Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Review: Secret Key Snail & EGF Repairing Cream

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? I have been really busy and hectic as of late so I thought I'd take the time to chill out and blog! I have been meaning to do some Korean reviews and a moisturiser review doesn't require before and after photos, etc. so it's nice and easy. Let's get to a super awesome informative review! >____<
Brand: Secret Key
Name: Snail & EGF Repairing Cream
Price: $4.92 from Koreadepart or a whopping $17.89 from!

Secret Key do a whole range of snail & EGF products, including a lighter gel cream moisturiser, toner, essence, serum and BB cream! They also have an "Intensive Repairing" line too, although that may just be moisturiser...anyway, you could always use that moisturiser as a night cream or special treat for your skin.
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The packaging is a calm, kind of yummy looking beige and cocoa colour - kind of like ice cream! I think this packaging is quite good as it's hard to tell the target market for it, suggesting it may be for everyone! As it's not super cute, pink packaging and it's not super sophisticated and high end looking.

The moisturiser comes in a standard card box and a sturdy plastic tub. Most of the writing on the back of the box and tub is in Korean and the contents/weight of the product is 50g.


When you open the product out of the box and take off the lid, it has a slightly thinner plastic inner lid in it for protection. It's quite snugly fitted and was a little difficult to get off! Or maybe I'm just a wuss... >_< Quite nice quality packaging for a $4 product!
The cream is quite thick and emollient - a lot less thick than Nivea's cold cream but a bit thicker than my previous moisturiser. A little goes a long way with this as you can spread a thin layer on your face but still feel that it's quite heavy and you have a good amount a good way, if you know what I mean! It takes about 10-15 minutes to sink in but the feeling isn't greasy, oily or over-rich. It's good to apply underneath slightly drying make-up as the moisturising feel you get makes the make-up glide on nicer. Unfortunately this product doesn't have any SPF in it though, boo!

After you initially apply this, your skin does feel moisturised and nourished. When you apply it regularly, it makes your skin feel amazingly soft, firm and moisturised all the time, even during the day and without make-up on. It doesn't make my forehead or nose greasy either even though it feels so soft. I especially feel this when I apply it at night and wake up the morning after - the name has "repairing" in it and I feel it is very repairing! I have no dry patches or flakes on my face any more and it doesn't over-moisturise so my T-zone thanks me. My skin feels plumper, firmer and very repaired!
My skin is a little sensitive but it doesn't seem all that sensitive to fragrances. Saying that, this has a pleasant face cream fragrance - it doesn't smell overly artificial and doesn't react with problematic skin. It's just very inoffensive and I can imagine many people are pleased or neutral with the fragrance.
I actually love this cream, okay? It's the first cream I've had other than the pricier Olay 3-Point Treatment Cream that makes my skin feel amazing and that I can really feel the results of regularly using it. As I said before, my skin feels plump, moisturised, firm, silky soft, my nose or forehead aren't overly greasy and any imperfections have been totally repaired/reversed! This product is so cheap when bought from Koreadepart, especially with other products to make shipping even out and I wouldn't hesitate to buy this again. I wanted to try other face creams, like ones with synthetic snake venom in it but I am just amazingly pleased with this cream and will add it to every order I place with Koreadepart to make sure I can continuously use it.


  1. It is really works for acne scars???
    I wanna try it,,thanks for the review ^^

    hugs from Indonesia...
    visit mine

    1. The cream has slight repairing benefits and makes your skin feel plump, firm and refreshed so maybe it will improve them slightly! But if you really wanna improve them a lot, I'd recommend a cream specifically for acne scars. The only one I can recommend is the Clinique Even Better range, since I work for them haha! The range breaks down the melanin and rough tissue in your face for a smoother, brighter and more even skin tone!

  2. You should try Mizon snail cream next! There are many good reviews on it :D loving this cream too!

    1. Thank you! I received a sample of it when I last bought Korean cosmetics but it didn't do too much for me unfortunately; then I heard it's not really supposed to be used as a cream, more like an essence or lotion, then another moisturiser after that? So maybe I will try it again!

  3. Will it work for my Combination skin which is very sensitive. My skin tend to immediately react in a negative way after i use some products like Loreal hydro gel. My skin realy dries up and get flaky during winter and a tad oily during summer. Im using lakme night mask which is gel based and i feel like my skin isn't getting enough moisturiser

    1. I think it might be good for your skin! None of the items are particularly heavy feeling on the skin. You might want to try the Gel Cream rather than the cream I get though, it might be better for your combination skin. You can always try a facial oil, night cream or overnight mask in the winter to combat the dryness. I think you can buy small samples of the Secrey Key range too, so you could buy those and try it out, rather than the full sized items! I hope this helps, sorry for the late response! m(___)m