffon blouses, long, flowy skirts for Dolly Kei, CPK and Mori Girl, chiffon accessories like flowers and corsages that match a few fashion styles and it's perhaps best to stick to one or two chiffon pieces in a coordinate; if your outfit is fully chiffon, we're right back to where we started! Thanks for reading and I'll be covering velvet next time - you either love or hate the feel of it! ^_~


  1. I love chiffon so much! It looks really soft and makes lolita look a bit more mature too, I think. And it doesn't wrinkle as much as cotton does. XD

    1. It does, it's so pretty and floaty! And yes, it's very hard to wrinkle, if impossible! It just sort of hangs there, but in a good way!