Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Gyaru Wishlist/Inspiration Spring 2013

Okay, so now I am getting more into Gyaru fashion and make-up, rather than just admiring it from afar, it'd be pretty sensible to compile a wishlist and inspiration post of the styles I want to wear in Gyaru! I love Gyaru fashion and if I could wear it whenever I wanted, I think I'd wear it every day for casual wear, even though it may not be some people's ideal of "casual"! But I don't like to be casual, even for just normal, boring days - I want to be cute, sexy and stand out so Gyaru is perfect for that! And I'd wear Lolita whenever I feel like getting a bit frillier, for special occasions and events like meets, conventions, etc. So here's a short compilation of everything I want to achieve in Gyaru at the moment!

Gosh, these photos are sooooo perfect as to what I want to look like in Gyaru! Especially the hair in the first photo...I know it looks slightly browner/more natural than mine and has more volume and style but it shows dark, blunt haircuts can still be Gyaru! I love her eyes and tiny nose but I know I can't achieve the nose part, ha ha...plus I think a bit of Photoshop is thanks to the eyes too! The make-up in the second photo is gorgeous too because the girl is quite pale compared to other Gyaru, her cheeks are all glowy and pink and I love the shimmer in the inner corners of her eye make. It makes it look all shimmery and fairy-like! I also like how both lips are pink, rather than nude or beige as I can never pull off nude lips, I like even a tiny bit of colour!

Okay, so these two photos have nothing to do with each other in style terms... XD I really adore the outfit the shop staff has on the first photo! It's a perfect combination of black and pink for me, with a gorgeous chiffon and pleating detail to boot. I also love the punky Gyaru look of Glavil Code, especially the skirt and red laces on the boots. I always think that light hair makes Punk or Rokku Gyaru look more Gyaru though and my dark hair will just look standard Punk, Goth or Rock! We'll have to see, it'll have to be the make-up and nails that, well, nail the Gyaru vibe.

Two more Punk/Rokku Gyaru looks; I think the second is shop staff from Tutuha. I love the black and red combination and the fishnets and boots, I definitely need a pair of buckle platform boots for these looks!

I also really love Agejo Gyaru, especially the black and pink part of it! *_* I also really like Hime Gyaru but I would do it a bit darker than normal outfits and brands like La Parfait and Jesus Diamante so until I find some inspiraton pics, it's just in my head at the moment...

Mentioned above, I really love Agejo Gyaru and pretty much anything MA*RS makes! I'm not so keen on the leopard print stuff, especially for me but all their cute prints like the hatched card motif and perfume bottle items - gimme gimme! I really want a printed dress like in the second photo but a bit darker, like with either more black parts or in the dark/hot pink colourways. I also love their schoolgirl looking stuff, like in the first photo and the second make-up photo (items aren't from MA*RS though, just black and pink). When I have some money, maybe birthday money, I'll look on the comm sales or even try MBok or something.

Gotta love these gun print thigh high socks! I want them so bad!

More bottom half items, mostly tights/stockings & suspenders. I love the boots in the first photo and the whole fluffy black look the second photo has going on. I really like the shoes and chain belt too! I would just wear it all!

I love this super cute yet casual Gilfy top in the first picture but I bet it's quite hard to track down! Maybe I could make something similar with freehand embroidery in lines, I'll have to practice with my sewing machine! I also really love the cute salopettes places like Liz Lisa and DreamV have - I want to try my hand at making them as I've made bloomers before so I'll just make them shorter and poofier. I'm always worried that salopettes will make me look stupidly young, dumpy or just generally silly though. >_<

I can't wait to start adding to my Gyaru look in the future, especially with handmade pieces! I feel there isn't enough handmade in Gyaru, unless it's accessories in the image of brands, like MA*RS and Jesus Diamante style bows and jewellery. I would love to have sections of my shop dedicated to different Japanese fashion clothes I can make, including Gyaru so you never know - watch this space!


  1. I have been getting into Gyaru for the past year. I love the styles and while I will always be a Lolita, there is more to fashion than just petticoats. Good Luck!

    1. Ah, thank you so much! I totally know how you feel, it's just too much fun wearing different fashion styles than sticking to one! My dream wardrobe would be full of different fashion styles, so I could dress Lolita one day, Gyaru the next, Dolly Kei the following, Steampunk afterwards, etc. etc...