Saturday, 12 January 2013

Christmas Spending Spree!

Hello all! Gosh, I haven't blogged for a little while but I've been on a short break in Bristol from Sunday until Friday. I am home now but go back tomorrow until Wednesday! I cannot say what it is yet but I will be able to soon, it's very exciting! >_<

Anyhoo, since I went on Sunday and came back yesterday, 7 small packages and a box were waiting for me at home, ha ha! And then three more arrived this morning! It's like Christmas all over again and kind of is because it's what I bought with my Christmas money. I think I made my money work hard so check out all the awesome things I bought below!

One of the largest sprees I had was from a Chinese eBay store, which is very rare for most people! I mean, we all buy one or two items from them because they are so cheap but I checked out their other items and everything was so cute, I went a bit crazy and spent around £60 there! XD But I got some amazing items that all fit perfectly and the!


I got these two blouses in black and white because I couldn't resist both colours! They were a little less shiny in the stock photos as they are a satin and polyester mix but sometimes I think different materials can give a really good edge to otherwise basic coordinates - if you have an all black outfit, a black satin blouse can break it up a little bit and help differentiate between pieces! I know some girls think satin items are ita but these aren't that shiny and as I said - used in the right coordinate they can be perfect!

  100_2055_zpscb48f3af100_2052_zps96091c28 100_2050_zps7673fb8f

I also got these three dresses which I think are amazing! I'm finally adding some colour to my wardrobe! The top red dress is very cute and even though it was from a Chinese eBay store, the tag is in Korean and is indeed very Korean cutesy style! The bottom red dress is really elegant and classy - I imagine a hostess wearing this! I think it'd go great with Agejo Gyaru and red is an unusual colour to use in it, I think but Agejo can use many colours and many different styles of dress! It just has to be classy, sophisticated but still very glamourous. I am also quite pleased to say I am a size L in Chinese sizes and I can fit my boobies into the dresses! XD But seriously, sometimes the sizes can make you feel very large, even if you're not. *cough* DreamV *cough*

I also got this gorgeously kitsch daily planner for when my current one gets filled up and the very popular gun motif tattoo-style tights! I really love these and even though they had other cute designs, these were my first must haves! Other designs I have my eyes on are Alice in Wonderland style ones, the ones with cutesy unicorns, stars, rainbows, etc. on and ones with stars or bracelets on.

I got these cute little card brooches as well - I adore card suit motifs and these are perfect little additions to any outfit! I picked the classic ace of spades and ace of hearts. They would look great on collars or folded lapels/breasts on coats.

I also couldn't resist some nail art supplies whilst I was browsing! I got some hexagon glitter and flocking/velvet powder as well as some teeny tiny nail art brushes. The glitter came in a very handy clear plastic box so I wish the flocking did too! I think the green flocking will be really cute as grass or fruit leaves on nail art and flocked tips on nails will be a great textural addition. Flocking is very popular nail art technique at the moment but you either love it or hate it depending on how you are with textures! My boyfriend hates the feel of velvet; it's like nails on a chalkboard to him so if you are anything alike, I'd give this a miss. I'll probably do a tutorial on applying both the glitter and flocking at a later date if you like! <3

I crossed out another item on my current wishlist and bought some underbust corset-style belts to wear! These are really adorable and come in black, pink, white and brown but black and pink will be worn most of all. These look really awesome and do cinch you in a tiny bit - for £1.98 each you can't really complain! They are awesome for when you are a bit worried your coordinate is baggy enough to make you look frumpy/bigger than you are.

I took more of a dive into Gyaru fashion too and spotted this amazing MA*RS dress on a Facebook Gyaru sales page for just $50 shipped anywhere - that's about £33! So of course I had to have it and I love it! It's a  little short but most Gyaru dresses are and I will wear tights/stockings with it anyway and may even pop my black tulle skirt under it for a bit extra length anyway! I absolutely adore the tartan/hatched pattern and card suit motif on it!


I also found a Popteen magazine on eBay for £6 and won it on the starting bid - it's from April 2008 but I'm not really bothered and it's a lot thicker than other issues! I read a little on the train to Bristol but I was a bit too exhausted to read Japanese so I stopped.


I wanted to try some different false eyelash styles and finally got my first set of bottom lashes! I bought another set of bottom lashes too but they're yet to arrive. These are thicker at the ends, which I always think looks best and may even trim them to just a bit after the thicker bit to make them half length and less awkward/scary looking. My own bottom lashes kind of taper off towards the inner corner so I think it'd just look a bit weird to have them all the way across but I'll have to experiment and see!


I also bought some new circle lenses in a more wearable shade than purple. XD I know I was supposed to get brown but I got distracted by mysterious, wolfy grey instead! I think it will look very striking with my pale skin and dark hair anyway - at least if the colour comes out right! I got these from and got a free telephone wire hair tie that is rather cute! I think if you had two they'd look amazingly cute in pigtails!

I also finally replaced my black tulle skirt I wear a ton - this one has a cute bow attached at the waistband too! I will get so much wear out of this and these style skirts are always so cheap that it is a worthwhile investment!

I was browsing Rakuten just before Christmas to see if there was anything I wanted to buy with my Christmas money and noticed that there was a special event on that if you signed up and bought your items through the forwarding service, you got free international shipping up to 4,000Y! I could not afford to miss that awesome deal so I placed a small Chocomint order! Yay for adorable accessories! I think I am a bit obsessed with rings though...I bought four! XD A lot of their items were out of stock though, especially in colours I wanted so I can always place another order another time! I will write a tutorial and review about ordering from both Rakuten and soon too! See, shopping is useful in the fact you have stuff to blog about! XD I also had to pay domestic shipping from Chocomint to the address in Tokyo though, which was only 400Y which is about £2.50!

My total order, which was around £30 including shipping. Shipping was technically free and would have been £15 using EMS but there was a 450Y service fee from Tenso which was about £3 which I am totally happy to pay - I think of it as £3 shipping from Japan using EMS! Also look at all the items I got for £30!

I got this cute velvety headband with a bow on it in bright pink - I wanted black and pink originally but they were out of stock and black wouldn't really show up in my hair anyway! Plus I bought this for Agejo Gyaru anyway really, as it's a little bright for Lolita.

I got this adorable Alice in Wonderland inspired hair bow made from soft pink tulle, pearl chain and a felt applique of the white rabbit! I absolutely love it and it is so amazingly cute! I also got one of Chocomint's famous fluffy star clips although it's not a dangly tiered one. I'm actually a bit confused as this is supposed to be a brooch and hair clip in one...but there's nothing on the back! Absolutely nothing, seriously...I mean, it's no big deal as I will hot glue a crocodile clip and brooch pin to the back on opposite sides so it's easier to wear but, still! I also fear it'd be hard to send a message to them as they may only understand Japanese...maybe I'll try though and get a partial refund? Although it was a reasonable price as it is...nah, I'll just leave it! XD

100_2089_zps9032525a100_2088_zps5ca179cf 100_2087_zps52275145100_2086_zps74d675d4
Uh oh, here are the rings now... XD I got a really cute and edgy crown and red heart ring as I love crown motifs too as well as card suits...can you tell?! I got the gold crown ring too, which is amazing! I have been looking for one of these for a while now and want one in silver too! But Chocomint only does gold and rose gold so I will find one elsewhere. Again, another card suit item and this ring has a hand of cards motif. I also got a classic Chocomint bow plastic ring in glittery - you could get polka dotted but it was to match another item and I can wear this with more items. The sizing is a bit dodgy though and only fits my ring finger comfortably, which is a bit of a pain because I have my boyfriend's eternity ring on my right and your left ring finger is for marriage! XD

Because I ordered the Chocomint items through Tenso, which supplies you with a Japanese address you can use with pretty much any Japanese shopping website, the items were sent to Tenso before they were dispatched to me. They gave me a flyer about filling in an online questionnaire for the chance to win a night in Conrad Tokyo (a hotel) and this amazing calendar! I absolutely love it! It has 6 cards with a month on each side and beautiful Japanese photographs on them. The first is a traditional Japanese living room (from a regional area but I can't remember where), there is one with gold leaf infilling and lacquerwork, one with doll decorations for Girls' Day, one with Maneki Neko on, etc! Although I can't seem to work out how to prop it up so I have added a photo of the back! XD I bent the top flap back and turned it upside down but all the cards fall out and it doesn't stand up anyway...then I bent the smaller one back, which has a hole in it for hanging on a wall and it still won't stand up! I'll have to ask around on Facebook and look like a total idiot! I figured it out haha! You bend the larger part out and prop it out against the smaller bit as a stand...duh!

I also met a woman in Bristol from Edinburgh, Scotland who owns a jewellery and knick-knack store back up in Scotland that sells all sorts of cute and kitsch jewellery, accessories, etc, most of which she got in China so is very easy to coordinate with cute Asian fashion styles. She gave me this ring after she got home (her niece gave it me afterwards) because she saw it and it reminded her of me! How heartwarming! It is amazingly beautiful and ornate - even the tear is made up of gemstones. I absolutely adore it and cannot wait to wear it - no doubt it will give me fond memories of meeting her in Bristol and if I ever venture up to Edinburgh, I will stop by and pay my thanks!


Wow, this was a pretty long haul post! XD I hope you enjoyed it and if you are still reading this, here's a derpy kitten as your reward!


  1. Love the red dress with the white collar :)

    1. Thanks so much! I really do too, I don't usually wear much colour but this is really cute! <3

  2. You bought some greate items, i really really love the black and white dress

    1. Thanks a lot! I'm wearing it right now, it's so flattering and very comfy! <3

  3. Awww, everything's so cute! I really like your taste, can't wait to see you using these in coordinates. Especially the dresses you got are awesome! I guess I know who's the person who snatches away all cool items on eBay. XD

    1. Thank you so much! >_< I can't wait to wear them all too and ha ha, they were Buy It Now! But yes, I get very competitive bidding and am always on the hunt for hidden gems, especially with Lolita and Gyaru! <3

  4. That was the best spent Christmas money EVER! hahaha I loved everything you bought, especially the black and red dress, so pretty *-* You sure have a great taste! I discovered your blog a few days ago and already went thought all the posts, they are really informative, thank you so much! The taobao spreadsheet of doom really doomed my wallet hahaha Could you make something similar with ebay stores? You always find such wonderful things in those stores! Congratulations for your blog!

    1. Hi hi! Aww, thank you so much, I'm flattered! ^////^ I can certainly try with eBay stores, such as the one I bought from in this post - the only thing is sometimes they can change what they sell or shut down completely but then again, so can Taobao stores! Thanks so much for the suggestion!