Saturday, 19 January 2013

Using Different Fabrics in Coordinates: Silks & Satins

Hey all! I have been uploading some new clothes to Poupee Girl from my Christmas haul and thought this would be quite an interesting and informative post - it's all about using different fabrics in coordinates! I will be talking about Lolita mostly but I want to show it in Gyaru, Dolly, Mori and CPK too!

Cotton is the most widely used fabric in most fashion styles as it's usually cheapest in bulk, easy to sew/construct with and is available in tons of different colours, thicknesses, patterns, etc, but sometimes using different fabrics in coordinates can make them much more interesting, add more depth, texture and break things up in a coordinate. Rather than break it down by fashion styles, let's use the different fabrics! ^_~



In Lolita especially, satins and silks are usually looked down upon as they are low quality and tacky looking. However, the right kind of silks and satins can work wonderfully in fashions! Satins and silks you want to look for are thick, opaque and have a "sheen" to them rather than a glaring shine. This blouse I bought from eBay is a satin and polyester blend so it's not pure satin, which is a good thing and gives the garment a sheen rather than tacky shine. The luxurious look of satins and silks can break up coordinates; for example, an all black Kuro Lolita outfit can look a little plain and each item can blend into one another, but change a black cotton blouse for a black satin blouse and suddenly you can tell the difference between items and the whole outfit looks a lot more interesting and different!

Kuro Lolita Coordinate

Satins and silks can also make Gyaru coordinates look more expensive, classy and sophisticated, which is why it's used in a lot of brands like MA*RS, Jesus Diamante and La Parfait. Agejo/hostess style is all about looking high class, elegant and sophisticated so what better way to show that than using thick, luxurious satins and silks in your outfit?

Satin dresses in Hime Gyaru and satin babydoll dress & accessories in Agejo

Two Agejo coords using satin dresses - I love how both girls are just like "Like I give a fuck" and I have the dress in the second photo! I'm actually wearing it as I'm typing so when I found it on Tumblr, I looked at the photo, down at my dress, back at the photo and back down to my dress! ^0^

Dolly Kei is another fashion style that adores using different fabrics, textures, appliques, etc to provide an interesting, expensive look. It doesn't always have to be about velvets and embroidery - a satin waistcoat or scarf will look amazing and just as at home as velvet and tweed!

A satin hair bow and shawl/baggy cardigan in Dolly Kei

Satins/silks can also be used in Cult Party Kei and Mori Girl but both of those styles tend to use more sublte, natural textures and fabrics. Obviously silk is pretty natural as it's spun by silkworms so silk/satin accents and garments can be used in both styles as long as they're not in your face and blend/fit in with the rest of your outfit. Satin rose accessories is a great example!

I was actually going to do chiffon and velvet but I think I will make them two separate posts as you can see that just silks and satins has taken up quite a large post! So please, experiment with your fashions, different fabrics and never be afraid to try something new - as I said before, satins and silks may be looked down upon in Lolita for being "ita" but if they make your outfit look 100 times more complete and interesting, who's going to argue?!


  1. I really enjoy these posts about fabrics (well, I started with the second one though) - I totally agree that if the material looks good, it shouldn't be frowned upon just because it's satin. And I can't wait to see you wearing the MARS dress!

    1. Aww, thank you so much! Sometimes I worry if my posts are boring to other people as I'm so obsessed with fashion, beauty, etc! XD And definitely, if the shoe fits - wear it! Thanks again, I'm going to make an outfit post soon with my latest coords!

    2. Haha, no way, I'm the same, and blog is the best way to share this obsession, because I'm pretty much a freak at uni. XD

  2. These posts about fabric is really interesting to me. I love seeing how different fabric choices can really change an outfit. Especially since I am just getting into fashion styles and trying to develop a style of my own that I like wearing and feel comfortable wearing.