Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Wishlist 2012

Hi everyone! Did you have a good Christmas? I did! It was really great, nicer than I expected actually! I got some awesome presents, including my new sewing machine, a full length mirror, some lovely smelly giftsets and video games including Assassin's Creed and Fallout 3! I also got some money so I have been dying to be able to get into the city centre, deposit it into my bank account and spend, spend, spend! I thought I'd make a wishlist to help curb what I actually need, rather than just buy all the pretty things I see and not be able to use/wear them!


So, let's see what I wanna buy! I definitely need a jacket for spring & autumn, something which was on my Goth fashion round-up post a while back. I also need a new black mini skirt for everyday wear (mine cost £3 from eBay and I have seriously worn it a million times so I got my moneys worth!), some new black Lolita boots and some Gyaru-style black boots would be nice too! I would also love some brown circle lenses as I have purple but don't get the chance to wear them that often; I will be able to wear brown a lot more. I also would love some new fake eyelashes, especially different styles to try and bottom lashes! I would also like some wide black belts to cinch in the waists of outfits!

I have just bought the fake eyelashes in all the styles pictures - I wanted to try the different top eyelashes for Lolita and Gyaru and got two different styles of bottom lashes too, including ones that thicken at the ends and ones that are thicker, then thinner alternately. I also bought the two wide black belts (that look like corsets but will nowhere near cinch me in as much!) from eBay at a whopping £1.18 each! I hope they're okay quality; I don't expect them to be amazing or anything but just something to wear casually rather than actual underbust corsets.

Any else I want to buy is pretty subject to change as I don't really have anything in mind for normal clothes - I'd quite like some more Gyaru-style clothes in dark Hime and Agejo styles, especially from MA*RS. I'd also like to buy a new Lolita dress but we'll have to see about that. I also definitely want Okami for PS2 and Pokemon Blue and Yellow as I got a Gameboy Advance SP for Christmas and I want to relive my childhood! I already have Silver but I refuse to play it until I play the originals. XD Oh, and I also need some pretty, new underwear!

Is there anything you want to buy in particular from the sales or with your Christmas money? I kind of want to browse the high street and see if I can find anything there - I always see adorable alternative girls with things from H&M and Next so I want to find some hidden gems! I'm soooo exhausted at the moment; me and Rob have just gutted my crafting room (okay, Rob did most of the work ;-) ) and it is so clean at the moment! I can actually walk from one side to the other without having to triple jump across half-finished projects and sharp objects! Now I just need to clean and organise the surfaces, sweep all the hair and bits & bobs off of the floor and vacuum it! I have some shelves I want to put up as well as a teapot shaped chalkboard, cupcake shaped clock and Rob says he will make me a shelf to put in my walk-in wardrobe for fabric!

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