Friday, 14 December 2012

Reddit Snack Exchange Goodies! Who Likes American Candy?

So the other month I subscribed to r/snackexchange on Reddit where you exchange snacks with people from other countries. After I submitted my first post, I got hooked up to two women in the US who would like to exchange with me! One was from Utah and one was from Florida. We agreed on a £10/$20 budget for candy and snacks that we thought was classically British/American and that they like (one woman liked dark chocolate, one woman wanted to try different crisps, etc.) and sent the packaged off. Unfortunately I hadn't estimated the weights of the final packages, nor the postage cost. Each package was 2kg and it cost me £20 each to send them via courier (it was cheaper than Royal Mail)... T_T So even though it was amazingly fun and exciting waiting for the packages, I don't think I can afford to do it again! I have received one package but not the other - I sent the woman a message but have had no reply as of yet...I hope I haven't been duped. Even if I have, the money has still been spent but it would have been nice to sample snacks from her too. She was oddly specific for someone who wouldn't send the package out though, like saying she needed to take the candy corn out and would re-send it just before Christmas so maybe she sent it surface mail and it will take a while to get here. I'm optimistic!

So here's photos of the snack exchange I sent to the woman in Utah, Lynn:

Sorry it's an awful photo, I kind of got a bit too excited and wanted to take photos before I ate any of it. Here's the run-down and what I think of it/what it tastes like if I've eaten it by now!

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: I've bought these from Sainsbury's before but they are just sooooo good and moreish! Chocolate + peanut butter = hello, obesity!

Hershey's Miniatures: Miniature versions of four classic Hershey chocolate bars - original milk chocolate, Krackles, Mr. Goodbar and dark chocolate. The milk chocolate is okay but it has the slightest strange tang ever, kind of like the milk they made it with was kind of off! Krackles are like Nestle's Crunch bars with puffed rice in them. Mr. Goodbar has peanut bits inside it and tastes like a PB cup and dark chocolate is dark chocolate.

100 Grand Bar: Super yummy with a fudge centre, puffed rice and chocolate. Comes in two pieces.

Mike & Ike's: Glorified jelly beans with a harder shell and chewy centre in fruit flavours but oh so good. I prefer the original kind to any kind of whacky flavours, like tropical.

Jet Puffed marshmallow creme: Tastes just like melted marshmallows. You can spread it on toast or sandwiches but a lot of American fudge recipes call for marshmallow creme so I'd love to try that!

Saltwater Taffy: I was dying to try this and only discovered a few weeks before wanting to try it that it doesn't actually contain any salt water in it, it's just to do with the original location it was made in. The texture is kind of like a Starburst or Chewit, soft and fruity but it has some strange flavours including cinnamon (very spicy >_<), liquorice, Neapolitan, wild berry, chocolate, banana and peppermint. I think I would have enjoyed them more in boring flavours, like strawberry, orange, lemon, etc. They did have an orange flavour but it had a white centre which was vanilla flavoured.

Lemonheads: I was kind of expecting lemon flavoured jelly beans, with a harder candy shell and softer, chewy lemon candy but they are just hard and crunchy. They are almost exactly like sherbet lemons but a bit easier to eat as they aren't sticky or as large.

Cinnamon bear candies: I haven't tried these yet but I think they are cinnamon flavoured gummi bears covered in chocolate. I'm a little afraid, to be honest - what is it with Americans and cinnamon?! I mean, I love it in baking, porridge, etc. but it isn't meant to be a flavour on its own in my opinion and especially tastes funky as a candy.

Sour Patch Kids: I haven't tried these yet either but we have only just got these over in the UK. I can't wait to try them though as I love sour sweets!

Wonka's Nerds: I know we can get these over here but I thought I may as well ask for them as Americans will be able to get more for their money than us as imported sweets are more expensive here. They will be around $1 in the US and about £2 ($3.50) over here.

Jolly Ranchers: I thought these were soft gummy candy, kind of like the soft strawberry sweets you get in pick n' mix but they are hard boiled sweets in tangy fruit flavours. They are nice but I have to be in the right mood for boiled sweets so they will take a while to finish.

Gummi worms: Just your average gummy sweets in the classic worm shape but very moreish and they kind of have a matte coating so aren't sticky at all.

Peach rings: Foamy gummy sweets covered in granulated sugar and peach flavoured, obviously. They are like a foam version of those half pink and half yellow peach flavoured sweets you can get over here in pick n' mix but are a bit more flavourful.

Candy corn: I really really wanted to try candy corn as we can't really get it over here except for overpriced imported candy sellers. I didn't know what to expect but I thought maybe they would be gummy and with a tangy, orange flavour? But they are soft with a fondant like texture and taste of honey and vanilla, very sweet. They are really nice but I can't have more than two handfuls (even though that's still a lot lol!) without feeling a bit sick. My boyfriend absolutely loved them though, said they were what proper sweets should taste like and pretty much ate 4/5ths of the bag on his own. I know what to get him for treats now!

And here is what I sent Lynn! I also sent Taylor pretty much the same stuff with a few differences depending on their own individual tastes. I think I replaced the Riesen bars with a Duo Boost and Double Decker and the Galaxys with Yorkies as that's what they both requested.

Discos, Nik Niks, Dolly Mixture, Haribo Sour Monsters, Thorntons Selection, Cripsy M&Ms, Mint Poppets, Werther's Originals, Galaxy Caramel, Love Hearts, Fruit Pastilles, Minstrels, Sherbet Fountains, Twisted (all year round version of Creme Eggs), Riesen, normal Galaxy, Walker's Non Such Toffee and Rowntree's Randoms. All super yummy and Thorntons is based in my hometown (Alfreton) so our stores get pretty good deals on their chocolates!

It was so much fun picking and choosing lots of different sweets to give to the two women but turned out unexpectedly expensive in the end. I just didn't guess they were going to weigh 2kg each. There's no point in doing a European snack exchange either as I can get most of the stuff in places like Lidl, Aldi, etc. It was a fun experience though and I got a blog post out of it! ;-)


  1. Oooh, it looks so yummy!

    The exchange thing sounds like fun, I've never heard of it. I'm a member on though and I've taken part in several swaps (exchanging crafted items), and we always exchanged snacks as well! I especially remember packages from my partners in Canada and Greece,I got so many cool treats (there actually are differences between countries, I think - I remember buying tons of "exotic" snacks in London, and all my friends from other parts of Europe are surprised to see our wafers and chocolates). But you're right, the postage fees are insane, I have to admit I always weighted the package and made sure I didn't exceed the weight limit for a higher price by just like 5 grams. Since I don't know the website, I can't say, but I wouldn't fear the worst just yet, the post office might be swmaped with all the Christmas packages, and sometimes parcels take an insane time to arrive. And if it's bigger, they might check it for DPH and ugly stuff like that. BTW, you should totally check as well, there are sometimes swaps with lolita or other Japanese fashion styles. ^^

    1. sounds so awesome, I will definitely check it out! I love doing exchanges and craft ones will be soooo much lighter! A Japanesee fashion craft exchange would be awesome! <3