Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Brand Spotlight: Pinky Girls

Hello, lovely readers! How are we today? Happy New Year! Wow, 2012 went by so fast! Here's hoping 2013 is super awesome and brings lots of good things! I have a brand spotlight for you here, inspired by seeing the brand on Poupee Girl again! This brand is called Pinky Girls and was launched in 2000 under Sanei International Co. Ltd., a company with many adorable and well-known brands under their belt, including Natural Beauty Basic, Jill Stuart and the Japanese branches of Cath Kidston - here is their page on Pinky Girls. Their keywords are "cute" and "sexy" combined and is a "brand for all women who love fashion and never forget cuteness" - sounds perfect for me! The name transitioned to FREE'S International Co. Ltd. in 2005 but remained pretty much the same. It is a ladies brand and encourages you to "enjoy the princess feeling by wearing clothes with ribbon and hearts"!

Pinky Girls' website is super cute and pink, their image colour! Their clothes match a range of fashion styles, mostly retro girly Gyaru, Otome and Natural Kei and are very wearable for casual occasions where you still want to be cute, which for me is everyday! Here is their online shop, hosted by Selecsonic and you can buy from them but you will need a shopping/forwarding service such as Celga or Tenso. Let's have a look at some of their cute items!













I think they are having a sale on a lot of their items to make way for new season stock - I wish I could take advantage! Personally I adore all the dark red items that have a real casual Otome/Natural Kei feel to them, especially the dot jumperskirt that would look amazing over a chiffon blouse! The gloves and pouch are so glamorous too! Their prices are standard of normal Japanese/Gyaru brands and are especially good value when there is a sale on.

They have a store/are stocked in Shibuya 109, Monterey in Takasaki, PARCO in Ikebukuro & Hiroshima, HEP FIVE in Osaka, Tenjin Core in Fukuoka, OPA in Shinsaibashi, Mini Marui in Tachikawa, Sialic in Yokohama and other places; for a full list of shops, please check out the store list and Poupee Girl.

I would love to visit one of these shops in Japan and take advantage of the sales as their stuff is super cute, not too casual and very feminine. Please note I was not sponsored to do this blog post and was purely motivated by their cute items, I hope you feel the same! What do you think of Pinky Girls?


  1. I love the bag and shoes! But it would be really expensive, considering the shopping service fees and shipping... Gotta hope I'll be able to go to Japan myself one day. :)

    And happy New Year! <3

    1. They are really adorable and versatile for lots of fashion styles! But yes, buying things internationally soon adds up! T_T I want to go to Japan too and buy lots of cute things! You can also always look out for people who've bought brand items in Japan and then sell them at a later date, so you can get Japan-exclusive items for less!

      Happy New Year too! <3